Book cover of “Living in Another World with a Farm“ by Ming Yu

Living in Another World with a Farm

  • Genre: Urban
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ming Yu
  • Uploaded by user150194
Zhao Hai, once a shut-in content with his quiet life, suddenly finds himself transmigrated to an unfamiliar world. In this new realm, he inherits a farm and the body of a fallen noble. The land he now possesses is barren, incapable of producing any crops, and if that wasn't enough, he is engaged to the heir of a principality. To make matters worse,... 

Longevity Family Clan, Going Down the Mountain to Become a Mortal

"Junior Sister Xu, give birth to a child for me…"

"Senior Brother Ye… I'm not ready yet. Maybe next time…"

"But I've already given you all my monthly spirit stones…"

"Senior Brother Ye, you're a good person…"


Thousand Moon Country.

Ten Thousand Flower Sect, back mountain.

Ye Xuan looked at the beautiful silhouette flying away and twitched his mouth fiercely.

He originally thought that the girls in the immortal cultivation world were different from the women on Earth in his previous life. At the very least, they would be more sentimental.


"Forget it, forget it. If the junior sisters in the sect can't do it, I can only settle for the next best thing and find a mortal woman to carry on the family line."

Ye Xuan shook his head helplessly and then walked down the mountain.

"System, can we discuss how to get the novice gift bag in advance?"

"Look at this huge sect. Where can I find a girlfriend?"

"I can't possibly look for my Golden Core Master…"

As Ye Xuan walked, he discussed with the system in his mind.

[Request denied. Due to the host's trashy qualifications, please marry and have children quickly, build a family and career, and contribute to the future of the immortal cultivation world!]

Ye Xuan was speechless.

"Then I'll just take a look. Just one look would do…" Ye Xuan was really curious about what was in the novice gift bag.

[Request denied. Host, please complete the novice mission as soon as possible…]

"Alright, you're awesome!"

Ye Xuan gave up and could only accept reality.

He was a transmigrator. He had been in this world for 28 years, but he had yet to achieve anything.

His parents were killed by his enemies when he was young. He was adopted by the Sect Master Gu Qingyao of the Ten Thousand Flower Sect and became her personal disciple because his mother and the Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Flower Sect used to be best friends.

Due to the Ten Thousand Flower Sect's cultivation technique, they never accepted male disciples. Therefore, he became the only male disciple of the sect, and he was even the Sect Master's personal disciple.

It seemed that everything was going well. Things were about to take off…

But the truth was…

He was just a small fry with a Grade-1 spiritual root. He had cultivated for nearly thirty years before he could enter the Qi Refinement Stage. Moreover, Gu Qingyao had used a large amount of resources to build this up.

In the immortal cultivation world, strength reigned supreme. To the talented female disciples of the Ten Thousand Flower Sect, a small fry like him was not worthy of their attention.

It was only because of his identity as a direct disciple of the sect and the 3% temperament and 97% looks he brought over from his previous life that they reluctantly accepted him.

Just when he thought that his life would pass uneventfully like this, just last month, he accidentally obtained the [Longevity Family Clan] system.

As the name suggested, it was to allow him to establish a longevity family clan in the immortal cultivation world. The more prosperous the family clan was, the more rewards he could obtain.

If he could not achieve it himself, then his son's generation would continue.

If his son's generation could not achieve it, then his grandson's generation would continue.

The children and grandchildren would be boundless.

The stronger his family clan was, the more rewards he would receive.


He did not even have a girlfriend now.

If he died before he could even succeed, how was he going to play…

The female disciples in the sect were too arrogant. Most of the junior sisters ignored him.

Only a few gentle junior sisters and senior sisters might take care of him and give him some pointers on cultivation.

As for dating, it was impossible.

Even if there was, it would be some female disciples at the bottom of the sect who wanted to take spirit stones from him.

A servant disciple would get one low-grade spirit stone a month.

Outer sect disciples would get ten low-grade spirit stones a month.

Inner disciples would get 100 low-grade spirit stones a month.

Of course, these were all basic spirit stones. It was like the subsidies given to the poor in his previous life. Those who knew would understand.

As for the personal disciples of the sect elders, all cultivation resources were handled by those elders.

As the direct disciple of Sect Master Gu Qingyao, he naturally had a lot of spirit stones every month. Thus, many female disciples would lure him and try to cheat him of his spirit stones.

