Book cover of “Mafiaso Series: Devil's Vow. Book 1“ by Erarexon

Mafiaso Series: Devil's Vow. Book 1

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Erarexon
Ajax’s biggest nemesis Valace and Valace had only one weakness, his precious niece Alaina Storm whom he loved much more than anyone in the entire world and Ajax couldn’t wait to seek vengeance. Let him be a sinner this time, using someone who did not harm him. Let him be a monster who would cut the feathers of a bird that did not deserve it. Rev... 

Chapter 1

Would you save me or would you let me go?

She is strong.

She has a heart but still chooses her mind.

She makes the devil cross his mind.

Love is her strength all the while.

The queen, the smart doodles, the unique one with a********** looks.

A wildflower amidst roses and violets.

Her father’s precious,

The next heir to the Storm business empire.

Innocence was the shade of her eyes,

Fire was the shade of her personality.

She was the hurricane in which people drowned with their own will.

She was amber, she was ice.

She loved,

Like a star loved the sky.

A siren attracting the sailors to their doom.

A princess who was drenched in serenity, her heart was drowning in sorrow yet soul trying to liberate free. She was a beautiful fairy who had lost her touch somewhere, immersed in darkness the angel had made her home there.

She was Alaina Storm, the heiress of the Storms, the tycoon world of business empires clashing with one another was her home. Bestowed with luxuries all around the world she was meant to be the one filled with mirth and joy, an ounce of arrogance mixed in her life yet she was far away from all those…near the peach tree that rained with flower petals, she was near the cool breeze of the mountains filled with snow.

For all her life she had longed for peace, beauty for her was a façade that when one wore changed their true face.

Alaina… her name was selected meticulously by her mother Sandra Storm and Father Maximus with all their love and emotions, with all the blessings in the world poured together, meaning ‘Precious’. Then why was the word far away from what she felt? How many times she wished to sing a painful melody… bleed on the black and white keys of piano turning it scarlet with her blood.

She was blessed and she was cursed, always wondering why she belonged to a mirror world. Her name was proof enough that Alaina Storm even in an avalanche was calm, an eerily feeling of melancholy had her wrapped in its arms.

Where was he? Her soulmate…meant to take the pain away, like drinking a drop of poison for her lips and turning it into elixir.

Where are you now?



Alaina’s POV

Was I a damsel in distress?


I was an heiress and the way I stood proud and unmoving, knowing my position without bowing to another was a thorn in many people’s eyes. The ceremonial banquet was humongous with all the rich merchants and businessmen from all around the world coming to meet one another in hopes of expanding their influence.

Extravagance and luxury had never been a big deal for us, because these were the ways that dazzled the investors and attracted million dollar deals. My father, the one who carried the glory as well as the black jealousy that came with it was mingling with some aristocrats while I stood in the corner sipping my red wine, the smiles on their faces were as if they were not the ones that would snatch my empire the moment they could, people pretended to care for me but the reality was they cared for the connections that I had.

My father Maximus Storm had faced a lot of backlash because of declaring a girl – me – the next president as soon as I attain the age of twenty one yet he persisted so how come I, the one who will have the world bowing to me could refuse.

For all the ones who opposed my reign, I shall pay them back tenfold.

Someone who has given their heart and soul to raise this Storm empire, training from the small topics of finance to the important ones like the international maritime trade so as to know which country would be best to invest in, I was proficient in twenty five languages of the world and with these extraordinary abilities there was no one in the family who could snatch my power that I needed to keep my loved ones safe because blood may sometime be treacherous.

For all the efforts I put into my work, for all those memories that I missed to make then how come can I ever accept my stature lower to someone who dares disrespect my authority and that was the real reason for me staying away from this party.

The Storm business empire had signed a new deal with the Levs, they were the master traders of fine pearls and exotic perfumes that would be exported to France for high prices yet the ones with the largest market and hold in that far and wide country were us, thus the reason for this pact.

“Miss Alaina, I have heard a lot about you from my son, it’s nice to meet you, I am Aldrin Lev.”

Who in the entire country did not knew of this man who was said to be involved in the murder of his wife who was twenty years younger than him. My father, despite hating the idea of cooperating with Aldrin Lev, was left with no choice because of my uncle, Valace Storm, who begged him to accept this deal instead.

Thirty five million dollars were taken as a loan by Valace Storm that he could not repay at the end, saying that he spent his entire earning in Aunt Mia’s cancer therapy.

A monster who would not even blink if aunt Mia lived or died and the one who kept his money like a wolf guarding his den would never invest such a magnanimous amount even if Aunt Mia was dead instead he might have invested that huge load in the black market of d***** or illegal hunting.

My father was not even aware of what was happening around him that his own brother was digging our grave and here I was with my hands bound and lips sealed but not for long.

“It’s nice meeting you.” Father nodded as if telling me to go now that the formalities were over and the association members had recognized my presence among them yet I was stopped by a hand wrapping around my wrist.

“Miss Alaina, since the day I saw you I felt as if you were the only one for me.” Kevin Lev, the oldest son of Aldrin Lev, knelt before me, daring to hold a bouquet of roses at the same time his eyes could not even show a drop of true sincerity.

The man who professed his undying love for me had tried many times before to flirt with me in his playboy ways and when refused came to the conclusion that I shall not be able to refuse him at this party when all eyes are on me, monitoring and criticizing my every move.

The wars in the business world were common, me being the only heir of Storms was the reason that I was the center of attention of thousands of those who wished to climb the ladder of success and later without a doubt discard me. My great grandfather was the one who came from a very humble background yet climbed on the ranks of society to establish us where we were today.

“My apologies, sir, I do not possess any such feelings towards you.” Kevin got stiff, dark eyes glaring at me as murmurs spread all across.

“Miss Storm-”

“My daughter has given her answer, Mr. Aldrin, and for the welfare of our deal I hope you teach your son to not cross the line.” Father interrupted Aldrin Lev as his frame towered over me as if telling me that he was behind me, protecting and looking after his only daughter even if the world alters its creation.

“I understand.” Aldrin gritted his teeth, turning away from us after giving me a look.

Go on, play your silly games with me, I also wish to see how long you can survive.

Do you believe I am a little princess that you can control like a little puppet, go on let me crush all your hopes…this petty deal, I will never let this happen and my dear Uncle I will never let you manipulate me…not anymore.

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