Book cover of “My Sleeping Beauty Husband“ by Lyanna Nichols

My Sleeping Beauty Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lyanna Nichols
  • Uploaded by user154045
Being set up by her father, Cynthia Miller found herself thrust into a situation she never anticipated. To save her family's crumbling reputation and financial stability, she replaced her sister and married a man believed to be in a coma. The night of the wedding, however, brought an unexpected twist—her husband, Alston Smith, awoke from his coma. ... 

Chapter 1 Marry A vegetable

The Smith Family.

Cynthia Miller followed Greg through a dark corridor carefully.

Her new soft clothes, beautiful white skin, and elegant features all seemed to be mismatched with this gloomy villa.

" You are a medical student and should know how to care for patients..."

"But, I'm an obstetrician..."

Cynthia subconsciously argument caught the attention of Greg's eyes. Her voice weakened, and she continued to follow him.

After a while, Greg's footsteps stopped.

Cynthia looked up. There was a big room in front of her. The door was wide open, and it was pitch black inside, Like a beast with its mouth wide open, ready to swallow her whole in an instant.

For some reason, Cynthia felt a little nervous.

Greg's cold voice sounded, "Today is the wedding night of you and the young master. I hope you will take good care of the young master."

"What wedding night?" Asked Cynthia in shock.

Before I could react, I was pushed into the room, and the door behind me slammed shut.

She got flustered and hit the door repeatedly.

"There must be some kind of mistake! It's true that I'm here to take care of your young master, but I never said I would marry him. Cherry Miller is the one who's engaged to him, not me!"

It didn't matter how she explained. The door didn't open, and instead, there was the sound of the door locking.

"Miss Miller, please stop joking. Your father said you agreed to this marriage. If it weren't for the young master's accident, as an illegitimate daughter, you wouldn't have been able to step onto the Smith family's doorstep."

When Cynthia heard these words, her whole body fell like a freezer, and a chill rose from her feet to her head.

She was fooled by Beck Miller! Her own father had set her up.

The Smith family is the most powerful family in Fort, and Alston Smith sat on the top of it. His net worth was over billions and looks handsome as well, but all that was until four months ago.

Alston had a car accident four months ago and was in a coma. The doctor said that he might stay in a vegetative state for the rest of his life if he doesn't wake up soon.

The Miller family was indeed related to the Smith family through an arranged marriage, but it is Miss Cherry Miller, the eldest daughter of the Smith family, who was engaged to Alston and not Cynthia, who's just an illegitimate daughter who was taken in by the Millers ten years ago.

A few days ago, Beck Miller asked her if she could go take care of Alston instead of Cherry Miller. This way she could repay the ten years that she was under the Miller's wings.

Leaving the Miller Family was like a dream to her, so she agreed without much thought.

She didn't expect that this was waiting for her.

Cynthia slowly calmed down after a while.

This was actually not a bad thing. Instead of being forced into marriage by those group of Miller monsters in the future, it is better to use this situation to leave the Miller family formally.

After thinking about it, she looked at her "wedding room." The dim room felt damp and empty. Only the bedside instruments made a ticking sound.

Alston was lying quietly in the bed, only his chest was making weak up and down movements.

Cynthia looked at his thin body and felt pity in her heart.

She saw Alston once from afar. At that time, he was sharp-edged, cold, and oppressive. Who would have thought that he would be in such a state now?

She took a deep breath, went to the bathroom, and filled a basin with hot water from the faucet.

Alston has been lying in bed for four months. To prevent muscle atrophy, he must be massaged and scrubbed every day.

Although the skin under my hands is thin, but the muscles are tight. It doesn't feel like he's been in a vegetative state for four months at all.

After massaging his muscles, Cynthia is going to help him scrub his body.

It was the first time ever that she touched a man's body so directly.

Alston might be in a coma now, but he is still a healthy man.

Cynthia cheeks were reddish, and she pressed down her shyness, hinting to herself again and again, He is just a patient! Just a patient!

She slowly stripped off Alston clothes, and firmly wiped his upper body.

With her eyes closed, her trembling hands slowly reached up to his waistband.

When her fingers touched Alston's tight waistline, preparing to pull his pants down in one breath. Her slender wrist was suddenly grabbed by a powerful hand.

Cynthia was startled, looked up, and was met by a pair of eyes as black as obsidian.

"Who... are you?"

Alston haven spoke for a long time, so his voice was hoarse and deformed. With his face looking excessively thin and pale, Cynthia suddenly thought of vampires living in the deep dark night.

The grip of his hand was strong. The stabbing cold made Cynthia suddenly react.

Alston was suddenly awake!

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