Book cover of “Maybe Meant to Be“ by Jisha_007

Maybe Meant to Be

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Jisha_007
  • Uploaded by user307816
In a tale that transcends dimensions, two couples find themselves at a crossroads where love's fate hangs in the balance. Each pair has lived their unique love stories, filled with moments of joy, heartache, and profound connection. Now, in this mysterious new realm, they are faced with a pivotal question: Will they choose a love story with a happy... 

Strings of Destiny


Monica wanted to save this marriage but couldn't talk to Rick as he was abroad for business purposes.They were married for two years already but never talked about anything other than business matters.Their marriage was a business transaction between their family.Monica's dad owned a cosmetic company and two years ago the company shut down due to some problem and as they were in huge debt, Monica's dad 'promised' to make Monica, Rick's wife so that he may repay the company's debt.

As promised she became his so-called 'wife' and he repaid their debt .She always knew that he married her for the money she owed to him but still she had feelings for him. She had feelings for him from college's first year.

It was love at second sight(cause she fell for him after he helped her).He was that 2nd year senior who had all the girls chasing after him but he ignored them . Monica also didn't care much about him ,until that day .She was leaving for college early when it suddenly started raining.She started going back to her house when a tall shadow came behind her and give her shelter under his umbrella.She turned around to see it was him. Her heart almost started jumping at his tender gaze!!His light blue shirt that almost showed his prominent muscles and his dark hair and his face....Monica just wanted to go to the college fast and leave from his sight!!In the entire walk the both kept silent and when college gate came she quickly ran away and didn't look behind even once because she was too embarrassed to look behind. That's how she fell

for him.Maybe he fall for her too...who knows....


Like it ? Add to library!Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.Creation is hard, cheer me up! VOTE for me!

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