Book cover of “My Demon“ by GwenCreepy

My Demon

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: GwenCreepy
  • Uploaded by user101819
Caeli loved to play with fate, but fate had its own plans. After performing a seemingly harmless ritual, she is stunned when a strikingly handsome boy with black hair and piercing, toxic eyes appears before her. Unbeknownst to her, the ritual actually worked—and the alluring young man standing before her is a demon. No one could have warned Caeli t... 

Volume 1

Calmly, my right hand moved the pencil over the white surface, letting the lead delicately caress the entire length of the page and thus, capture the idea I had at that moment.

I had spent the whole day drawing different types of figures, sketches, and landscapes so that I could choose between them and give them to my teachers.

It wasn't as if I could do much more, since Akane was busy, she said she had to 'study' for the most important exam of her whole career.

But the truth of the matter was that she was with her boyfriend, Curt Walker, one of the most prominent writers of the moment in the United States - of whom many of his readers didn't know his face. And I couldn't really blame her for anything. If I were her, I would have been with my partner to calm down and de-stress.

After a few seconds, a sigh escaped my lips, I put down my drawing instruments on the bed and calmly picked up the mobile phone on the bedside table. As soon as I saw the time another sigh escaped my lips and I almost merged with the bed as I realized that only a few hours had passed and there was still too much time left for my mother to come home.

I put the phone down where it had been seconds before and refocused on what I was doing, as I still had work to do. Or at least that's what I tried to do.

At that instant, I felt something begin to wrap around my leg, causing my eyes to shift there, watching as a thin tail began to wrap around it.

"What do you want?" I spoke sharply and looked up to meet piercing, sharp-pupiled, toxic eyes that looked at me with amusement.

"I'm bored angel~, what do you say if we have some fun?" He said with a mocking smile, showing me those perfect pearly teeth, from which sharp fangs protruded. But at the imposed nickname and also with that gesture that irritated me so much, I had to stop the progress of my work.

I put my things aside, and calmly tried to move away from the dark-haired who was staring at me. "Don't... come closer," I said, leaning further and further back, looking for an escape as he continued to approach me like a predator would approach its prey.

"It was you who made the pact with me, you must face the consequences," his tail, which was still tangled around my leg, pulled hard and left me lying on the bed. A small scream escaped my lips, causing me to close my eyes at the action of my "assailant".

I felt his body on top of mine, his knee between my legs and both arms on either side of my head preventing me from moving. When I opened my eyes I was met with that intense gaze, which did not leave my person for an instant. "Now, let me have a small part of what will belong to me in the future, will you?" he asked, starting to move closer and closer to my face, in particular, to my lips.

For my part, instead of freezing, I frowned and muttered a: "Gatto cattivo."

With one hand on the other's chest, I pushed my assailant away, and with the other free, I grabbed the crucifix around my neck, bringing it closer to the other's face. The moment I blinked, he was no longer on my person, I repositioned myself and looked around and when I found him, I smiled a sly smile as I saw him clutching at the ceiling baring his fangs at me.

"Damn you! I told you not to wear that while I was here!" He shouted at me, furious and frustrated that he hadn't succeeded.

"I never said I was going to let you do anything to me," a hiss escaped his lips, and he instantly transformed into a beautiful cat with huge green eyes, lying near the window with his ears down. "That's better."

Well, in order to shed some light on the matter, that cat who seconds ago was a handsome dark-haired man, with long horns, a tail, sharp fangs, and pointed ears; he is a demon and his name is Thomirchotch... or Tom as I call him to shorten his strange name.

How did he get here?

It is too long a story for you to understand unless I told it to you. You see, I had never believed in magic. Much less in the existence of supernatural beings like demons.

So you can imagine my face when suddenly, after a 'summoning' - which I didn't even believe would be effective - a boy, or rather, a demon appeared in front of me, to say that he would grant any wish in exchange for my soul. And now because I was so stupid he is living in my room.

Honestly, luck is not on my side.

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