Book cover of “My Family in the Novel?“ by MCPG

My Family in the Novel?

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: MCPG
  • Uploaded by user633913
Not only did I end up transmigrating into the world of a novel I never finished reading, but I also ended up possessing the body of an annoying third-rate villain destined to die in a few months at the hands of the overpowered protagonist. How troublesome. But hey, at least my family is with me. Determined not to meet the same fate as my character ... 

Meet my Dad


Bright rays of sunlight entering through the translucent veils.

The sound of birds chirping.

A bright fresh morning came into view.

Along with this familiar yet unfamiliar ceiling.

I looked around to see if I finally escaped this dream.


I settled down on my bed.

7 days, it's been a whole week since I've repeated this same scenario.

I think it's finally time to accept this situation, no matter how much I think about it somehow, I've transmigrated to the novel {Estelle Academy's Seven Virtues}

A novel that I just recently started reading a world of swords and magic, filled with the thrill of mystery, adventure, romance along with its R-18 content and other cliché genres it was a very popular novel, so I should be happy getting inside this world right?.


'Seriously if you were going to transmigrate me into this novel at least let me finish reading it'.

And of all the characters I just had to become 'Adrian Vulter Tellus', a typical annoying 3rd rate villain who dies just a few months after interacting with the protagonist.

But considering all the crazy annoying shit Adrian did to the Protagonist and the Main Heroine he deserved the ending he got, I mean who in their right mind would provoke a sword master's disciple and try to force himself on a Girl beloved by the spirits.

Seriously Adrian you're not even the Final boss or the evil mastermind, where did you get all that courage from? I know your stupid and all, but based on your memories you did have some common sense.

Adrian was your typical arrogant Noble, he's the strong to the weak and weak to the strong type of guy considering how weak he is, the thought of harming those two would've had never crossed his mind, the only thing he got is his family's name and the minimal support that came from them, he shouldn't even have bothered the protagonist!.

"I'm Fucked".


I sighed again.

"Seriously what did I do to deserve this?".

I looked at the pile of books and paper on the luxurious table right next to my bed, these are all the reading materials that I've started studying 4 days ago, all in preparation for the Estelle Academy entrance exam, I shivered just looking at it again makes me want to puke.

Is it because I just recently graduated College the smell of books and paper pages, makes me feel light headed, seriously is this PTSD?.

Though I've got to thank the Novel and Adrian's memories That I at least am able to understand most of these instructional materials.

'Beginners Introduction to Elemental Magic'.

'The Apothecary's Introduction to Alchemy'.

'Basic Swordsmanship training manual'.

'Beginners Guide on How to summon a spirit'.

'Lumenian Empire's Majestic History Vol1'.

'Lumenian Empire's Majestic History Vol2'.

'Lumenian Empire's Majestic History Vol3'.

'Lumenian Empire's Majestic History Vol4'.

'Introduction to Foreign Languages'.

'The Monarchs of the Continent'.

'Estelle's Wisdom'.

'The Heroes' Journey'.

'Sage Charlotte's Guidance'.

'The Apostles Faith'.

The duke must have realized I had no hope in the practical exams and hopes that I'll at least do well in the written exams, to not be a shame on the family and be the first in history of being the only Tellus who failed to enter Estelle Academy.

Contrary to the Duke's belief Adrian was actually quite smart, well at least in 1 particular subject, that being 'The Heroes' Journey'.

'Haha' I chuckled inwardly as I read and felt the memories of the young Adrian who meticulously studied and secretly bought books involving the hero, 'how cute', I wondered what reaction the young Adrian would've had if he saw his piece of shit future self-right now.

As I was about to approach the books and start my daily routine.

'Clank, clank, clank' a sharp neutral sound produced by pieces of metal sprang, a long metal chain was tied to my feet under my bed.

'Looks like I'm still chained'.

Maybe I shouldn't have tried to escape last time.

It all started a week ago.



"Y Young Master?".

"Who the fuck was that? Wait who are you?".

"Hurry call the healer the young Master's awake!".

