Book cover of “Love Me, Hate Me“ by Long_Term_Writer

Love Me, Hate Me

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Long_Term_Writer
  • Uploaded by user400560
This is the tale of a boy who dares to defy the heavens. Believing himself to be a heaven-defying force, he became a threat to the divine order and was struck down by lightning. Awakening in a strange new world, he discovers an equally strange cheat: the 'System.' With this bizarre System, unlike any he's read about before, he embarks on a journey ... 


Sam's face couldn't said to be of high quality .

But he was more than satisfied with his face .

He considered other to be trash and idiots in front of him .

Only he was the special one .

If he wasn't special how could he be a protagonist of the story .

F*ck . He was one even if no one considered him to be .

What ? You don't love me ? F*ck . I don't care I love myself .

This could be said to be his words .

Sam was always a special person from his small age .

He always stood out among the crowd .

Currently he was sitting on his rented room using his personal computer .

Its quality looked low but for Sam it was a super computer .

The monitor had a small yellow tape tapped up at middle bottom left corner .

The room was filled with Sam's laughter .

He was laughing like there would be no another day .


The monitor in front of had a webpage open .

It was of YouTube .

Currently a video was being played .

On the video , a boy around 21 was on a stage talking about something .

This was Sam himself .

He was performing a stand up comedy .

He had a thing for funny things from his childhood .

Sam was on nine clouds thinking it was the greatest time of the history .

He was at his peak .

He randomly created this video a few month ago and now it was too popular .

The video views were more than a billion .

The view were legendary for such video .

Even the like in the video was about 20 thousand .

"F*ck . I am sick . I am the no. 1 . Hahaha"

Sam loud voice and laughter echoed in the room .

Other thing aside , if one tore the yellow tape which hid the dislike count one would notice a shocking amount .

The dislike on the video was more than 50 Million and it was growing.

But Sam didn't seem to notice it or he simply didn't care .

"F*ck . I'm too heaven defying . Oh God take me take me ."

Sam was shouting with his whole power .

Outside of the house maybe his voice was heard the cloud suddenly turned dark .

Sam who was busy in his own heaven didn't notice it .

Within a few minutes , the town was fully dark .

A fierce lightning ascended as if the God of lightning had turned angry .

As if the God wanted to destroy anything in his way .

The lightning hit the building where Sam was .

Sam who still was laughing and had his hand on the mouse was electrocuted .

He couldn't even scream before his vision turned dark .

If he could scream , he would surely shout something like ' F*ck .....'


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