Book cover of “Movie King in Other World“ by vr_cl

Movie King in Other World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: vr_cl
  • Uploaded by user416759
Aspiring movie director Ash Wilson's life was tragically cut short by a car accident. However, he awakens in a different world, inhabiting the body of a young man who is heir to a struggling film company in an underdeveloped movie industry. Determined to turn his new reality into an opportunity, Ash vows to transform the loss-making company into th... 


The weather was hot and fiery. My whole body was soaked in sweat when I saw myself in the mirror. Right now my appearance goes without saying. The mirror showed me my reflection as a handsome young man who was 18-19 years old. Right now, I am nearly 1.8 meters tall with a well-defined body, a perfect face with a sharp jawline, and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white young man.

I was so shocked that waves of sweat kept flowing on my body. Because the last thing I remembered was that I died. Yes, I died due to a car accident. But when I look in the mirror it seems like I am alive.

Just as I was admiring myself in the mirror a wave of new memories started to flow inside my mind. It seems like these are the memories of the original owner of this body. When these memories were pouring into my mind I felt an unimaginable headache.

After this, my headache subsided. I felt so tired after that I fall asleep in front of that full body mirror in my bathroom.

The next day I woke up when someone shook my body. When I opened my eyes I saw a man wearing a black coat trying to wake me up.

"Ash wake up hurry or we are going to be late'' said the old man in front of me. From the memories of the original owner, I found that the name of this man is Samual. He is a lawyer and maternal uncle of the original body.

"Ash you should get ready we are going to my firm and sign that company to your name" the Old man went out after saying that. I opened my wardrobe and took out a blue shirt and black suit I looked mature in those clothes. After changing my clothes I looked at today's date. It was 24th of may 2010. After that I went out of my house and saw the old man waiting for me in his car. I sat inside the car.

"Ash you don't worry even if we lost the case we can always start anew. We still have the company which your mother started. We will make it the top entertainment company in the world. You are a bright young man I will provide funds for your company and we will make it big." the old man told me I was listening to him very carefully. He is a genuinely good man.

"Don't worry uncle I know what to do now and I am very confident that I will make it big" I said to the old man and I looked very confident because of my situation.

''that's the spirit my boy'' Old man smiled at me and after that, he started his car.

I closed my eyes as the old man was driving the car and started to short out the memories of the original owner. His name was Ash Wilson. His mother Emma Wilson was a British lady who married an American entrauprenuar named Cyrus Scott. Both of them established a film company together and later expanded in the media circle which later became a media giant. But later his father had an affair with another woman named lucy Miller when his mother was pregnant. His mother died during childbirth so his father married his mistress who was also pregnant. Ash was a bright child but due to the bullying of his stepmother and the ignorance of his father he became a timid child.

When Ash grew up his father declared his stepbrother only hair of his business. It enraged his uncle Samual who helped them with all law-related works and even gave some initial funds to his sister. But his father not only betrayed them but now he was giving away the company to someone else instead of his nephew so Samual filed a case against Cyrus but they lost. Ash became so depressed by this that he ended his life that's when I took over.

After some time we arrived at the law firm owned by the old man. Its name was Wilson and Wilson law firm. The old man parked the car. We got out of the car and went into his office. I sat down on a chair and the old man sat across the table on his table. A while later his assistant came into the office and gave a file to Samual. Samual handed that file over to me.

"Ash I am sorry this is the best I could do for you. I can't give you your mother's hard work but this film company is your mother's first company so please take care of it." when he said it his eyes were a little sad.

I started reading the file. In the file, it was written that Ash Wilson will inherit the Starline film company. There was some extra stuff in the file I read and then I signed the file. So now I was the legal owner of the Starline film company. Cyrus owned many profitable companies but Starline was a loss-making company that was about to be bankrupt. Ash was allowed to inherit this company because its legal owner was his mother and because it was a loss-making company so Cyrus didn't care about it.

For others it might be a loss-making non-profitable company but for it is no less than a goose who gives a golden egg every day. In my last life, I was an aspiring movie director. I worked hard for ten years to become a world-famous director but never could become one. No, it's not that I wasn't talented enough but because I never had a good script to work with. Even with those mediocre scripts, I earned a good reputation for myself and opened my studio. Just when I thought that I will become successful I had a car accident and died.

But I was given a second chance. After analyzing the original owner's memories I found something amazing that this world is not my original world but a different one. This world is very similar to my previous one but it such as nearly all places, cities, countries, etc. exists but movies and entertainment of this world are completely different from the original world.

I hypothesize that this world and the original world had the same history and everything else was the same but after the 1950s some butterfly effect took place and things went completely different paths.

This is good for me because I have so many movies from my original world that I can remake and reap a lot of benefits with the help of the company I just acquired. From now on I set my goal to make Starline film company the world's biggest company.

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