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Live-In Son-In-Law Is A Fool!

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: dragon
  • Uploaded by user625106
Jordan West was once a formidable force, a man of unparalleled power and authority. He commanded three armies and stood at the pinnacle of martial arts, respected and feared by all who knew him. However, his life took a drastic turn three years ago when he was poisoned, leaving him in a semi-conscious state with the mind of a five-year-old. During ... 


Under the night sky, the Grand Sky Restaurant glowed with lamps and decorations, the lights reflecting on the black Audi pulling up in the front.

The car door opened, and a beautiful woman approached it, her dark eyes sweeping along the place coldly.

Even though she had soft features with her small nose and her puckered-up doll lips, she looked quite intimidating, especially with her silk black dress. Her long legs peeked from the slit as she walked, and people around her couldn't help but look.

And it was easy for them to recognize her.

"Is that the third daughter of the Campbell family? She really is the most beautiful woman in Los Angeles!"

"I heard her family invited the most famous people here to a private dinner. And it seems to be because of her..."

"I don't know! She always kept her life in private, so it seems really unlikely for her to suddenly invite people over. Do you think something big is about to happen?"

All these kinds of rumors always followed Sienna Campbell, but she was used to it. She just walked across the parking lot and got into the car, where a young man was waiting for her.

"Will you stop playing with that, Jordan?"

Jordan, who was already in his twenties and whose childish disposition didn't match his handsome face, stopped playing with his Transformers action figure at once.

He looked at Sienna, tilting his head to the side with a bit of drool leaking from the corner of his lips. He shook his head, his body shaking, which was the signal of an incoming tantrum.

"I want to play!" he insisted. "I want to play!"

Sienna just sighed. "Please stop playing. Do you remember what I told you this morning?"

Jordan stopped heaving and suddenly smiled. "I remember! Don't talk nonsense."

She couldn't help but laugh silently when she heard this.

He had the mind of a five-year-old, and he often bothered her a lot.

And yet he was her husband in name.

But she told herself that all of this would be over tonight.

Three years ago, Sienna had a terrible, unknown illness that caused her parents to look for . . . strange solutions.

No doctor could help them. No one could identify the illness. And her parents, known for being easily hooked by the spiritual nonsense that seemed to plague Los Angeles, had sought some sort of a spirit healer.

This spirit healer had told them one thing: a man named Jordan West would be her savior.

Why? Because apparently he had a mysterious rare talent that the spirit healer had discovered.

He had declared them a perfect match, even though Jordan didn't have all his wits about him. He had said that it was fate, because their energy matched.

Her desperate parents had run away with this ridiculous information and scoured the town for this Jordan man, whose parents had been too happy to give him away.

Then the next thing Sienna knew, she was Mrs. Sienna Campbell-West.

After one week, her illness had magically disappeared, but she had Jordan, who was a bigger problem for the next three years.

But the very same spirit healer had said that after tonight, Jordan would not be of use to her anymore.

The entire Campbell family was relieved to hear this news. Sure, they liked that Jordan's presence seemed to have cured their daughter, but he was also a pain in the head.

Sienna kept smiling at Jordan, thinking that her ridiculous marriage was finally about to end.

Suddenly, he perked up and he asked. "I heard from the bad guys that you plan to get rid of me tonight. Is that true?"

A slight pinch of pain appeared in her chest.

She knew very well that her parents had also benefited from this marriage and she had become some sort of a sacrifice. So was he.

Even servants didn't treat him well.

The bad guys he referred to were the ones who always bullied him.

Her lips parted slightly. "Hey, don't listen to them. They're just messing with you. We're just going to play hide and seek, and you know how that works, right? The longer I can't find you, the better you are. After tonight, I will be giving you a little account and your password will be your birthday. You have to protect it with your life and leave this place."

She knew that once this night was over, Jordan would be kicked right out of the Campbell family and left to fend for himself, which he clearly couldn't do.

They might even kill him.

After all, his parents were all too happy to give him away. No one could possibly want him.

Jordan nodded at her words, then he leaned on the car window and fell asleep right away.

She tried to wake him up, but he didn't budge. And so she just turned on the air conditioner and let him be as soon as the car pulled up in front of the Emerald Hotel.

The butler opened the door for her graciously, but he frowned when he saw Jordan sleeping in the backseat.

"Let him sleep for a while," Sienna told him.

"Of course, Miss Sienna," he replied with a bow. "The Master wants to see you as soon as possible."

With that, he flashed a disdainful look at Jordan.

Sienna just smiled and followed him into the hotel.

The lobby was filled with people. And as she expected, they all burst into conversation the moment they saw her.

"That's the third daughter of the Campbells? She's gorgeous!"

"What kind of husband would look for more?"

"Well, her husband isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, as they say."

They all tried to look at the car parked out front, and they managed to see Jordan sleeping soundly with the Transformers action figure on his lap.

They all laughed.

But at this very moment, Jordan seemed to be in great pain.

A stern voice kept echoing in his mind.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

He clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white. His nails were digging into his palms.

"You were once the God of War!" the voice reminded him. "Wake up and take back what is yours!"


Jordan flinched as though something rang in his heart.

He used to be second only to the person who was above thousands in the whole country.

He had made a name for himself after one legendary battle where he ended the life of countless enemies.

He had gone through so much, even going inside a den full of terrorists, and besting them all.

But he hadn't been left unscathed. That battle had injured him greatly.

And on his way back to his country, his own people had turned against him and tried to kill him while he was unconscious.

Jordan had fought for his life then, using the last of his strength to take them down.

However, he had gotten poisoned.

To save his life, he had kept all his power and strength locked away for three years. His heart and mind regressed, giving him the disposition of a child.

And that was how he ended up being the live-in son-in-law of the Campbells, after being taken care of by the Wests, who only pitied him and eventually grew tired of him.

But tonight, some of his strength had reached the surface.

It was still far from its peak, but he had his memories now.

Jordan snapped awake, his memories intact and his confidence returning just a little. He couldn't quite believe that he had lived such a life for the past three years. He even had a wife.

He also couldn't quite believe that he had encountered such levels of humiliation from his in-laws.

On top of that, he remembered the ounce of sympathy that Sienna had shown him.

Stretching, he looked out the window. "It seems that I'm getting divorced today."

He was about to get out when someone opened the car door.

A man dressed in a uniform looked down at him and said coldly. "Get out of there. They need you."

He yawned. "Who?"

"Your brother-in-law. Trevor Campbell."

Jordan's eyes flashed coldly at the sound of that name. Trevor was Sienna's cousin, and he was the most heartless person out of all the Campbells. He treated Jordan like crap.

He remembered Trevor tricking him into stealing his mother in law's underwear.

And because of his forced regression, Jordan had done it.

What he had gotten was a terrible beating, and he would never forgive Trevor for it.

He clenched his jaw. It was time to return the favor.

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