Book cover of “My Descendant Begged Me to Help Him Just After I Became a God“ by Let me laugh

My Descendant Begged Me to Help Him Just After I Became a God

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Let me laugh
  • Uploaded by user808325
Jiang Changsheng was reincarnated as the crown prince of the Jing Kingdom, but his fate took a drastic turn when he was switched at birth and sent to grow up in a Taoist temple. Raised as a Taoist, his destiny seemed bleak until he awakened the Survival System, granting him immortality from aging and rewards for surviving dangerous events. His seni... 

Dragon Falls into the Dust World, The Murderer Is You

"In the first year, your father, Jiang Yuan, founded a country called Jing. You, who was born in the same year, was appointed as the crown prince. However, you were abducted by traitors. Fortunately, an expert saved you, and you escaped from the calamity. You have obtained a survival reward—Immortal Cultivation Technique, 'Dao Technique'."

"In the second year, you were brought to Longqi Temple by the expert, Daoist Priest Qingxu. You bumped into Eldest Senior Brother training in martial arts and were almost beaten to death. Fortunately, Second Senior Brother saved you, and you escaped from the calamity. You have obtained a survival reward—Martial Arts, Divine Shadow Leg

"In the fourth year, an earthquake struck the capital. The Longqi Temple collapsed, and you were nearly smashed to death by a beam. Fortunately, Eldest Senior Brother saved you. You escaped from a calamity. You have obtained a survival reward—Martial Art, 'Nine-seeking Heavenly Dragon Steps'."

"In the fifth year, a cold fell from the sky and the flu wreaked havoc in the capital. Unfortunately, you contracted a disease. But Third Senior Sister gathered enough medicinal herbs for your treatment. You escaped a calamity and obtained a survival reward—Miscellaneous Skill, 'Spring and Autumn Manual'."

"Six years after the founding of the country, the founding general, Cao Hubao, rebelled and was suppressed. He hid in Longqi Temple and was bumped into by you. Cao Hubao attacked you, but fortunately, the master saved you and you escaped the calamity. You have obtained a survival reward—the magical weapon, Qilin Horsetail Whisk."


Early in the morning, the first ray of sunlight pierced through the green hills and banished the darkness. It shone on the top floor of a pavilion. An ancient bronze bell hung in the air, and a young Daoist priest was in a daze.

He was called Jiang Changsheng, and he was 12 years old. Every morning before he rang the bell, he would recall his experiences in the first half of his life to boost his spirits.

A night of martial arts training made him sleepy. Fortunately, his duty was very simple. He would ring the bell on time every day and remind everyone that they should get up and recite scriptures. Since he took on this job at the age of six, he had not encountered any more hardships. His days had become idle. However, relying on the cultivation methods, martial arts, and medical skills he had obtained, his life was not boring.

Jiang Changsheng's survival system came from his previous life. In his previous life, he was a game developer, and he had developed a game. The gimmick was that 'If you can live forever, how long can you live in the cultivation world'.

Players had an unlimited lifespan, but they could be killed. They would encounter all sorts of difficulties and temptations on their path of cultivation. Jiang Changsheng had tried it himself. At most, he would live for more than ten thousand years, which was very challenging.

This game was not a simple game of multiple choice. It had actual gameplay and exploration elements. Even if you were to hide in one place, you would encounter natural disasters. In short, blessings and misfortunes in the game were unpredictable.

The game became popular within a short period of time after it was released. However, as he was too excited when he looked at the backend data, Jiang Changsheng, who had stayed up late for a long time, suddenly died in front of the computer and reincarnated in this life.

In this life, he could not guarantee that he would live forever. He would only know after dozens of years. Before that, he had to rely on his survival rewards to become strong enough to face the calamity of his life.

The Dao Technique was stuck at the second level, but he had completely mastered the Divine Shadow Legs and the Nine-seeking Heavenly Dragon Steps. The Spring and Autumn Manual was broad and profound, and he had only memorized the contents by heart. As for the magical weapon, he had yet to cultivate spiritual force so he could not use it. This treasure was kept in the depths of his mind. When he cultivated to the fourth level of the Dao Technique, he would be able to master it after cultivating spiritual force. Right now, he only had true energy in his body, and true energy could make martial arts more powerful.

As the sunlight shone on him, Jiang Changsheng yawned. He grabbed the wooden stake hanging by his side and began to ring the bell.


The sound of the bell echoed in the mountains for a long time, as if it was driving the flow of time. Coupled with the green mountains and rivers between heaven and earth, it revealed the peaceful and pleasant atmosphere of time.

