Book cover of “My Alpha, My Love“ by KearstinReed

My Alpha, My Love

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: KearstinReed
  • Uploaded by user968001
In a tender moment, he gently cupped my face, pressing a soft kiss to my lips before speaking, "I was just scared. The most unlikely thing happened. This could have been so much worse. Why didn't you run?! He could have hurt you! Losing you would have killed me because I love you!" Hearing his confession, my heart skipped a beat. The mate bond draw... 


Madi P.O.V.

My name is Madi and I am part of the Blackfoot pack under Alpha James. That's right, I'm a werewolf. I left my pack a few days ago for brighter horizons. I am going to stay in my brother Cody's pack, Blackmoon pack. Hopefully, I will find everything I am looking for. I had no mate yet so other than family, nothing is holding me here. They would just have to understand that I was doing what I needed. This was a time for me to be selfish and think about my own needs before anyone else's. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's go back three days when all of this started.


I smiled down at my niece as my step-father came in looking enraged. I ignored him as he tapped his foot impatiently and I continued to make faces at the baby until he finally spoke.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing out here? It's almost 10. All the lights go out in this house after 10."

I rolled my eyes before responding, "The key word is almost, and I'm 21, I think I can handle getting to bed on my own. I'm just watching her until her mom is done in the bathroom anyway."

Despite the calm in my voice, I looked up at him with my wolf in my eyes. He backed off mumbling under his breath as he walked away. I shook my head at his behavior as I walked to my room to put the baby down for the night. I watched her calm face as she slept, not a care in the world until I heard my sister get out of the shower and walk to the kitchen. As I walked that way, I heard her talking to our step-dad.

"Hey, what was all of that yelling about? "

I moved closer to the door so I could hear better. "Ask the bitch in the back room."

My vision went red with anger. I felt the prick of tears not because I was sad but because I was so angry. It's the most frustrating thing. People think they are hurting my feelings, but in reality, I'm just trying not to tear their faces off.

I heard my sister say, "Your such an asshole."

I yelped as the door swung open, accidentally connecting with me. Kristina took in my tears and pulled me into her arms. All of a sudden, something broke inside of me, and I cried harder than I ever had before. All of the hurt and anger came out with those tears. All of the verbal and mental abuse I had endured over the years. My sobs slowed down and subsided into hiccups and I felt numb. This may have seemed small, but I dealt with things like this daily and this was just the thing that finally broke me. Anyone who had been dealing with this shit for as long as I had would have broken by now.

"I just can't do this anymore; I have to think about my happiness. I haven't found my mate here and I'm tired of constantly getting torn down by him. "

"I don't blame you, Madi, but promise you will tell Mom before you leave."

I nodded, "I promise."

Things with my mom were complicated. I loved my mom and she was always my best friend, but in recent years she has found more and more excuses to cover for the way her husband is. She had left at one point when I was a teenager, but a week later we were back with promises that things would change. Spoiler alert, they didn't. I understand why she does it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I would never ask her to leave him, but at the same time, she can't expect me to stay in a situation like this. Even if he in some weird way made her happy, I wasn't, and I deserved happiness too.

That night, when my step-dad had gone to bed for the night, I quietly went out to the living room to wait for my mom. I hoped she would understand, but I was prepared for the worst. She walked in a little after 12 looking exhausted. She set down her purse and turned on the light, not noticing me yet.

Her eyes landed on me as she was kicking off her shoes and placing them on the rack. "What happened this time?"

I avoided her eyes, not wanting to see the hurt. "I'm leaving Mom. I'm asking Alpha James if he will release me from all ties to this pack and transfer me to Cody's pack if he will accept me. It isn't just one thing, Mom. It's an accumulation of a lot of stuff. I just need to start living my own life and I think the best way is to just start somewhere new "

We sat in silence for a while before she looked at me with sad eyes, "I understand. I wish you didn't feel this way, but I get it, and I understand why you have to go. I hope you find everything you are searching for."

I smiled at her, "I hope someday you get the courage to leave too, Mom."

She smiled back at me, ignoring my comment, and hugged me tightly. "I'm going to miss you so much."

I smiled as I squeezed her back, trying to hold off the tears, "Me too Mommy."

She pulled away wiping her tears, "So when are you leaving?"

I sniffled, clearing my throat, "Probably early tomorrow morning. I'm going to fit what I can in my car and I'll drive there."

She nodded as she smiled sadly and gave me one last hug before I went to pack up my room. My sister Kristina was lying on the bed as I went back into the room. The baby was still sound asleep as she scrolled through her phone lighting up her face in the dimly lit room.