"Ohh, young Master thank the Goddess you're awake".

"Young Master can you see my fingers? Please count how many fingers I'm pointing out."

House Tellus of the Telan Dukedom rulers of the west in the Lumenian Empire and Loyal subordinates to the emperor, in fact they were so loyal that each family member was expected to have a place in the imperial court, Imperial Knight, Military, Governance.

Almost all things controlled by Imperial power there were at least a member of House Tellus that was why House Tellus was often called the Emperor's Swords, but in reality, they were more like the Emperor's Dog than swords.

The current head of house Tellus Duke Frederick Tellus along with his 1st son and 2nd daughter, were walking towards a certain room, the heads' personal butler informed him hat his second son Adrian already woke up.

'The Doctor said it will take a week for him to heal after the accident but it seems he's quite resilient is he finally starting to change Afterall these years?' the duke didn't know how to react, he had always thought of Adrian as the family's shame.

'if only he inherited even just a speck of that woman's talent'.

"tch" Aria exclaimed "Looks like that idiot woke up huh?".

"Aria mind your words He's still our brother".

"Your older brother" Liam replied firmly "Furthermore was it not your fault he got into that situation?".

"Huh? It wasn't my fault that idiot suddenly barged in while I was having fun with those guys".

"Those guys, you mean the disguised assassins sent for you?".

"Exactly I was having fun luring those assassins into my room for Goddess' sake, I mean if I was bound to kill those guys anyway might as well have some fun while at it right?" Aria replied while making an unsatisfied expression.

Liam made a disgusted expression towards Aria "so when Adrian saw you doing it with FIVE GUYS all at the same time, was he supposed to do noth….".


The two got startled but immediately replied.


'Tch that maid, even though I told her to cast vital poison on him 'Aria thought.

'That idiot still somehow woke up, even if the healer checked up on him everyday the symptoms of vital poison shouldn't have been discovered especially on an unconscious person'.

Aria looked at Liam 'did this guy?'.

Aria dismissed the thought 'what was I thinking considering how much this guy hates Adrian, he doesn't have any reason to cure or heal Adrian'.

Aria turned towards the duke.

'Perhaps father?'.

'No father might have a sense of responsibility towards his children, but affection is a different matter for him we are nothing more than tools to elevate the family's prestige'.

After arriving to their destination, Frederick entered the room without even bothering to knock after all he was the head and owner of this house everything in this place was his, after seeing their father enter, the two quietly followed.

'Oh well It doesn't really matter now that he's awake'.

"Adrian, it seems you're awake now how are you feeling?".


"Adrian, it seems you're awake now how are you feeling?".

"Y you're Grace!".

The Healer tried to kneel.


"But, your Grace the young master still nee…".

Frederick Didn't bother replying to the healer but the aura he exuded, indicated that he had no time for anything trivial.

After realizing the duke's intention, the healer and the maids immediately fled the room.

'Ahh my head's still tingling' I was still robbing my forehead until someone asked me something I turned around towards the voice.


'WTF? Who is this ridiculously handsome man, Golden Blonde hair that cascaded in waves, shimmering like liquid sunshine, framing his chiseled face with an almost ethereal glow.

His strong jawline and well-defined cheekbones added a sense of rugged elegance to his appearance, giving him an air of timeless charm, that tall height and muscular frame hidden on his classic historical like clothes, and those sharp dignified crimson red eyes, a rare shade that seemed to burn with intensity like those of Elder Vampires, it held a hint of mystery and danger, leaving you both captivated and intrigued'.

'Wait is he a vampire?'

No matter how much I try to analyze him he's just an ordinary human, but a very-very strong Human.

'Hmm interesting'.

And those two at the back why is everyone here so pretty all of a sudden.

'Especially that girl I know your super-hot and all but aren't your clothes a bit to revealing? Did you combine your lingerie and dress together?'.

The girl made eye contact with me and smiled seductively.

'Wait why are you suddenly smiling at me?'.

