Book cover of “My Billionaire Husband“ by Sarah_Ume

My Billionaire Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Sarah_Ume
  • Uploaded by user874757
Hayley Hester's life was a carefully arranged script: marry Leo Martínez, the imposing CEO she was not only secretary to but also destined to be the wife of, in an orchestrated union that bound her to a man marked by intense possessiveness. Hayley's days became a test of endurance, navigating Leo's relentless claim over every aspect of her existenc... 



I heard Leo shout from downstairs. I quickly applied my red lipstick and got up adjusting my long strap gown. I took in my appearance one more time and smiled in satisfaction.

My long black hair pulled up in a straight ponytail, my makeup not too much but just perfect, my long red dress curved my 'hourglass' figure in the perfect way. I didn't know why I dressed up this much, maybe it's because I want to impress Leo today.

I quickly wore my gold chain necklace, my bracelets and my black heels and rushed downstairs. I made sure to not make a noise with my heels, Leo didn't like that, he would get furious and scold me saying he doesn't want me to destroy his perfect tiles.

As I descended the stairs I saw Leo relaxed on the couch busy with his phone. My Leo.

He looked as handsome as ever, his long black hair in a tight bun, he always has his hair like that, even in the office. His red shirt matching mine had some of its buttons unbuttoned, revealing his hairy toned chest. His black suit laying carelessly on the couch, My Leo, My Husband.

I walked up to my husband and sat on his lap catching his attention, he looked up from his phone and at me, his dark blue eyes catching mine, I got up and turned around slowly wanting him to take a good look at me. I already imagined him undressing me with his eyes.

I sat back on his lap "So, how do I look?" I asked.

"You look ravishing as always" he replied and I felt myself blush, then he attached his lips to mine already ruining the efforts I put on my lips.

I felt his hands on my butt, then he squeezed it lightly. That made me gasp and he used the opportunity to insert his tongue in my mouth, tasting everything in me.

I pushed him lightly and he realeased me, we were both breathing fast, panting for air. I saw his eyes darken, is he angry?

"Em... We..We will be late for the party" I said and got up from his lap but he pulled me back down.

"The party can wait" He whispered in my ear and bit it seductively. And just when he was about to attack my lips his phone rang.

He groaned and checked the caller ID, it was his dad.

"I would be waiting in the car" I told him and left, giving him his privacy.

I arrived in front of our black limousine and the driver opened it for me to get in. I got in and I could finally breath again.

Oh my! I forgot to inform my mum I was going to be attending the party, she asked me earlier but I told her I would have to ask Leo first. And it turned out it is the same party Leo told me we're going to.

Where is my purse?

I forgot my purse in my room!

I told Tony, Our Limousine Driver, that I would be back and then I got out of the car and straight to the house.


I heard Leo shouting inside the living room, I would have gone to console him but he seems to be very angry right now, and I seriously don't like angry Leo. So I stayed back and continued to listen...

"DON'T FUCKING TELL ME THAT SHIT" He yelled and took a deep breath trying to calm himself "Just tell him to leave" he said much calmer now.

His dad replied but I couldn't get what he said that made Leo get angry again "FUCK YOU DAD, FUCK YOU" He said before declining the call. He took deep breaths and rubbed his face with his large hands. Then he picked up his iPhone 11 pro from the couch and threw it across the room, shattering it in many pieces.

He could easily buy another one!

When I saw him calm down a bit, I walked up to him and sat beside him caressing his back "What wrong baby?" I asked

His head shot up from his hands and his dark blue eyes looked into mine "We're not going to the party anymore, you can undress"

I felt disappointed, I really wanted to go to this family gathering. It only happens once in a while. But I knew much not to try and persuade Leo, it would make things much worse.

I stood up from beside him and walked back upstairs to my room, I sat in front of my dressing mirror and took in my appearance again. I like looking at the mirror, and I'm sure all women do.

Just when I was about to clean my makeup, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and saw it was my mum. What should I tell her now, I had no idea!

"Hey Mum!" I said as I answered the call.

"Darling did he agree?" she asked.

"I'm fine thanks for asking Mum" i replied sacastically

"I'm serious Hayley, the guest have already begun to arrive"

I sighed, I will just have to tell her "We are not going to the party anymore Mum"

"But why?"

"I don't know, Leo got a call from his dad and then he told me we aren't going anymore"

"You're his wife Hayley, can't you convince him"

"I don't think he would listen Mum"

"Don't be silly Hayley, husbands always listen to their wives"

Well not mine!!!

"I know that but-"

"No ifs or buts Hayley, I wanna see you at this party in 45 minutes"

"Mum-" She hung up.

How on Earth am i supposed to convince Leo, I'm hundred percent sure he wouldn't agree. I remember the last time I begged him for something even after he has made the final decision. Let me just say it didn't end well.

But you know what, I think I would give this a try, I am his wife after all. God help me!

I headed back downstairs still dressed up, I saw Leo with his eyes closed resting on the couch. I gulped and went closer to where he was slouching.

Maybe I could seduce him to agree, that always works on the men!

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