She looked up at me as I walked in. "Wanna help me pack up?"

She looked at the sleeping baby, "Of course, I will."

There was very little conversation as we packed up my small car with the small amount of stuff I was able to fit in it. We packed the things into the car as much as we could before going back inside to get a few hours of sleep before I had to leave in the morning. I sent a quick text to the pack leader requesting a meeting for first thing in the morning. I would have to ask for permission before I could leave. The night was long with very little sleep, but before I knew it, my alarm was going off. I walked out to the kitchen where Mom was getting ready to leave for an early shift.

I sighed trying to push through my sadness, "Do I get one last hug? "

She smiled and pulled me into a hug, "I love you so much, baby."

I did my best to hold in my tears, "I love you too Mommy. Call me whenever you want and I promise to try and answer."

Kristina walked me out to my car to say goodbye as she bounced the baby on her hip. I kissed the baby, who laughed and gave my sister a quick hug. I watched in the rear-view mirror as they waved before I turned the corner and they disappeared.

I jumped as I heard my wolf, "Let me take the wheel so we make it there alive."

I didn't realize how hard I was gripping the wheel and that tears had started streaming down my face. I nodded and let her take the wheel. My sight sharpened and I saw my beautiful amber eyes in the rearview. My eyes instantly steadied and my breathing returned to normal. I was aware of everything that was happening but I had no control. I retreated into my head. I saw my wolf and walked up to her, running my hands through her thick chocolate hair. She laid down and I laid against her relaxing into her side.

It seemed like no time at all before she spoke again, "It's time for you to take control again."

Suddenly, I was sitting in my car again. The car was off and the keys were in my hand. I flipped down my visor as I dragged a brush through my hair and rubbed the make-up that had smudged under my eyes which were their normal green again. I flipped the visor back up and jumped out of the car, walking towards the pack house. Jackson and Melissa, the beta male and female, walked out holding hands before I could reach the door. Melissa saw my face and walked over to me, putting an arm around my shoulders.

"Are you OK honey?"

Tears started to threaten to spill over again, but I took a deep breath, nodding my head and smiling at her. "I will be. I need to talk to Alpha James; he should be expecting me. "

She nodded and led me into the house. She led me down so many winding hallways I lost track of time and where I was. I wasn't in the pack house very much. I tended to avoid it. I didn't always fit in with the other wolves, so it was just best if I kept to myself. We stopped in front of a solid-looking wooden door. She signaled for me to wait there. I nodded and studied the knots and lines in the wood grain on the door.

Moments later, she came out and pulled me into the room. As I walked in, I came face to face with a very tired-looking Alpha. I immediately felt bad for getting him up this early. The Alpha looked up, "So, Madi, how can I help you? "

"I'm sorry about how early it is but I really needed to talk to you."

He waved his hand like it was nothing, "It's fine. I've been up most of the night with all this paperwork anyway."

I nodded and got right to the point, "I would like to request a transfer to my brothers' pack as soon as possible. This morning if you can."

He winkled his forehead, looking troubled, "Why would you like to do that? Aren't you happy here? "

"It's really not that so much as a bunch of little things. I really just need a new start and I think going this route will give me that."

"Okay. I will call Cody, but only if you're sure about this."

I nodded but he looked doubtful as he reached for the phone. He quickly dialed the number as if he knew it by heart, which he probably did. He and my brother were close buddies when they grew up. The Alpha was only about 4 years older than me, but this kind of responsibility could age you.

The phone rang a few times before someone picked up, "Hey bud, how you been? ... oh, I'm fine, but hey I called about your sister Madi... Oh, she seems fine. She is requesting to transfer to your pack... No, she didn't give any specifics. ... Ok, will do. Ok, bye."

I watched him impatiently, "He said you're welcome to come and he is eagerly awaiting your arrival."

I sighed in relief, watching as he wrote something down on a sticky note. He held out the paper to me and I took it from him confused. I looked down to see an address. Cody was a newly appointed alpha and none of us had gotten the chance to visit yet, so I didn't have the address memorized.

"It's the address to your brother's pack house. He said to go right there and there will be someone waiting for you. "

I smiled, "Thank you so much."

His eyes crinkled in the corners as he smiled at me. Melissa reappeared and led me back out to my car. I hugged her and set out on my new life. As I drove away, I took one last look in the rear-view mirror at the pack house. I then took a deep breath and let it fade from my mind and my sight as I prepared myself for this new journey in my life. Now with that, we are brought back to the present day.

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