Book cover of “My Measurement: The Villain Desires a Satisfying Payback“ by Ted_

My Measurement: The Villain Desires a Satisfying Payback

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ted_
  • Uploaded by user693838
In a world of Measurements, where superpowers are possessed from birth and most are absolute trash, a select few wield extraordinary abilities that draw the attention of numerous secret organizations, all eager to exploit their potential. This world teeters on the brink of disaster, haunted by the shadow of Forbidden Knowledge—truths so dangerous t... 

Chapter 1

Looking down at my test results, I sighed.

The score in front of me read an astonishing "100%".

However, I was not particularly happy, nor was I surprised. After all, it was the same result as the test prior, and it will remain the same for the next one to follow.

Rather than feeling celebratory or proud at this achievement as one ordinarily might, I instead thought that it was an incredibly predictable result.

Most people would've been ecstatic or branded as simply outstanding were they to score a whopping 100% on such a brain-rotting exam like this, but for me, it was simply par for the course.

Only those who didn't expect to score full marks from the beginning would be excited to do so.

Ironically, the level of expectation plays an unexpectedly large role in determining the joy one gains from an achievement, or at least in cases like this where the result is not certain.

If you know you will score well on an exam, then what reason is there to celebrate?

Of course, my high score wasn't a result of excessive studying and hard work, and neither was it because I was especially intelligent in any way; rather, it was a direct result of the ability I was born with.

You see, everyone in this world is born with a 'Measurement' of some kind.

Call it a supernatural power, a gift or whatever.

It can be pretty much anything; from being able to tell precisely how much water is in a cup with but a glance to something ridiculously useless like knowing how many times a person has eaten an apple today or in the past week.

I even recall there being a guy who could 'measure what the winning lottery numbers will be in 6 years' time'. I don't remember his name ever popping up as a winner, though, since the lottery winners always turn out to be someone who just "has good intuition".

Needless to say, there weren't only useless Measurements that existed in the world―Just, the vast majority of them were exactly that.

Indeed, there exist those who are able to impose powerful manipulations on this world, but for one reason or another, though few and far between.

In my case, I possessed what has been called the "Measurement of Truth".

Merely by glimpsing at a question on the paper, the 'truth'―in this case, the answer to the exam question―enters my vision like mystical floating words in the air.

Of course, it is only consensual; if I didn't want to know the answer to the question then I wouldn't receive it, so I only cheat for the questions I don't originally know the answer to.

That's why, even without having to understand or listen to a fraction of the class materials, I can score 100% on any exam.

Being my only friend, I am infinitely grateful for him, and yet simultaneously, I am just that bit lamentful.

This ability trivialised the world. Consequently, I could not escape the mundane shackles of this monotonous and torturous life... Well, that would be a severe exaggeration.

I'm not that bored―just going through the daily motions, is all.

But, when I think back, I'm pretty sure I used to have a lot of fun. Admittedly, though, my memories are rather hazy, so I don't remember how.


To give an example, let's see...

"What's the best word to describe the hyperbole I mentioned?"

Muttering into empty space, I asked no one in particular; before I knew it, a single word appeared in magnificent, golden calligraphy before my eyes.


Yet again, a truth I never could have imagined appeared in the form of a word I had never heard of nor seen in my life.

"Right. So, what does that mean, exactly?"

「A feeling of utter weariness and discontent, usually resulting from satiety, or a lack of occupation, interest, or excitement; boredom」


If you were to ask me, I'd say I don't really feel so intensely about it, but it was an over-exaggeration, after all.

There were limits on what kinds of questions I could ask, but asking simple questions like that wasn't all Truth could do―it even worked for abstract concepts and things I would've normally had no way of knowing about.

For example, something that hasn't happened yet.

"Ah. Am I going to get married?"


My brows furrowed at the two-letter word. The question was a random one that just popped into mind, and I never intended to get married in the first place, but why was it making me feel upset?

If I wanted to, I could get married.

No, I may be young, but something tells me I could've already been married by now.

"Why? Are you saying I can't get married, or that I'll choose not to?"

If this guy was implying that I couldn't get married even if I wanted to, I'd be appalled.

It couldn't possibly be that hard.

「You cannot; there is not enough time」


'No time'...? Does that mean I'm not gonna have the time cause I'll be busy? Or, what, because I won't be alive?



No, which one did you answer yes to?

「The latter; that you will not be alive」

I thought for a moment.

My future was that I am going to die too young to get married.

However, that can't be right.

Unless he means dying of old age before I get married, in which case I would understand.

Of course, in the past I have asked many questions about the future. Still, never once did I think I would die young. And there was a good reason for that.

In fact, this wasn't particularly surprising, but it being this abrupt was suspicious.

It's been a long time. Since this was happening again all of a sudden, I figured something must be up. However, there was only one way to find out if what I had concluded was true.

Opening my mouth, I asked a dreadful question.

One I had asked countless times in the past.

"When am I going to die?"

In the next moment, I felt the blood in my veins run cold.


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