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Micro Civilization

  • Genre: Urban
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: DaoistqbwX4g
  • Uploaded by user309695
Imagine a world where humans have been miniaturized to the size of ants, thrust into the heart of a primeval forest. This drastic change presents a unique and daunting challenge: can civilization as we know it adapt and survive in such a drastically different environment? In this miniature world, the once vast and familiar landscape of the forest b... 

Chapter 1

Hey there! Just to clarify, I'm not the one who wrote this novel. I'm just translating it. The original novel name is "微小文明" and it's written by 远言. I'll try to preserves the beauty, emotions, and essence of the story, so that more readers can experience its magic and wonder. I approach this task seriously, always seeking to honor the original work and the creativity of its author, while making it accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience.


At the far end where the sea meets the sky, a crimson sun burst through the water's surface, as if struck by the tolling of bells and drums, shattering the tranquil world in an instant. Vast billows of clouds surged forth, rushing towards us at the edge of the world, reuniting us after a long separation.

In this moment, the stars shimmered ceaselessly, carrying the radiance of the sun and moon within our hearts as we spread our wings, soaring into the heavens.

The young man awakened from his dream, accustomed to the surreal and vivid dreams he had been having for the past few days. Vague silhouettes of people, fantastical worlds that didn't truly exist – perhaps a result of his recent fatigue.

He stretched lazily and got up from the rented room. After a quick wash, he shouldered his backpack and took an empty mineral water bottle from the table. He filled it with cold water from the electric kettle in the corner, grabbed his phone, and left the cramped ten-square-meter room. It was time – without work, there was no money, and without money, not only would he fail to pay rent, but he might also go hungry.

This town was once nonexistent on the map. Initially, it had been a desolate area. Later, a group of scientists and their families arrived. With people came needs. Supermarkets, hospitals, schools, even a cinema, all gradually sprang up. After a year or two, the town slowly evolved into what it is now.

The town boasted numerous research institutes, housing elites and experts from various fields: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, medicine, and even aerospace. Moreover, there were experts and elites in other areas such as architecture, agriculture, industry, mechanics, water resources, and even history and the arts.

Most of the town's residents, aside from the families of the scientific workers, were service personnel who ensured the town's smooth operation. There were hardly any criminals here; everyone knew each other, practicing courtesy and mutual assistance, living without worries about food and clothing. Similarly, as ordinary people of the town, they didn't know what the scientists were researching, nor did they ever inquire about the contents of confidentiality agreements.

From supermarket employees to barbers, kindergarten teachers, almost all of them were either researchers or family members of scientists. Life here was like an earthly paradise, characterized by highly regular routines. After breakfast, almost every family in the town had someone leaving for work – they took the free shuttle buses that circled around the town or rode their bicycles.

The only exception was the prohibition of using any GPS positioning systems here.

The town had existed like this for over a decade, with people arriving at different times.

Half a year ago, the town suddenly lifted its secrecy policy, and its existence appeared on maps. This led to a rapid influx of population, and various professionals flooded in all at once. Many formerly vacant peripheral buildings were quickly converted into residences, office buildings, and various other structures.

The newcomers included ordinary workers, farmers, and intellectuals. The town, previously led by research institutes, finally welcomed its first mayor and a group of administrative officials. The soldiers who used to patrol the town were also stationed outside now, and the soldiers who once drove electric cars had been replaced by civilians.

However, the research institutes were still present, with researchers coming and going but no longer as busy. Their conversations hinted at an imminent departure with a touch of reluctance. Thus, speculation led to the conclusion that a project might have concluded, and soon enough, once the policies were properly arranged above, the scientists and their families would have to move away.

It seemed that the town was destined to become an ordinary one from this point on. Due to its remote location, it was now opening up its policies and actively attracting various types of people. In history, there had been many such moves, where after the conclusion of a project, to avoid wasting resources, the town's buildings and facilities were repurposed to form an ordinary residential town. After all, the existing roads and water facilities were readily available.

The young man Xiao Guang, who had just stepped out of his rented house, was among the many who had recently moved to the town.

He was not tall, rather slender. As for why Xiao Guang had returned to this place, no one knew.

He was a person who didn't talk much but had sharp perception. Unlike many others who came here for work arrangements, introductions, seeking refuge with friends, or tourism, he arrived on his own, carrying a backpack and pulling an old suitcase, seeking a place to stay.

He was a person with self-awareness, someone who took the initiative. When he couldn't find a job, he started helping an old man who was clueless about computers. From fixing paper jams in printers to adjusting TV frequencies, and finally to repairing air conditioners and all sorts of household appliances, he offered a comprehensive and affordable service. The fledgling town really needed someone like him, and the kind old man recommended him to the rest of the neighbors.

In this way, after arriving in the town for two weeks, Xiao Guang had already created a position for himself.

Xiao Guang had no desires or demands. He seemed to be leading a content life. As most of the people here were either former institute members or recently arrived residents, human nature drove them to observe their surroundings, to try and conceal themselves, to strive to appear friendly while dealing with neighborly relationships, avoiding much resentment and grudges. Furthermore, the administrative officials were newcomers as well, without any airs of authority.

Upon learning that his nickname was "Ah Dai," the neighbors all grinned. The older ones called him Xiao Guang, the younger ones directly addressed him as Ah Dai, and the children called him Uncle Dai – he smiled back and didn't provide any explanations.

There were several occasions when Xiao Guang went to repair equipment for the researchers in their homes and returned late. He saw these scholars and experts still engrossed in their books even late into the night, claiming to be using their leisure time to augment their knowledge. In an instant, he felt the gap between people.

This gap didn't stem from someone flaunting their high intellect or showing off, but was an internal feeling tinged with a bit of self-deprecation. Everyone else was so outstanding and diligent, and here he was, slacking off – what kind of person was he? He felt like he had wasted decades of his life.

Gradually, Xiao Guang got to know some of these people better. Later, he learned that they were going to leave in a few days, which left him somewhat reluctant. But there was no other way; they were organized, tasked elites – of course, they couldn't stay here forever. He could only stay behind in this town, experiencing the passage of time amidst a changing environment.

On this morning, the people of the town, as usual, woke up in good spirits, busy starting their day's work, beginning a new day of life.

Xiao Guang, as usual, took out a small notebook from his pocket and followed the reminders he had jotted down, heading out to fix computers, printers, and all kinds of electrical devices. Yesterday, a family member from one of the research institutes had told him that within three or four days, they would be leaving. Their destination was kept secret, just like when they had arrived here many years ago. Everyone had been notified, and they were all getting ready to leave.

With a sigh, Xiao Guang thought to himself, within three or four days, this kind-hearted group of people would all be gone.

However, perhaps Xiao Guang's idyllic ending in the town had invited the jealousy of some magical force, as on this very day, an unexpected change occurred. First, the sky above the central institute suddenly became awash with colors. As people looked up in surprise at this mesmerizing sight, a splendid rainbow-like radiance spread out, enveloping the entire town, only to disappear in an instant.

After the radiance vanished, an unusual calm descended over the entire town. The streets, research institutes, and even the usually bustling kindergarten were all empty.

It was as if everyone had vanished into thin air. Bicycles, no longer ridden, toppled over after coasting a short distance. Electric scooters collided with nearby buildings. Naturally, there were no casualties, and the soldiers who used to patrol the town were nowhere to be seen, yet the firearms on the ground remained neatly arranged.

All the human inhabitants of the town had suddenly disappeared, while the outside world remained either blissfully unaware or had perhaps already noticed something amiss, causing a commotion.

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