He knocked once and stopped for five breaths. After knocking ten times, Jiang Changsheng finally let go.

"Today's life of slacking off has begun again."

Jiang Changsheng hummed a tune and started to go downstairs. He was wearing a grayish-blue Daoist robe, and his clothes fluttered with the wind under the sunlight. He had a unique immortal charm.

Just as he went downstairs, a fifteen to sixteen-year-old Daoist priest ran over and stopped in front of him. He was panting heavily and sweating profusely. He said in a hurry, "Junior Brother Changsheng, something bad has happened… Last night, a guest died in the temple. Teacher wants you to go to the Clear Heart Palace Hall…"

A guest died?

Jiang Changsheng frowned. He knew that officials from the imperial court had come as guests recently, but he did not expect someone to die. Looking at this senior brother's posture, the identity of the deceased was not low.

He was used to secretly practicing martial arts every night, and Longqi Temple was not small. He did not notice anything unusual last night.

He did not think much about it and followed his senior brother to the Clear Heart Palace Hall.

"Junior Brother Changsheng, you don't know, but that top scholar is too awesome. Just based on the corpse, we can tell the time of death, the cause of death, and the activities of the deceased before their death…"

"The deceased was an official of the Ministry of Official Personnel Affairs. It was said that his power was not low. Someone actually dared to assassinate an official in the capital. Tsk tsk, this is ridiculous…"

Jiang Changsheng almost rolled his eyes when he heard his senior brother's words.

This was ridiculous?

He was the first crown prince of the Jing Dynasty, and his mother was even switched. Most importantly, it was not even discovered. That fake was still sitting on the throne, and his name was spread throughout the world.

Was it as outrageous as what he had encountered?

Jiang Changsheng sighed internally.

This was a world similar to ancient China. When Jiang Changsheng was in his mother's womb, he could hear the voices outside. This world spoke Chinese, and when he learned that he was born in the royal family, he was very excited. Furthermore, it was during the early stages of the founding of the country. When his father told his mother that he was the crown prince, he felt that he was about to reach the peak of his life.

His mother and father were husband and wife. She accompanied his father to rise from the grassland, experienced hardships, fought all over the world, and founded a new dynasty. With such a background, as long as he ascended the throne, he should be able to have a happy life.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Evil people were detestable!

The past was the past, so Jiang Changsheng did not think too much about it. The fact that he named himself Changsheng was enough to show his current aspirations.

After half an incense stick of time, Jiang Changsheng followed his senior brother to the front of the Clear Heart Palace Hall. The Clear Heart Palace Hall was not considered large, and the courtyard was crowded with disciples. Hundreds of people surrounded the place, and there were also servants waiting at the entrance. There were about twenty to thirty people there.

When they saw Jiang Changsheng, the disciples looked over one after another. Even though he kept a low profile in Longqi Temple, his handsome appearance did not lower his presence.

"Junior Brother, go in. Teacher is looking for you."

A female disciple said. Longqi Temple was not a traditional Daoist school. It was more like a martial arts sect, with both men and women.

Jiang Changsheng nodded and walked into the hall.

At a glance, he saw a corpse covered by a white cloth on the ground. On his right stood the Daoist priest, Qing Xu, and his three eldest disciples. On his left were the six guests who were guests of Longqi Temple. Standing at the front was a scholarly-looking man, Chen Li, the top scholar Jiang Changsheng had heard of on his way here.

The moment he entered the hall, Chen Li was sizing him up.

Jiang Changsheng came to Daoist Priest Qingxu and bowed. "Teacher."

Priest Qing Xu was the one who saved him when he was young, and he had always respected him. Even though Priest Qing Xu looked serious, there were not many rules in the temple. Everyone was his disciple, and there was no difference in seniority between the disciples. They got along very harmoniously.

Priest Qing Xu held a horsetail whisk in his hand. He had white hair and a sage-like aura. He nodded slightly and said, "Changsheng, tell Benefactor Chen where you went last night?"

Jiang Changsheng turned to Chen Li and said, "I went to train last night. My junior brothers and masters know that I have this habit."

How could he hide it for six years? He had been practicing martial arts since he was six years old. At the end of that year, he was bumped into by Daoist Qing Xu. He only said that he had comprehended it. In any case, his moves were incoherent when he first started practicing. Daoist Qing Xu did not think much of it and even gave him a few pointers. A few years later, Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, and Third Senior Sister also discovered this matter one after another. However, they did not reveal it to their other disciples and allowed him to practice martial arts late at night.

