Book cover of “My Ex-Husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce“ by The Ideal Belly

My Ex-Husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: The Ideal Belly
  • Uploaded by user145957
Bai Ran's heart was a fragile porcelain vase that had been meticulously repaired too many times. Her secret marriage to Chen Chen had been filled with silent sacrifices and unspoken words, all for a love that remained one-sided. When Chen Chen handed her the divorce papers, asking her to pretend she had moved on to make his lover Hu Wan happy, Bai ... 

Wet in the Kitchen


A piece of paper was suddenly thrown in front of Bai Ran. On the paper wrote five large words, "Divorce Agreement."

Bai Ran lowered her eyes to hide the sadness in them. Then, she smiled faintly and gently took the divorce agreement.

Despite being married for two years, they had lived as strangers.

Sure enough, this day had arrived. When she saw the media take photos of him and that woman entering the bridal shop together, she had been mentally prepared.

However, when she really saw this piece of paper, an indescribable sadness surged in her heart.

No matter how well she pretended, her trembling hands still betrayed her.

Thinking back to the day after they registered their marriage, Bai Ran was sent to study abroad by Chen Chen. To the outside world, he said, "I'm helping my wife improve herself."

Of course, Bai Ran knew very well that he was only doing this for that woman.

If not for his mother's serious illness, he probably would not have let her come back. He probably would only let her appear to collect the divorce certificate.

"Why are you in a daze?" Chen Chen frowned. "You don't want to sign it?"

"How could that be? I just don't have a pen." Bai Ran's thoughts were pulled back. She immediately stood up and walked to the desk.

So he was that impatient?

In less than a minute, she returned to her seat and signed her name. Her entire act was done without hesitation.

Seeing how decisive Bai Ran was, Chen Chen suddenly felt a little frustrated. He then said, "I want her to walk the rest of the way happily."

"Yes, I know." Bai Ran's body tightened as her heart sank heavily. He kept saying that it was all because of her, that everything was for her!

But soon, she relaxed again.

So what if her heart hurt? She was just an outsider, wasn't she?

She immediately handed the divorce agreement to Chen Chen. Chen Chen looked at the piece of paper and paused for a moment before saying, "Don't you want to see what's written on it?"

"There's no need to look. There are no assets or interests between us. We just need to register our divorce," Bai Ran said calmly.

"Look again." Chen Chen stuffed the divorce agreement back into Bai Ran's hands. "Tell me whatever else you want!"

Bai Ran glanced at it gently.

He had even given his car, house, and savings in the divorce agreement.

Hehe, what a great gift!

A trace of bitterness flashed across Bai Ran's eyes as she said calmly, "You've already given me a lot. Also, without your help, my mother might not have lasted until now. Thank you for everything."

Hearing his polite and distant tone, Chen Chen suddenly felt a little crazy for some reason.

He casually tossed the agreement aside and calmed his mind.

Bai Ran looked at his hand and a light flashed in her eyes. Why didn't he sign it immediately? Perhaps…

The next second, Chen Chen's cold voice was heard. "Since you want to thank me, help me do something."

Her fantasy was instantly shattered. Bai Ran laughed at herself and looked up at him. "Tell me."

"Accompany me to see Hu Wan tomorrow," Chen Chen said.

"Yes, don't worry. I'll tell her that I want to leave because I already have a very good boyfriend," Bai Ran said without hesitation.

Hmm? This made Chen Chen a little confused.

Why was she so smart in such matters… Was there a need?!

However, Chen Chen still sneered. "Since you understand what I mean, it depends on your performance!"

After a pause, Chen Chen's tone softened. "I remember you know how to cook. Go cook something for me."

"Okay," Bai Ran answered obediently.

Bai Ran stood up and walked to the kitchen. After taking a few steps, she couldn't help but turn back to look at Chen Chen.

After not seeing him for two years, his back seemed to have straightened up a little. Bai Ran even had the urge to rush over and hug him.

Bai Ran had loved him silently for so many years. His exquisite face, his incomparable temperament, and everything else had always haunted her dreams.

Now, this dream was broken.

Bai Ran turned around and gently opened the kitchen. When she saw the full set of cutlery, she suddenly felt a little relieved.

Alright, she shall cook his meal for the last time.

Bai Ran opened the fridge and saw that it was filled with meat and vegetables. It was probably prepared by her grandfather for the two of them when he saw that she was back.

Unfortunately, she thought sadly that she wouldn't be able to eat them after today.

Touching the brand new fridge, Bai Ran felt even more stifled.

This marriage had never existed. The two of them had never spent a day together in this big villa. However, this was the life Bai Ran dreamed of.

The image of her returning to see her mother surfaced in her mind again. Her mother was very weak, but she still held her hand tightly. It was difficult for her to speak, but she still felt sorry for her word by word. "Sigh, he really never thought of you. You got married on a whim, but now, you're probably going to marry someone else. But how are you going to live in the future? A good girl wasted her youth just like that. How are you going to find a good family in the future?!"

Bai Ran smiled bitterly. What would happen in the future was not something she would consider now. She was just very sad. From now on, she had nothing to do with Chen Chen.

She sorted out her thoughts and took out some vegetables. Then, she walked to the pool and had just turned on the tap when the tap suddenly fell down, causing water to spray out.

Bai Ran couldn't help but let out a loud cry and hurriedly turned the switch. Unexpectedly, the switch couldn't be turned…

Chen Chen rushed over when he heard the sound. When he came over, he saw that the ground was filled with water, and Bai Ran was drenched.

He quickly ran to the switch and used some strength to finally turn off the tap. However, he was also drenched.

When Bai Ran saw that the water was no longer splashing, she finally heaved a sigh of relief. Her body softened toward the shelf beside him and she took a few deep breaths.

However, she quickly recalled something and quickly shrunk back. She whispered, "Um… I'm sorry. I don't know why I broke this…"

Her wet appearance and careful voice made her look even more pitiful. Chen Chen was stunned for a moment.

However, he quickly came back to his senses and explained coldly, "It's not your fault. Grandpa sent someone to deliver food over during the day and checked the kitchen utensils. He said that this is broken. I'll fix it tomorrow. I forgot to tell you."

"You don't have to cook anymore." Chen Chen frowned and suddenly became serious. "Aren't you going to change? Is it fun to catch a cold?"

"Oh, oh… I'll go right away." Bai Ran quivered at this reprimand and ran out hurriedly.

After a few steps, she ran back and said to him, "Don't you need to change too? I'll find you some clothes."

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