Book cover of “My Werewolf System“ by JKSManga

My Werewolf System

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: JKSManga
  • Uploaded by user149170
What would you do if you woke up one day to these messages? [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] Gary Dem has a secret. Returning to school with a completely new persona, he struggles to hide the truth from those he cares about. His journey has led him deep into the underworld, a shadowy world where gangs rule t... 

An Assassin

Samantha just completed a mission and after sending all the information she gathered from her mission to the agency she works for, she went to her hotel suite to finally relax.

She is an assassin working for a contract killing firm in California. To cover her real identity, she works as a florist but she needs to go on a mission, the assistant she hired manages her florist shop.

Her assistant is unaware of her real identity, except for her colleagues in the contract killing firm no one knows her real identity of being an assassin.

After entering her hotel suite, she removed the black uniform she wears on duty and went to enjoy a long shower.

After a good bath she slouched on the couch and turned on the TV and switched to the news channel where it was being reported that one of the people working for Los Angeles' mayor was found dead in his home and the cause of death is heart attack.

Samantha chuckled at the news and turned it off as her plan worked.

Then she switched on to a cartoon channel and was enjoying the show when she got another call.

It was from her boss and she rolled her eyes as a call from her boss meant there was another mission waiting for her.

"Already another mission?"

"You will love this one"

"Why? It doesn't involve killing anyone?"

Her boss chuckled from the other end, "All our missions include killing, we are assassins"

"Who is the target now?"

"You will get the details soon"




Their phones are specially designed and the calls can never be traced, so on this line they directly talk but if it is ever risky, they talk in code language.

After talking to her boss, Samantha sighed sadly that there literally are no days for her to relax for some time.

She decided to go on a vacation some day and then thought she is anyway going to Hawaii so she will have some fun there.

After watching TV, she slept and the next day she checked out from her suite and flew back to San Diego where she resides in under the disguise of a florist.

Samantha is extremely beautiful and very attractive, when she is on her mission, she looks cold and unapproachable but when she takes up the role of a florist, she turns into a soft, gentle woman who is so sensitive that she would not even harm an insect.

After flying back to San Diego, she went to her small but cute one bedroom flat and changed her attire.

She wore a light pink knee-length dress with full hands, which made her look more charming and delicate, then she went to her florist shop.

Samantha reached on time and fresh flowers were delivered to her which she received and she perfectly arranged them around.

By the time her assistant, Andy reached the shop, everything was already arranged.

"Sam, you just have waited for me, why did you do all the work yourself?" Andy felt guilty that she couldn't help Sam.

Samantha flashed a gentle smile at her, "It's okay, the last two days when I was not here you had to manage everything on your own, this is my thank you to you"

"Why are you always so nice? Are you feeling better after your two days break?"

"Yes, I was really missing mom and dad, this break to visit their graves made me feel better"

"Good to know"

Just then a customer entered their shop, he was a regular so Samantha and Andy already knew him.

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