In the eyes of ordinary disciples, Jiang Changsheng was just a low-key fellow disciple.

In the eyes of the three disciples, he was a martial arts prodigy who could create his own martial arts at a young age.

Eldest Senior Brother Li Chang had created a fist technique when he was young. Now, he was teaching it to his younger disciples.

Chen Li asked, "May I ask where you train, Little Daoist?"

Jiang Changsheng answered, "In front of the bell tower, I would normally go upstairs and knock on the bell after I finished my training. Then, I would knock it during the day and… listen to the Dao techniques."

He was very natural and not nervous at all. In any case, he did not kill the victim. Moreover, he did not know the victim at all.

A middle-aged man by Chen Li's side said, "Little brother, your skin is delicate and your hands are smooth and calloused. You don't look like a martial arts practitioner. I wonder what kind of martial arts you are practicing?"

His aggressive tone was somewhat ear-piercing to Jiang Changsheng's ears.

Chen Li smiled and said, "Little Daoist, don't mind us. We have been investigating for two hours, and the people around me have already proved their innocence. They are all mortals and do not know martial arts, so they can only search from your temple. Of course, we are not suspecting your temple. There might be thieves disguised as your temple's disciples."


Jiang Changsheng had never left the capital since he was young, let alone the Daoist temple. Therefore, he did not know how skilled the disguise techniques of the outside world were.

He answered, "I train in internal arts."

Disciples who had reached the age of six could name themselves and learn the internal cultivation methods of Longqi Temple. Jiang Changsheng pretended to learn them, but in fact, he cultivated the natural cultivation methods of immortal cultivation.

If you could cultivate immortality, why would you cultivate martial arts?

The reason why he mentioned internal arts was because his martial arts were all leg techniques. If the victim died from such martial arts, wouldn't it be too much of a coincidence?

Chen Li asked with a burning gaze, "Rumor has it that the Zhen Qi Scripture of Longqi Guan is unparalleled in the martial arts world. When His Majesty the Emperor's dragon might was still weak, Daoist Qingxu used his Zhen Qi to save His Majesty in times of crisis. Once his Zhen Qi is activated, his eyes will become exceptionally bright like pearls in the night. Little Daoist, you have trained for several years, so you should have already started. I wonder if you can show me?"

Second Senior Brother Meng Qiuhe smiled and said, "This junior brother of mine is extremely talented. Naturally, he has begun to train his internal arts. Perhaps he might even be proficient in it. Changsheng, show them."

Jiang Changsheng was embarrassed.

He did not train in the Zhen Qi Scripture at all. After all, Daoist Priest Qing Xu did not know how to check the condition of his disciples.

The Zhen Qi Scripture had special effects?

Why didn't he know?

Jiang Changsheng began to brainstorm.

When they heard Meng Qiuhe's words, the disciples outside the hall discussed among themselves. To be praised by Second Senior Brother, could it be that Jiang Changsheng was really a martial arts prodigy?

Under everyone's gaze, Jiang Changsheng could only confess. "I'm sorry, I'm not practicing the Zhen Qi Scripture. I like to create my own martial arts. Right now, my internal arts are still being explored. As for martial arts…"

Chen Li interrupted, "Coincidentally, you cultivate footwork, right?"

Jiang Changsheng was stunned and looked at Chen Li in surprise.

Chen Li bent down and lifted the white cloth. He saw that the victim was a young and strong man with a jade ring on his finger. This meant that it was not a robbery, but an intentional murder.

Chen Li pulled open his chest and his sternum collapsed. His injuries were narrow, as if someone had stepped on him.

Was it that coincidental?

Jiang Changsheng finally realized that he had suffered. After six years of peace, bad luck had come.

The deceased involved officials. Once he was arrested and Daoist Priest Qing Xu could not protect him, it would be troublesome.

When Daoist Qing Xu saved him, those thieves had also seen Daoist Qing Xu's appearance, which meant that they knew where he was staying.

Jiang Changsheng had also heard of their identities during the period when he was abducted by the traitors. There were both civil and military officials, and even the founding fathers were involved. This was a heaven-shocking conspiracy. They must be waiting for Jiang Changsheng to leave the Daoist temple.

This was because as Daoist Qingxu had saved the Emperor Jiang Yuan in the past, he was rewarded by the Emperor for his kindness. Therefore, Longqi Temple was the only martial arts sect in the capital. The government offices were not allowed to investigate them, and the army was not allowed to enter their compound.

"Little Daoist, why aren't you saying anything? Could it be that the murderer is you?" Chen Li stared at Jiang Changsheng with a burning gaze.

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