Book cover of “Love Is Love“ by ZoeVega18

Love Is Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ZoeVega18
  • Uploaded by user337229
A gay who becomes a transgender who also made a mistake from the past learn his lesson to avoid the things that make him regret. After, studying hard to be able to finish his education. He finally, achieved to become a psychologist, worked in the US, and changed himself to become a woman. She then pursues another dream to become a beauty queen. Can... 

Chapter 1 - "The Stranger Guy"


I'm still in the learning process of improving my English. I decided to use common English words to be able to express myself in a positive way. I know that this is the better version but still it's not perfect and I'll never make it perfect because it's not the best but the better version than the original. No one and nothing is perfect. My story still has it's flaws just like us people but despite that... It has a new, different and beautiful approach when it comes to storytelling. I believe that the essence of my unique story.

Enjoy reading! Hopefully you like it. God bless us all!

(Chloe's POV)

I was peacefully living in my comfort zone, my room. Here, I can do whatever I want... I can sleep anytime, watch movies on Netflix on my laptop, and the best part is listening to my favorite songs while I'm playing Mobile Legends. After I played a few games, I felt tired because it's physically making your hands felt nothing but pain because of playing too much. It also emotionally bullsh*t because while you're playing this game, you can feel the character or heroes actually that you're using in the game. When you die, it's like you are the one in that game. It's making me feel irritated. Lastly, it's mentally stressful, cause if you're careless and not using an eye protection something like that... It will make your eyes sore and yeah, you will get a headache. It depends on the person. It really hurts. That's why it's very important to play for at least 1 hour only and patiently don't take things seriously. Those are the negative opinions, but one positive opinion I can give to this game Mobile Legends, in particular, is that... It's fun to play with your friends and family. That's all. So after that, I drink a Nescafe creamy white, my favorite coffee to be exact. I listen to my favorite little mix songs. There's actually a latest album of my favorite girl band and the title is "Confetti".

Confetti is also the title of the song as well. Yes, it's indeed an inspirational kind of music. I listened to it, including the other songs in the album such as happiness, not a pop song, sweet melody, and many other beautiful songs of them. Above all, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE their songs. Not just the album, but some of their popular songs such as power, shout out to my ex, touch, and many to mention.

I got bored so I open my Facebook account. Guess what I saw? Someone sent me a friend request. Ridiculous. There are only a few people who adds me, this is weird. Actually, I know I have a lot of friends not all are my real friends and there were only a few but it's okay... Few real friends are better than many fake friends. So there I was while drinking my coffee, I clicked the friend requests. Then I saw him, a familiar name but definitely not a familiar face.

In my profile on FB: "Cedric Deckerstar." This is actually my second account which I'm using right now to check anything interesting and my official account is private that's "Chloe Velasquez."

I also saw that my notifications are full of reactions by Lucifer Morningstar a Facebook account with no post or even pictures in his timeline. His profile picture has a devil emoji icon only. I become curious and I stalks him.

"Interesting. This unknown person likes everything I posted. He doesn't have pictures or even statuses. Just this devil emoji on his profile picture and below his profile picture there's a name Luke. Maybe he's just an obsessed die-hard follower of mine I guess? Nevermind let him be, at least someone noticed me."

He's mysterious and kind of interesting. Who's this guy?

I remembered the past.

"There's actually a guy similar to him, but I only remember his first name and it's Luke something like that but I don't remember his surname anymore."

Then, I tried to remember the past again.

"I will never forget that place, it's kind of disgusting but I enjoyed everything that happened there. It's my first time. The first time I saw him, the first I talked to him, and the first time we did something wild. Gosh! Stop overthinking Chloe, move on. I don't even know what happened to him or where he is now. I wonder? What is he doing now? Does he have a girlfriend already? I hope to see him again."

Someone sent me a message and it's him. The stranger guy I was talking about a while ago.

I didn't accept him for now because this might be a poser or whatever, I don't care at all.

My phone vibrates and hears a sound from an app and it's messenger.

(Messenger conversation)

"Hi, baby. I mean Cedric." He sends with an emoji of having a two hearts in the eyes.

"Huh? Do I know you?" I replied, feeling confused about who the hell this guy is. B*tch he called me baby, duh! I'm not easy to get, coward.

"No, but you can stalk me if you wanna know." He sends with a wink emoji. I already did that, and I got nothing.

"I'm not interested, but I noticed you liked everything I posted on my timeline. Thank you for that." I send him a like emoji.

"It's my pleasure baby. Anyway, can you accept my friend request? I hope you don't mind." Here he is again, calling me baby. What's with the word baby? Come on! I'm not a baby anymore.

"And, why should I do that? I don't even know you." I send him with a snubbing emoji.

"Yeah, you don't know me. But, I know you." He sends an emoji of a heart with an arrow on it.

"How? I mean. What? I'm confused! Who the hell are you?" Does he know me? This is gonna be, interesting in a mysterious way. I send this with a shocking emoji.

"Me? I'm the only one who can truly love you." He sends it together with an emoji who kisses a heart on the lips.

"Don't me, I'm not gonna fall for that." Then I send an emoji with a rolling eyes.

"You don't believe me? Answer my call." This time around, he sends this message without an emoji. Does this mean, when he sends me a message with an emoji it means that he's telling the truth or not? The opposite I guess? I'm confused!!! Why do I have so many questions? Well, I need answers b*tch. Common sense.

"Are you sure about this Chloe? Okay, I'll accept him. Not the way he called me baby, as a friend I guess?"

I felt that my stomach hurts, that means I want to use the comfort room. I'm gonna use it, but my best friend David was there. He's currently using the comfort room. Therefore, I have to wait for him.