Her golden blonde hair cascaded like molten sunlight, framing her face with a radiant aura. Each strand seemed to shimmer with a natural glow, enhancing her striking features. Her skin, flawless and sun-kissed, added to her allure.

She wore a daring black dress that left little to the imagination, its fabric clinging sensuously to her curves.

The low neckline showcased her elegant collarbone, and the open back revealed the subtle arch of her spine.

The dress was expertly tailored, accentuating her hourglass figure, and the hemline accentuated her long, shapely legs, her dress perfectly highlighted all of her assets, and just like the man in front of him her crimson red eyes, a rare and enchanting hue that seemed to smolder with intensity.

These captivating eyes held a magnetic quality, drawing people into their depths with their alluring gaze.

They glowed like deep rubies, adding an air of intrigue and seduction to her already striking appearance although she's as beautiful as the man in front of me her aura and the way she dresses gave her a more seductive look, rather than the dignified and noble look this man and the guy behind him exuded.

'But why am I so bothered by the way she dresses? I'm pissed off for some reason'.

'No, for some reason I'm getting pissed just looking at her face, but why though?'


mm it seems I was lost in thought and stared at her a bit too much. I returned my gaze to the man in front of me.

'Oh? This is unusual normally he would cower before fathers' gaze' Liam thought.

"Wait Adrian?"

"Yes, Adrian Vulter Tellus that's your name or are you telling me I forgot the name your mother gave for you"

"No not really, but sir trust me forgetting the name my mother gave me. just the thought of it gives me goosebumps"

'Like literally I don't know what will happen. And what mother might do If that happens, the world might really never see the sun again'.

'Sir?' the duke had a puzzled expression on his face.


"Again, sir what are you talking about? My name's Ian not Adrian"

"It seems there are some problems in your memories for you to only remember the last three letters of your name, memory loss perhaps?"

'Did getting a direct hit from an anti-magic weapon cause his memories to jumble? I did hear from the Healer that his mana circles were disrupted because of the sudden trauma that came from it' the duke thought.

"Wait who are you exactly?"

But his way of speaking right now.

"Duke Frederick of House Tellus, your father"


'What type of leaf did this man inhale to spout such BS?'

"Sorry but my father's face is nowhere near yours"

An unknown pressure suddenly descended in the room.

'Oh, I fucked up'.

My body instantly heated up wai-wait dad why are you getting mad all of a sudden.

"#### ## ### #### ## ####!"

"Hah? Why are you getting so petty all of a sudden you know it's true"

"## ### ###"

Now the temperature in the room begun to rise up.

"Hey stop that, do you want to get these guys killed?"


"What is this?"

The duke Liam and Aria all coughed up blood, something bad was happening, after Adrian talked some nonsense in the air the atmosphere in the room suddenly got tense, the three of them suddenly got slammed on the floor.

It was heavy, it was hard to breathe, everything suddenly got dark, it felt as if they were suddenly thrown into the deepest depth of the ocean, but unlike what you would expect under the ocean, it was hot very hot it felt like every cell on their body was burning, their bodies were starting to get burned a number of burns were continuing to rise up on their skins.

Cough, cough, "father what's going on".

"Father help!"

Duke Frederick tried to manifest his aura to counteract the pressure pressing against his body, but for some reason he couldn't manifest his aura, let alone his sword force, as a sword master, he has faced countless foes exuding monstrous types of auras, auras are typically released to extrude fear and will towards your enemies.

By manifesting and exuding your own aura you can basically counteract the aura released by your enemies removing their will and erasing the fear of death that your body instinctually reacts to, his aura was all he needed to fight against any being on the continent he wouldn't even be afraid of fighting a dragon alone the most powerful creatures on the planet.

If the Emperor orders him to, he would even take his own life without any fear or hesitation, his aura was his greatest ally to overcome any adversaries but that ally right now was gone.

Suddenly everything got quiet not only was everything dark all of a sudden but now its so quiet he could hear his own heartbeat, for some reason he couldn't even hear or see Liam and Aria anymore.