Fortunately, his heart of cultivation was firm and he had only been deceived three times…

Now, he was completely disappointed in the junior and senior sisters of the sect.

He felt that the mortal world was better. Although he was only at the Qi Refinement Stage, he was still an immortal and would be worshiped and respected by countless mortals.

Not to mention one wife.

Even if he wanted ten or a hundred, countless families would be willing to offer their children.

Soon, Ye Xuan arrived at Ethereal Peak.

The Ten Thousand Flower Sect was located deep in the mountains, far away from the mortal world.

There were a total of thirteen peaks in the sect. Twelve peaks belonged to the twelve elders of the sect, while the Ethereal Peak in the middle belonged to Sect Master Gu Qingyao.

Walking on the winding mountain path, Ye Xuan's footsteps flew fast.

Gu Qingyao was the only one in Ethereal Peak. If the other elders wanted to see the Sect Master, they had to get the Sect Master's approval.

As Gu Qingyao's direct disciple, he naturally did not need to report.

Moreover, Gu Qingyao was a big shot in the Golden Core Realm. Every movement in the entire mountain could not escape her senses. Reporting was just a formality.

Ye Xuan came to the top of the mountain. In front of him was a cliff.

At the edge of the cliff, there was a pale green lotus platform made of jade.

It was impossible to encounter such a huge jade in the mortal world. Even in the immortal cultivation world, it was expensive.

On the jade lotus platform sat a petite white-haired girl.

The girl was wearing a moon-white robe and a silver belt that gently outlined her slender waist…

Be it from the side or the back, it was all so plain.

A gentle breeze blew past, lifting a few strands of hair on the woman's temples. It carried a faint scent that drifted into Ye Xuan's nostrils.

That's right.

This was his Master—Gu Qingyao.

She was also the Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Flower Sect!

If one had not seen her with one's own eyes, one would not have believed that this was a super expert of the Golder Core Realm.

She had white hair but a youthful face. She looked like a sage.

However, when Ye Xuan first saw her, he only thought of this term—white-haired Lolita!

Ye Xuan threw away the bad thoughts in his mind and hurriedly bowed and said, "Your disciple greets white.... Master."

"I heard that… you've been looking for female disciples to bear you children?"

Gu Qingyao was expressionless as she spoke slowly. She looked very aloof.

However, with her girlish tone and voice, she looked a little cute.

"That's true. Maybe my hormones have been secreting more recently…" Ye Xuan touched his nose and felt a little embarrassed.

Gu Qingyao: ???

"I also know my qualifications, so I plan to enter the mortal world, get married, and have children. I'm here to resign." Ye Xuan did not wait for Gu Qingyao to say anything and quickly explained his intentions. He then bowed slightly to Gu Qingyao.

"Not bad, you're very self-aware."

"Coincidentally, I have a mansion in the Ten Thousand Flower City. Take this token and you can become the owner of the mansion. It will be your base there."

Gu Qingyao seemed to have known Ye Xuan's intentions. As soon as she finished speaking, she threw a golden jade pendant at Ye Xuan.

"Pa da~"

Ye Xuan took the jade pendant and saw the word "Ye" written on it.

"Master, have you been thinking of chasing me away a long time ago…"

The corner of Ye Xuan's mouth twitched.

"What are you thinking of?" Gu Qingyao turned slightly and rolled her eyes at Ye Xuan. She said slowly, "I promised Wanqing that I would take good care of you. Whether you choose to stay in the sect or enter the mortal world, I will support you."

"Cough cough, thank you, Master…"

"I've misunderstood…"

Ye Xuan hurriedly laughed to ease the awkwardness.

"Wanqing" was the name of his deceased mother. She was Gu Qingyao's best friend. That was why Gu Qingyao was so nice to him.

Gu Qingyao seemed to be used to Ye Xuan's personality and was not bothered. But in the end, she still instructed, "Remember, after you enter the mortal world, you are still my disciple. No matter what difficulties you encounter, you must send me a message in time. The Ten Thousand Flower Sect will always be your backer."

"Thank you, Master!"

Ye Xuan was in a good mood. He bowed deeply to Gu Qingyao and left.

At that moment, Ye Xuan was extremely grateful to Gu Qingyao. He planned to trick Gu Qingyao into joining his family clan and becoming a member of the Ye Family when he became stronger in the future!

* * * * * * *

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