Book cover of “My Yandere Girlfriend Keeps Messing Up My Life“ by Sietist

My Yandere Girlfriend Keeps Messing Up My Life

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Sietist
  • Uploaded by user266227
Yato Kazuma, a self-proclaimed nobody, prefers to stay under the radar. He values his solitude, finding comfort in the quiet spaces away from the chaos of others. However, there's one thing he craves that disrupts his serene existence—a girlfriend. Despite his aversion to social interactions, the desire for companionship gnaws at him. When Yato fin... 

I wish I had a girlfriend


Can it be?


A love letter!?

Okay, calm down. Breathe...

I was in complete shock after I discovered a letter in a pink envelope with girlish handwriting sat upon my shoes. Cautiously, I checked my surroundings; all clear. Good. With shaking hands I grabbed the letter and opened it, revealing a sheet of paper with a location and date. No way. I must've spoken out loud since the next thing I heard was a voice I was all too familiar with.

"What'cha got there?" Asked Meiwaku curiously peeking over my shoulder.

I sprang away as fast as I could but it didn't stop Meiwaku from reading the room.

"Ooooo you got yourself a love letter! I wonder who it's from? Can't be anyone good looking since they'd be crazy to date you."

"Shut up," I snapped while stuffing the letter in my pocket. "It's none of your business."

Meiwaku watched me stomp away with a stupidly childish grin glued to his face. Once I was out of sight I took out the letter and read it.

'Please come to the back of the science block after school at 16:00. I want to tell you something.'

My eyes glimmered like a childs when they saw a large lollipop. In my head I imagined all types of girls from tsunderes to petites or maybe even busty. Or it could be Himari from class 3-A, her tits are freaking humongous! As I day dreamed about what girl it could be Irami snuck up behind me and snatched the letter. Immediately I was pulled from heaven to face a girl who thought so high of herself that her ego could double the population. My heart sank as she read the letter. Surprisingly Irami just stood there blushing at the letter without making a remark about how stupid it was. I could see her brow furrow and her face darken. Irami laughed it off nervously.

Then remarked, "ha like you stand a chance at becoming of equal level to a woman kazuma!" She didn't hide the fact both her and her voice shook violently.

"Pfft!" I snatched the letter back and walked off to leave Itami, either extremely flustered or extremely angry, stood awkwardly in the hallway. To be honest, I felt kinda bad, but my brain returned to cute girls.

The morning seemed to drag on for ever until everyone left for lunch.

"So Yato..." Weimaku asked with his mouth full, "any idea who this girl might be?"

"Eat with your mouth closed and no, I haven't." I sighed impatiently.

"Well it looks..... like it's gonna.... be a long day for..... you, ay?" Weimaku said spitting rice on the table.


After a six hour wait the time had finally arrived. I was so excited that I couldn't stop from expressing it out loud. The people around me stared questioningly at me. As students left the main building, I snuck back past the science block then waited for my true love! Okay maybe I'm too excited.

"Hey you there! What are you doing?"

Oh crap! It's the student council vice president, Fuji Takamaru. Don't get me wrong I'm not scared because he's student council, no I'm scared for another reason. Fuji Takamaru is masochist. Yep. See why I'm scared now?

"Oh Yato it's you, my dear friend. I'm so happy that we've met again!" Fuji exclaimed with tears of joy forming in his eyes.

Well that makes one of us.

"It's been what now? Two days? I've been dying to see my best friend!"

Oh did I forget to mention. He's obsessed with me since I treated him like shit the first time we met and humiliated him in front of the school in a fight. I won obviously. Now the pervert thinks he's found the ideal friend. Get lost bug. Shoo.

"Hi Fuji, it's been a while. It's nice to see you again!" I exclaimed half-heartedly.

"Hmm? No 'Go away you pest! I'm busy!' today?" He said slightly discouraged. "Oh well, I'm sure you'll treat me nasty later!"

I want to die!

"What's that you got in your hand?" Suddenly a side to Fuji I've never seen before emerged with a creepy smirk. "Is that a love letter?"

Somebody help me, please!

As if my prayers were answered the council president showed up.

"What are you doing Fuji? You were supposed to take these documents to Mr. Suzuki but you ran out once I mentioned his name." Said a beautiful girl (and might I add busty) who spoke calmly with a tone of demanding.

"H-hey Prez how's it going?" I asked stuttering a little.

When she saw me she dropped the whole mature act.

"Darling!" She exclaimed before holding onto me as I stood there with a blank expression. "Are you happy to see me?"

"Um Prez? Can I have those documents? I want to go see Mr Suzuki now," Fuji asked impatiently.

Without a second thought, the Prez threw the papers at Fuji while shooting him with a filthy glare then re-equipped her smile. For about the 100th time I tried to resist the erges to hug her back since I knew what Prez was like on the inside. In truth, she despised all men apart from me and looked at her fellow woman as mere servants. So you could say that her role as student council president was befitting.

"Oh my what do we have here?"

I froze. This was the only other woman I feared more than Prez. Rio Takanashi.

"Please don't interfere between me and Darling!" Prez shouted before snuggling in once more.

"What b-brings you here Takanashi?" I asked.

"Well actually, that would be you, Dar-ling, " Rio answered.

Suddenly I remembered the letter. Oh crap. This can't be good...

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