Book cover of “My Daemon System“ by JJ_Francis

My Daemon System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: JJ_Francis
  • Uploaded by user158683
In a mystical realm where every human is born with a Daemon, a magnificent creature embodying their very soul, young Jacob's life is starkly different. Unlike his peers, Jacob was born without a Daemon, making him an outcast, a target of relentless bullying and scorn. Despite the torment, Jacob's spirit remains unbroken. One fateful day, cornered b... 

Chapter 1 Power

"You can run but you can't hide Jacob!" A boy named Michael shouted down the hallway and laughed uncontrollably right after.

Michael was the head bully in the school and he was in the same class as Jacob.

Jacob ignored the boy as he carried on running down the school corridor. The harassment and bullying had become a daily occurrence for him from day one.

It was the last day of school and he was trying to make it out of school without being beaten up.

Jacob left the hallway and ran towards the school gate but as soon as he got out of the school gate, hoping that at least if not anything his last day of school was good.


A fist hit Jacob's mouth as he got out. He fell to the floor immediately and held his face as the attacker came closer to him.

"I told you Jacob you can run but you can't hide?" Michael sighed as he landed a kick right in Jacob's gut.


Jacob screamed as the kick landed right in his abdomen. The other two students who were with Micheal laughed at Jacob writhing in pain.

"Please let me go, please please!!"Jacob pleaded.

"Look at him pleading for his miserable life, worthless orphan, " Micheal spat

Jacob had lived in an orphanage since his parents died in a car accident, leaving just him with no one to care for him.

The boys immediately dragged him to an alley beside the school when they sighted a teacher coming from afar.

"He is standing up, wow! Look at his face, does he want to beat us up?" Michael said to his goons.

"Since today might be the last day we meet, don't you think I should use my powers on you? I've always wanted to try that," he said eye gleaming with interest.

Micheal placed both of his hands together and a green ball of light started to form between them. He threw his hand forward and a green beam shout out from the palm of his hand.


The beam went directly to his stomach, this made him buckle down and collapsed, causing him to cough up blood.

The other two boys landed kick after kick on Jacob and he ended up coughing out more blood.

Jacob didn't have a choice but to stand up.

"Are you feeling pain anywhere?" Michael asked in a sarcastic tone.

Jacob looked at Micheal with the eyes of a killer filled with rage.

"Wow! You scared me a bit, do you think your eyes will save you? Micheal said ridicule

At that moment, Jacob could feel an intense sensation coursing through his body, as if an electric current were surging through his veins. Every heartbeat seemed to echo louder in his chest, amplifying the intensity of his emotions.

With each passing moment, this feeling intensified, fueling his determination and filling his entire being with an overwhelming energy.

His muscles tensed, ready to spring into action. his senses heightened. His vision sharpened, allowing him to spot even the subtlest of details. His hearing became acute, picking up on the slightest sounds in his surroundings. Every nerve in his body tingled, preparing him for the confrontation that lay ahead.

Micheal held him by his collar and was ready to hit him in the stomach again when suddenly, he saw Jacob's eyes light up in blue color.

"What the.... "


Before Micheal could complete his statement,

Jacob lad let out a scream that pierced through the gathering darkness in the alley. It was a scream of anguish and frustration, a desperate plea for the torment to end. But it carried within it something else, an energy long dormant, now awakened.

In an instant, a brilliant beam of vibrant blue light surged forth from Jacob's body, illuminating the surrounding area with its radiant glow. The bullies recoiled, their faces contorted with shock and bewilderment. The force of the ethereal beam propelled them backward, lifting them off their feet and throwing them aside like rag dolls.

The intense azure ray of light enveloped Jacob momentarily, imbuing him with an otherworldly aura.

As the bullies scrambled to regain their footing, Jacob stood tall, his frailty seemingly evaporated in the wake of this unexpected revelation. With newfound courage coursing through his veins, he faced his adversaries with unwavering confidence. The bullies, their bravado shattered, hesitated, unsure of how to proceed in the face of such an unexpected transformation.

"Fall back, Fall back," Micheal said to his two friends.

They all restricted leaving only the new Jacob in the dark alley.

'What just happened? How did I just do that? Wait I have powers!' a huge smile appeared on his face as this last thought flooded through his mind.

"Wait, I should head home, someone might have seen such bright light, I should leave before someone comes," Jacob murmured to himself still in shock.

Jacob made his way back to the solitary room he called home within the walls of the orphanage. Jacob, with unkempt hair and clothes from the fight with Micheal and his friends, carried an air of quiet solitude about him.

The single room he entered was modestly furnished, containing a small, worn bed with a thin mattress, a weathered wooden desk strewn with papers and well-thumbed books, and a solitary chair tucked beneath it. The walls, painted in a faded shade of off-white, bore the marks of time and echoed the stories of countless other children who had passed through those walls.

A faint ray of sunlight filtered through the slightly cracked window, casting subtle patterns on the scuffed wooden floor. The room felt both empty and full, holding the remnants of dreams and aspirations that had long since been abandoned or put on hold. Despite its simplicity, the room held a quiet sense of belonging—a sanctuary for Jacob, a place where he could retreat from the cacophony of the outside world.

Upon entering, Jacob gently closed the door behind him, enveloping himself in a silence that carried a weight of both solace and longing. He took a moment to collect himself, his weary eyes gazing out of the window as if searching for answers in the fading light.

With a sigh, the boy settled into the chair, sinking into the familiar contours of its well-worn seat.

Just then, he felt a very sharp pain on the side of his head immediately some kind of a digital message appeared before his eyes.

[Host has been acquired].




Hi guys it's your author here please check out my new book MMORPG: Virtual Rebirth

I'm so sorry guys I deleted all my chapters, I had to re-edit them. I hope you guys like this one leave some power stones and comment if you do. Like it ? Add to library!

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