"David, can you please hurry up! I really want to let this out."

"Wait, Chloe... I'm almost done." He said in a mysterious way.

Me at the moment.

(Internal screaming as in to highest level!!!)

You know what b*tch, I have to endure this bullsh*t.

While I'm waiting for him, I approached the door and secretly try to listen. Behind the door, all I can hear is a moan of a girl and he's like extremely breathing.

I was thinking, maybe he's watching porn?

After less than 10 minutes, he's done.

"What took you so long? Don't tell me, you're masturbating?"

"Of course not, why do you think that way, Chloe?"

He's lying! I know him for so long, as a matter of fact, were childhood best friends. That means I know when he's lying and when he tells the truth.

"Okay, now get out of my way... I can't take this anymore."

Wondering why he's here in my condo? He visits me when he has a free time, we played mobile legends together, watch movies on Netflix, and also he always brought snacks and my favorite sundae and french fries. That's why I love my best friend. He's like my boyfriend but no, we're just friends. That's all.

When I'm inside the comfort room, I saw a lot of tissues in the trash can. There's also a disgusting expired milk on that tissue. Yeah, obviously he did that.

"I knew it. Wtf David, why here in my condo?"

I brought my phone with me, it's in my pocket. Suddenly, I felt the vibration. I get my phone. He wants me to video call with him.

(On Video Call)

The screen shows Luke Morningstar wants to video call Chloe.

"He's calling. I felt nervous, excited as well. I actually freaked out, why am I'm feeling like this?"

When I clicked that green button, I saw him. He's very familiar. Wtf? He's half-naked. He doesn't even wear an underwear or a shirt. Actually, he's just done taking a shower.

"Sh*t! He's f*cking hot!!! The perfect masculine body of him fits to his extremely handsome face."

Let me describe him for you, I make it more detailed. Yeah, imagine Lucifer Morningstar. Okay, now you got the picture? Yes, he's really, literally, and very similar to him. Am I dreaming? Is this a manifestation of my subconscious mind? No. Definitely, not. I'm not dreaming, the doppelganger of Lucifer Morningstar was right in front of my screen.

I was stunned like I was struck by a lightning when I saw him for the first time. He's just done taking a shower, all of a sudden he drops his white towel.

The bulge is out, and the forbidden fruit is in.

"Oh my gosh! I didn't see anything." I don't wanna see it, but why am I hungry for it? Is this because I never have s*x before. I actually just did something like eating a lollipop. That's it. I only did that because it's my first time.

You know what? He's f*cking shameless. He doesn't even care about me watching him naked. This guy is really getting into my heart I mean my nerves rather. What's more scandalous? Is that, he waves his d*ck and yes it's huge, long, and clean. It has no dark forest. You know what I mean. Overall, it's perfect. I believe, the size of it is probably 9 inches to be exact.

"Ooops. Sorry. But, I know you like it. Don't you?" He gives me a mischievous smile.

He winks at me, bites his lower lip, he looked at my eyes seductively. And he holds his d*ck like he wants to masturbate. Wtf? Am I watching a porn live, or on Twitter like those who do nasty things on I admit it, I watch a few of them on Twitter but I'll never gonna waste my money to pay for those porn stars. No offense.

I was hypnotized, it's like I looked at Medusa's eyes.

He's talking to me, but still, I'm not listening. All I can feel is I'm captivated by his presence and his s*x appeal is extremely attractive.

"Hey! Can you hear me? You're surprised to see it, you do like what you see, or should I say you love it? I think you're salivating. He said in a seductive way.

A few moments later...

"Me? Salivating? Never! You're so annoying!!! You really mean to do it right?" I said feeling irritated but at the same time, feeling so enjoyed while talking to him.

"Why... Don't you like it? Oh come on, I think you want more. Well, baby, your wish is my command." He stands up, yes he's still naked and he did it again.

He again showed the forbidden fruit. This guy is like a real porn star. He's shamelessly not afraid to show his body. He's liberated. Universe, why him?

I felt nothing but happiness when I'm talking to him, I think... We're getting along so I go with the flow.

"Stop doing that, I'm getting hungry. Wait, I should get a bowl of rice. The delicious food is already in front of me. Char. Just kidding." I said while laughing like an innocent girl.

I'm done using the comfort room but I stayed there for a while.

"That's what I'm waiting for. Yes baby, eat me all you can." He chuckled cutely.

B*tch! He's damn cute when he laughs, to be fair I'm also cute duh. But, wait... I felt really, really, really good talking with him, is this what you called love or just a temporary happiness?

Unexpectedly, again, he did something shamelessly annoying. Not bad, I like it.

"I said stop doing that. There might someone who can see you." I like him naked, but it's more appropriate if he wears some clothes.

"I believe, you don't just like it but you love it right?" He chuckled.

Then he said...

"That's why I like you." He smirked.

"Wait, what? What did you say?" I heard that?" He said that he likes me? What's the problem with this guy? He keeps making me believe in everything he said. I just don't know if it's true or not.

"I like you, Chloe." He smiled like a person who's obsessed in love.

He's very convincing and sincere while he said these words.

With that unexpected confession of his love to me, I ended the video call.

Unexpectedly, the song of Little Mix touch played by itself. It's my notification sound and yeah, kind of a coincidence.

"Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week, just a touch of your love, just a touch of your love uh..."

This is insane!!! Is this real? Yeah, it was. I stand up, and I looked myself in the mirror and all I felt is my heart beats faster than the flash.

Luke confessed his feelings to Cedric. Is it love or lust?

To be continued...

Thank you for reading the first chapter! Again... God bless you all, lots of love and always stay safe. <3

- ZoeVega18

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