Book cover of “Marriage of Convenience“ by asha_dayah

Marriage of Convenience

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: asha_dayah
  • Uploaded by user838697
Sang Yi, a cheerful cafe owner with a heart full of dreams, has been eagerly waiting for her boyfriend to pop the question. She envisions a life filled with love and laughter, surrounded by the warmth of her cafe and the promise of a future together. But her world is shattered when she discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, leaving ... 



...." Done." I said cheerfully as I sealed the box which contained a red velvet cake I had baked for my boyfriend, it was our 6th year anniversary and from all the hints I had got from observing him trying to measure my finger to his friends that have told me he's been frequenting jewellery stores,to the words he's been telling me lately, I had one thing in mind he was going to pop the question,I don't know about the rest but the excitement of having to spend the rest of my life with a man like him was over the bar.

I picked out my favourite black dress, applied make up and even wore the heels he bought me for our fifth anniversary," Perfect." I said as I stared at my self in the mirror and smile displaying my one sided dimple on my right cheek, I had tried texting him a couple of times but he wasn't replying but all was good since we had already decided exactly where to meet tonight.

I took a taxi to our destination and I must say alot of images were flashing in my mind for example how would he propose, was he going to sneak the ring into my drink or was he going to ask everyone to co-operate with him into turning off the lights and let the spot light fall on only the both of us, maybe he was going to just directly kneel down on one knee and say," Yi Yi, will you marry me?" all these crazy thoughts ran through my mind that I didn't even realise when we had arrived at the restaurant.

I walked in and was showed to our reserved table and it's there that I sat looked around and rehearsed my reactions for when he pops the question.

« TIK TAK TIK TAK» we had agreed to meet at 8 but it was 9 and he wasn't here yet, his phone was busy and he had not replied to any of my text messages, I started getting worried as I looked around in fear, I stood up from my seat and cancelled our reservation and found my self a taxi to his home.

Reaching his apartment, I was known by security since I frequented the place alot so he just let me in,I was worried and scared for what had happened to him, he was never the kind to make it late to appointments so either he was stuck at work or sick and couldn't make it..or in an accident and I just had not received the news late, I reached his apartment and found that his door was unlocked which made me even more curious and as I walked in I started hearing murmers and they seemed to have been coming from his room..I walked slowly and there I was at his door watching him caress another woman," Isn't it already late..aren't you going to meet her?" the lady whose face wasn't clear to me asked," Iam using this as an excuse to break up with her...she hates it when I miss out on important days so when she notices that iam not coming and as she tries and calls me and finds out iam not picking up she will get furious and as a way of explaining my self I'll tell her that things aren't working out for the both us." he replied blantly, I folded my fists out of anger and range as I had the both of them speak...but I still didn't know whether I should walk in and throw a tantrum or walk away silently, my brain was telling me to do both which was impossible, I looked at them with tears in my eyes and as I chose to walk away..I knocked over the vase in the hall way.

" What was that?" She asked as he walked out of the room and found me standing there looking like the mess he had hoped to create," Sang Yi!" he exclaimed as I held my first tightly together," Sang Yi..I can explain." he stuttered as he tried to move close to me but I kept taking small steps back, what was he going to explain anyway," Sang Yi.." he added as I unexpectedly slapped him across his face with her looking at the both of us from the side, my tongue was tied and I was shocked to have slapped him too but I just know that I did and immediately walked out of the apartment seconds later.

I felt my chest heavily weigh down as I walked, my sight started to slowly fade and before I could do anything..I blacked out.


" I don't know what's more heart breaking, seeing my best friend in this condition or seeing the news that my favourite actor is going to go public with his relationship soon." My best friend Alia said as she passed me a bowl of rice porridge,I had spent the entire week following the same routine waking up staring blankly in daze, crying and sleeping,i don't know what hurts the most sincerely is it the fact that he cheated in me and unlabelled out six year old relationship or that he had not come to apologize or beg me once after I walked out on him and his explanations," I stared at my porridge as I passed a spoon through it and all it reminded me of was him and how he used to make this whenever I came down with a cold," Yi Yi." Alia called out as she noticed tears rolling down my cheeks," Come here." she added as she pulled me into her embrace," It's okay." she said as I burst into tears..." My heart aches." I said in a faint voice as I continued crying my heart out.

I went through all the stages of a break up before I could pull myself back together, I even went as low as swallowing my pride and calling his number again...I was in denial and each time I closed my eyes I just wished that I could wake up and none of this had happened.

Just like the seasons change, after a few weeks I started to feel a whole lot better I had not forgotten but I wasn't not holding on to the pain anymore," Are you ready?" Alia asked as she knocked on my door," Soon." I said as I applied my red lipstick and headed out to meet her, she and I had planned to go out and have fun...she said it was going to help me feel even more better and I was in need for a night out after locking my self in the house for three whole weeks.

We set out to the club where we had alot of fun dancing and screaming and singing along, it was all fun untill I started feeling lonely even while being surrounded by a sea of people, I started feeling uncomfortable to I set out to the washroom to wash my face and clear my mind.

As I came out of the bathroom, I noticed stairs that we're heading to the VIP section of the bar, I got curious and headed up," Excuse me Madam, may I take a look at your VIP pass?" asked the man at the entrance," I don't have one." I said," Then you can't come in." he replied as I looked around and turned to leave when," She's with me." I voice said," Let her in." it added as I turned to look back only to see a man whose face wasn't clear because of the blickeing lights and the cap he had over his head," You may come in ." the door guard said as I anxiously walked in..unlike the ordinary section of the bar which was more loud and cheerful, the VIP section was peace ful and quiet..." Excuse me." I called out to the man who was walking Infront of me," Thank you for helping me out earlier." I said as he showed me a thumbs up and walked away.




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