Frederick gritted his teeth and tried to move under the intense pressure blood was oozing out of his mouth, he needed to save his children first before anything else.

tick…. quelchh…. Kkkck

he could hear something moving towards him he wasn't sure what it was, but he could guess it was some kind of grotesque steps.

and then suddenly it stopped right in front of him.

every hair on Frederick's body was standing, his humanly instinct told to never look at the being in front of him, no he could sense it his soul was screaming to get out of this place right now.

"## #### ### ### ## ### ######## ## ####!"

The creature only spoke.

Fredericks ear drums suddenly exploded.



"What is this?" Frederick was convulsing.

he has never experienced this much pain in his life before, the creature only spoke of something but it was much too painful his bloodied mouth was screaming, his mind was screaming, his soul was screaming everything he did was painful he didn't know what to do, he tried to crawl, he tried to run, he tried to hide, but he couldn't escape the pain.

"S ome bo dy p lease m ak e it sstop" Frederick cried while calling for help.

'Pathetic', Frederick thought.

Duke Frederick Tellus Head of the famous Tellus family of the Telan Duchy rulers of the west and the Great General of the Imperial Army and former captain Golden eagle knights of the empire, considered to be the most powerful knight order in the empire, was crying for help.

What else could you call this scene other than.


"SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" Frederick screamed as hard as he could.

After a few more screams of help.

Somebody then touched him, all the pain suddenly disappeared.

"Woah you really did a number on him Dad"

"### # ### #### ####### ## #### ## ###"

"What you know you can't just show yourself to anyone right?"

"# ####"

"A, Adrian?"

"Oh, Hi Sir Frederick I know now isn't exactly the time and place but"

"Meet my dad"

Frederick then looked at the direction Adrian was pointing at.




Frederick Tellus could not recognize the thing he saw, no he couldn't even comprehend or even process it, the important thing was that he saw it and it saw him, and their eyes met.

Frederick screamed then laughed like a


as both his body and soul both did not know how to respond on the current situation.



"Looks like his broken"

"This all your fault dad"

"## #####"

"Yeah, yeah I know"

"Just be careful next time"

Adrian then made a hand gesture, suddenly a block spot appeared in the air.

Suddenly a doll stood out of the black dot, the doll stood about a foot tall, its porcelain face marred with cracks and chipped paint, giving it a nightmarish appearance.

Its glassy, unblinking eyes seemed to follow you wherever you went, filling the room with an eerie sense of watchfulness. The doll's hair, once a delicate shade of golden white curls, was now hung in tangled matted strands that framed its unsettling never ending smile.

The doll then suddenly jumped in front of Adrian, hugging him by the neck.

Adrian hugged back, and carried the little doll into his arms.


"Sis, can I ask for a little favor"


Frederick opened his eyes wide he was standing outside his son's bedroom.

'Why am I here?'

His head started throbbing.

'that's right I'm here to visit Adrian Lucas told me that he recently woke up'

Frederick grabbed hold of the door.

'Right Adrian is just behind this door'

As duke Frederick was about to enter.

His whole body suddenly got tense.

'Why, can't I move?'

'My hand it's shaking?'

His body felt numb for some reason.


Frederick looked behind him he could see Liam suddenly falling to the floor butt first, with visible tears running down his eyes, and Aria who was shaking frantically and having an unsure gaze by the door in front of them.

"W what's wrong with you two?" Frederick slightly stuttered.

The two couldn't answer.

As Frederick finally took courage to open the door.

Aria suddenly spoke.

"Wai-wait, I don't know why but aren't we forgetting something really important?"

"Yes, I believe we did?"

the two spoke at the same time unsure of what they forgot.

The door then suddenly opened.


"Hello father"

"Ye, YES?"

Adrian bowed.

"I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, dear father, for taking the time to visit your son"

"Brother Liam, Aria, you guys even took the time to visit, that's quite surprising?"

"I appreciate you guys for taking the time to visit but, why are you crying and on the floor right now brother Liam?"

The three of them only heard Adrian talk but why was Cold sweat trickling down their spines.

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