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Mark of the Destiny

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: dream_ash
  • Uploaded by user755426
“Trashy ex wants to talk. He has sent a message inviting me to dinner. Should I go?” Zhao Suyin asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she read the message aloud. The reply she received only irked her more. "Ouch... That hurts!” Dr. Wang Shi teased, his charming smile faltering as Suyin leaned in and bit his lip, drawing a small drop of blood. S... 

Half doctor

And here turns another page of Zhao Suyin's life…

A page where her life will change forever.


Blowing the wayward strand of hair off her face, Zhao Suyin stepped out from the glass door, pushing the luggage trolley along.

"Where is that jerk!? Don't tell me he forgot!"

Her eyes scanned the tightly packed people standing with placards in hand. Surely her friend was nowhere in sight. Must be sleeping his day off after spending the night in the casino, drinking away his life and money.

Why would he care anyway!? Money is something he didn't lack and life…. He never took it seriously!

With furrowed brows, her hand went fishing the phone out of the purse. The bell rang up to the final second, but none answered….

'The number you have reached is not in service, but when I wake up and turn my phone back on, it will be!'

Her dark brows scrunched tight at the annoying voicemail. "Moron, jerk, as*hole! Go drown yourself in a bucketful of water!" Her words attracted the attention of passerby's.

Seeing their judgemental eyes, her mouth twitched. "Go, mind your own business." She dismissed the people's eyes and hung up.

Just then a cab driver walked up to her and tipped his hat. "Good afternoon, mam. Do you need a cab?"

"Yes, please." She gave a brief glance at the uniformed man and followed him to his cab.

On the way, she lowered the window to enjoy the tree-lined wide airport road that runs for miles. The known-unknown smell of the city that once used to be her home embraced her once again.

She was away from home yet at home….. Ex home!

Will she ever be able to blend into the city again?

Soon the car reached in the hustle-bustle of the city. She tried to not look around wide-eyed but failed. The city has changed so much! So much developed, and lots of unknown things to explore.

The awe-inspiring architectural structures with a range of luxury boutiques occupying the ground floor, showcasing their best pieces on mannequins astonished her senses.

Her eyes kept on taking the maximum of the surrounding, alternating on left and right. Just then she saw the tall and exquisite building, her body went stiff, the mood turned off- ending up in rolling the glass as she settled back.

It belongs to Qi industries….

Undoubtedly Qi Wren turned the fate of mid-cap company to a large-cap, taking it to extraordinary heights but it's a fact that he stole it from her father using unscrupulous means.

"Drive faster." She ordered but didn't blink an eye and looked the building passed by. She shook her head as if mocking herself when it passed through.

It looks like she really had to work harder to play cool whenever it comes to vision!

"Madam, where to?" The driver looked at the front mirror in asking.

"Water field ap-"



The hiss of the tires over the smooth road sounded as the car hit something hard before coming to an absolute stop.

Zhao Suyin felt her body pushed forward before the momentum pulled her back. The world spun in front of her eyes… Everything turned numb, only the buzzing noise rang, scaring her more than anything.

"AH! AH!....."

She heard the painful grunts of the driver and slit open her eyes, letting herself stabilize by taking deep breaths and checking if she's injured. She's not!

"Mr, you okay? What just happened?"

Instantly she unbuckled the seatbelt to look at the driver who was holding his right arm from the elbow. His breathing shallow.

"Look at that?" She held the driver's arm and moved it a little to which he winced in pain. "Don't worry, it's gonna be all right. Just a dislocated bone and some bruises."

Thankfully safety bag and seat belt took the maximum effect, protecting both of them from serious injuries. Inwardly she thanked the person who invented them, phew!

Just then her vision caught the chaos that happened outside from the broken windshield, her eyes widened.

A collision of a double-decker bus and a sixteen wheeler truck has caused a series of multi-vehicle accidents.

There was only the sound of indistinct cries and calls for help….

"Mr, call emergency services." She said, fishing out something from her handbag and threw it at him, "It contains all the numbers in case you don't know." to which he nodded instantly, understanding the severity of the situation.

"And don't worry, you'll be fine. No danger to life." He heard her say as she pushed herself out from the broken windshield to land at the bonnet as the doors got jammed because of collision.

Zhao Suyin doesn't know from where to start, she anyway went to check the injured one by one picking them randomly.

"Sir, you okay?" She checked a man's nose bleeding, "Nothing serious, don't panic."

"Mam, howz he?" She looked at the backseat where a woman and child were seated. The child seemed unconscious bleeding from the head. "All right, just press at the wound and raise his head a little."

Zhao Suyin takes off the scarf wrapped around the woman's neck and made a tourniquet on the child's head and moved to check other injured.

Following the emergency protocol, she didn't waste another extra second if the case is not life-threatening and only assured them with her words and some basic guidelines.

Just then she noticed a man pushed the door of a car and jumped into the pool of injured to help until the ambulance comes.

"Hey, are you a doctor?" The man asked, noticing her helping the people.

"Half doctor" her reply made him frown. What type of reply was that? Isn't the answer should be yes or no!?

He let go of the thought. "All right, let's split up. You check the bus, I'll go to the other cars and truck driver. Take this along." Without waiting for her reply, he threw the first aid kit towards her and moved in the other direction.

The passengers in the busses were most injured, probably serious as it had toppled to its side.

While walking towards the patient the man fished his phone out. "Mass casualty at Road XXX near the Q tower! Multiple trauma patients coming! Be prepared. Clear the trauma, alert all doctors."

A few minutes later ambulance sirens wailed.

Police vehicles arrived.

After handling the patients on his side, the man went to the other bus to help Zhao Suyin….. If she needed it.

At the back of the bus, he saw her tending a severely injured woman with multiple injuries and massive blood loss. The woman was definitely hanging between life and death by a single thread.

Seeing him coming, Zhao Suyin gestured in a certain direction….

There the man saw an injured boy, probably four or five-year-old, crying in pain. "Hey… Hey, champ, my name is Dr. Wang Shi, calm down, don't worry… I'm here to help you." he first coaxed the frightened child by caressing his head.

"Aunty, look for my aunty first. She is here too, wearing a blue dress with golden flowers." he heard the child say in between his cries. His eyes flickered for a moment. The boy was referring to the woman currently being treated by Zhao Suyin.

"Do you see all those uncles outside…." he pointed at the uniformed policemen while simultaneously tending to the child's broken femur. "They are powerful humans and can find anyone on this earth." he opened the first aid bag and injected him the medicine taking advantage of him not paying attention. "They will definitely find her, believe me."

The child nodded lightly, as he noticed few men came inside to help him out of the bus before his vision got blurred.


Creation is hard, cheer me up!

This is my second book, I hope readers will give it the same love they did with my first book 'We are Destined'.

Your votes are my motivation, please give me your precious votes to show your appreciation. And leave a comment and review, tell me about your thoughts.


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