Book cover of “Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death“ by Twenty-Eight Peanuts

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

  • Genre: Urban
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Twenty-Eight Peanuts
  • Uploaded by user781647
Jack transmigrated to a parallel world and unlocked the ominous Judge System, a mysterious force granting him rewards for punishing the wicked. Thus, the Adjudicator of Death emerged—a vigilante above the law. Enter the Deathstream Channel, a livestream phenomenon broadcasting across major platforms, where justice is served with a judge’s pen and a... 

Death Notice!

Manhattan, New York.

Dark clouds obscured the moon, and rain washed away sin.

On the roof of the Empire State Building, tiny raindrops fell on black umbrellas. Jack, in a black suit and top hat, stood on the rooftop, looking in the direction of Wall Street.

Jack, who was naturally calm, was now excited.

He had seen the terrified expression on the person's face as he received the death notice.

"The prisoner has received the death notice. The live broadcast equipment is ready. It is a 360-degree intelligent tracking device. The intelligent choice is the most perfect angle. It can broadcast during the day and even at nighttime. It can withstand thunderstorms, heat, cold, and any other harsh environments. It can stabilize the broadcast with ultra-high-definition images and give the audience a live experience."

Jack suddenly heard a voice speak out, but he was not surprised. This was the system he had obtained after transmigrating to this parallel world.

It was the trial live broadcast system!

By punishing evil through the trial of the guilty, one would receive unimaginable rewards!

"The live broadcast platform has been connected. The live broadcast can be started at any time. The higher the fear level of the person on trial before death, the higher the evaluation of the trial process, and the more generous the rewards. Do you want to start the live broadcast?"

Calmly, Jack muttered, "The trial begins."

"Live broadcast countdown begins in 3...2...1..."

As the countdown reached 1, the live broadcast popped up on the homepages of Youtube, Twitter, and other live broadcasting platforms.

The screen, which was originally dark, suddenly showed the image of the corridor.

Hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world gathered on these platforms.

At this time, Tim, who was from the United States, was also watching the live broadcast at home.

However, as a viewer who had been watching livestreaming videos for more than a decade, he wasn't very interested. He wasn't too curious or excited about it. He was so used to it all that he was even tired of watching videos on Pornhub.

However, this time, the title of one of the videos on the Youtube homepage piqued his curiosity:

"Death Judge, today's trial is for rape and murder."

Seeing the title, Tim was excited. "The title is too fake. How can this be broadcast live? It can't be a game, right?" he said to himself.

Despite his hesitation, he still clicked into the livestream room. As the page loaded, Tim stared at the screen. Suddenly, the screen froze. He was puzzled.

"Am I stuck? Why is the screen stuck?"

The screen in the live stream stopped at a certain frame—a corridor in the office building.

"F*ck! I was tricked by the title! It's not even a game!"

Tim, who was cursing angrily, looked at the bullet screen that was already filled with insults.

"What idiot would set this kind of live broadcast on the home page!"

"The title is a lie! It's clickbait! Can you show us something exciting?"

"Is the host retarded? You should at least play a bloody game rather than filming this kind of scene! Who would watch something like this if you simply tricked them into watching it?"

Tim was about to curse, but he hadn't finished typing when a middle-aged man in a suit entered the live stream. He looked very aristocratic.

Just as he entered the stream, the lights in the corridor suddenly went out and began to flicker.

The middle-aged man casually tapped the switch twice, and the lights returned to normal.

"F*ck! It's a little scary!"

"Is this person a rapist and murderer?"

"Take a look at the brief introduction of the live broadcast room!"

As the two bullet screens rolled, Tim also navigated to the brief introduction of the live broadcast room.

The name of the streamer's account was Death Inquisitor, and the address showed that he was in Manhattan, New York.

The brief introduction only had one simple sentence: "The scales of death will weigh your sins. Do not enter if you have hemophobia or heart disease, or if you are a coward."

Tim, who believed that he was experienced enough, smiled. He was pleasantly intrigued and surprised. "Do not enter if you are cowardly?" he muttered. He wanted to see how terrifying it was! At the same time, he was typing his own comment on the bullet screen:

"'Do not enter if you are cowardly?' I already know the rest of the content without even looking. It must be an act with a plot!"

"It's not your fault for saying that it's an act. Do you know who this person is? This is Philemon Bowen, the major shareholder of Bowen Petroleum, the oil company! Although he is not very famous, his assets are definitely not lower than those of the rich on the leaderboards! Who would have the nerve to hire him to act like this?"

"What the person above said is true. This is Wall Street's financial building. I used to work here and have seen him a few times. Why did he start a live broadcast and go bankrupt?"

Just as the bullet screen was filling up with comments, Tim could see that Bowen was being followed to the washroom.

In the scene, Bowen's back was facing the camera. He was undoing his belt and was starting to urinate. The audience in the broadcast room heard the clear sound of water flowing.

At that moment, all the lights in the entire comfort room were extinguished, leaving only the light above Bowen's head flickering continuously, as if it would go off at any moment.

Following that, a deep and cold voice of a man sounded from the stereo.

"Hello, everyone. I am your host, the Death Judge. Welcome to the live broadcast of today's execution."

The moment he heard the man's words, Bowen's pupils contracted violently. He could not hide his fear. His body was trembling. He even peed all over himself. However, that was not what he cared about right now.

It all started that morning.

Someone had placed a black envelope on his desk.

There was nothing else but a simple piece of black cardboard inside.

On it was written the crimes he had committed.

Death Notice!

Name: Philemon Bowen

Crime: Rape and murder. Fifteen victims.

Date of execution: April 9, 2021

Executor: Death Judge

Trembling with fear and ignoring his wet pants, Bowen rushed back to his office and pressed the switch on the stereo.

Bowen could not figure out the strange phenomenon. The flashing lights in the bathroom and the voice of a strange man on the stereo were too much for him to take.

Bowen sat heavily on the sofa and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Today, we are going to broadcast live..."

However, the voice continued. All the hair on Bowen's body stood on end. The voice seemed to be behind him this time! It was right in his ear!

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