Book cover of “Melee Mage“ by Billy_Castellanos

Melee Mage

  • Genre: Urban
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Billy_Castellanos
  • Uploaded by user702511
Aldeia Online, the latest sensation in the world of VRMMOs, has captivated players with its unique approach to gaming. Here, there are no fixed levels and no predefined jobs. In this limitless world, players can become anything they desire, as long as they have sufficient skill points. The freedom to craft one’s destiny is unparalleled, and every p... 

Aldeia Online

A young man seated in front of his computer. He look focused on what the monitor showing. There showing a countdown of game Aldeia Online that will be launched.

"Only one more hour" That man muttered excitedly.

The technology on years 2030 are already improving tremendously. At 2029 YONS Corporation decided to invest themselves in VR technology. That news was broke a commotion all the world. Because YONS Corporation good reputations the news were welcomed warmly by everyone especially a gamer. And as expected from the most best technology company, just in one years the game were ready to be released. Many gamer around the world excited hearing the news.

The company then decided to name the game Aldeia Online. The concept was mysteries, they didn't want to spoil the fun. So they decided to keep their mouth closed anything about the game except for the fact that "There is no fixed level and no fixed jobs." That sentence was almost blowed up all mind of gamers. The game that was released before this usually limited their player level. And eventually the game will become boring after reaching the max level.If this Aldeia Online was like they said that there is no fixed level then this will be huge exciting news. And the fact that there is no fixed jobs make this game more exciting.

--55 minutes later--

Seeing the timer already begin counting down from 5 minutes, the man begin setting up all things that will be needed. He glanced to the box that had YONS Corporation logo on it. He walked there and pick the item inside it.The items looks like a cap but with goggles attached to it. He then plugging the cable from the VR cap to his house electric socket. After everything was done he shifted himself on bed comfortably,while counting down the time inwardly. The timer ringing and the man press the button on the side of cap to enter the game.

The man vision gradually become darkened. What the man can see was only a darkness. After a few second his vision brightened up again and he can see that there is a status bar appeared in front of him.

"Choose your nickname"

The man contemplates for a while before voicing his thought.


"The name has been used, please choose another username"

'I can't believe this nickname will be swiftly used' The man thought amusedly.

"Irule" The man speak once again.

"The name can be used. Please say "yes" for confirmation and "no" to change to another username"

"Yes" The man said firmly.

"You have chosen an "Irule" for your username." The status bar informed him.

"Now we would immediately going into character creation"

The surrounding changing once again. Now the man is standing inside a room. In front of him there is a mirror and you can look yourself fully there. Standing there, a man with a lean build and black hair that almost covered half of his face. His bangs covered his eyes slightly, but if we look closely the man has yellow golden eyes that glowing behind it. He can be considered as a handsome man if we ignoring his disheveled hair.

"You can edit your entire appearance if you want"

"Or you can directly enter the game with your appearance in real world"

The system voice reverberated through the room.

The man without hesitation choose the second option.

Out of nowhere a huge globe begin appear in front of him.

"Choose where you appear."

"There are only 3 main cities for now where you can appear on them."

"Caister City, Armagh City, Railok City"

"The three of them have different environment"

"Caister City was surrounded by nature and located on the depth of forest. It have an elf as the leader of city."

"Armagh City was located on the middle of Aidean and the place where all past battleground occured."

"Railok City was a city that surrounded by sea. Almost all stock of fish came from this place. The place also have their special army which operated a battleship.

"Choose one of them for the place where you will appear."

Irule thinking for a moment and decided to take Armagh City. Living in the depth of forest was not a bad idea that all, but he'll easily get bored with nature. And for Railok the city where anywhere was a sea. It didn't fit his personality completely. So the best choice was Armagh City.

"You've chosen Armagh City as the place where you will appear"

"Please be ready for the sudden change in 5 seconds"

"We wish you a good luck!"






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