Book cover of “My Dragon System“ by JKSManga

My Dragon System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: JKSManga
  • Uploaded by user852754
Sen, the last and most powerful dragon, roamed the skies, leaving chaos and destruction in his wake. With all hope seemingly lost, humanity turned to their last resort—a powerful witch. Unable to destroy Sen, the witch used the last of her power to cast a transformative spell. Sen was not defeated, but he was reborn as a human, the very beings he o... 

A New Life

I never thought the humans would be able to do it, but it seems like they have finally succeeded in defeating me.

Me…the one and only Great Dragon Sen.

They tried and tried again and after 1000 years, they finally succeeded.

That witch…who was she?

Was there always someone that powerful among them?

I couldn't remember the exact details of the events that happened before my death. I guess it's the old age. I remember the humans were always out to get me. Whenever I would find a place to call home, humans would come and attack for no reason.

They chased and chased my kind.

They killed my friends, my family, everyone I loved until I was the only one left. With nothing and no one left, I could only return the favour.

An eye for an eye as the humans would say. I heard a human shout that phrase at me as he was attacking me one time.

But it's over now. I can finally rest in peace.

As I was finally coming to terms with my death, I started to hear strange noises entering my head.

"It's a boy, a beautiful baby boy!"

I wanted to shout at whoever was ruining my final moments of rest.

What happened? Wasn't I meant to finally move on?

"Look at him. He's so cute!"

Cute?! Who would dare call Sen the almighty dragon cute?

I tried to take a look at the fools who would be taking their last breaths.

As I finally found the strength to open my eyes, two blurry figures started to come into my view. Slowly my blurry vision started to clear. At last I was able to see in front of me.

It was a human. A female human, I started to examine her closely as I had never seen a human this close before. She had long black hair with an egg-shaped face. Under her eyes were two huge black bags, but even though she looked tired she couldn't help but smile. The thing that shocked me the most was how gigantic this woman was.

Was this hell? Was I being tortured by giant humans for all those I had killed?

Whoever this human was, she wasn't ordinary, I had to escape. I used all my strength and tried to fly away.

Even if they are gigantic, they could never get me in the sky.

When I tried to fly, nothing happened. Then I realised I couldn't even feel my wings.

My back...they're gone! What happened to my wings? I slowly started to look down at my body and could see I was right…this was hell.

I was a human baby.

Next to the woman was a man just staring at me like I was a piece of meat. These vicious humans…

"Look at him squirming. Can I hold him?"

The woman began to pass me on to the man next to her. I tried my best to resist but I couldn't control my body. Every command I gave to my body just didn't seem to work. I tried shouting in protest but all that came out was sound of crying.

As the man held me in his hands, I stopped trying to shout. The crying in the room had stopped. Even though I had no control over my body, I could at least decide when I could make noise or not.

"Oh, he stopped crying. I think he likes his daddy"

The man was staring at me with a creepy smile.

If only I could fight back.

Wait a moment…wasn't this the perfect opportunity? I had a second chance. The chance to complete what I couldn't do before. Just like they had done to my race, now I had the chance to do the same to theirs. I could get my revenge and kill all humans.

"Ga, ga ga ga"

"Look at his cute laugh. He seems to be in a good mood now"

This stupid man. I will have my revenge with you first. I tried to focus all my energy into my mouth and tongue. I slowly gathered the saliva in my mouth waiting for it to build up. It was working…I could feel the bubbles building up in my mouth.

"What's wrong with him? It looks like he's about to be sick."

As the man got closer to my face, I knew this was my chance! I opened my mouth and expelled the liquid from my mouth as hard and as far as I could. The spit flew the short distance and landed right on his face. The man flinched and quickly gave me back to the woman.

"Yuck. I think he did that on purpose!"

"Ga, ga, ga" I started to laugh at the pathetic human.

The woman smiled.

"Looks like you're going to grow up to be a troublemaker."

I started to feel tired. Was all the energy I had consumed trying to control my mouth? Hadn't I just woken up? I tried to fight off the drowsiness but had no success. It was as if someone had put a spell on me. This weak human body…

Welcome to RIAH, This story updates Daily and has a slow start so I hope you stick with it. Really starts to pick up after first Ark

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