Book cover of “My Yandere Wives Are Transcendents“ by AbiLIon

My Yandere Wives Are Transcendents

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: AbiLIon
  • Uploaded by user960533
When an 11-year-old boy wakes up in an unfamiliar world, he quickly realizes he's been transmigrated. Filled with excitement, he declares, "It's my time to show the world who the boss is." Little does he know, his bold actions will spiral into chaos. As he navigates this new realm, strange anomalies unfold. Characters who should be dead are alive, ... 

Hell Yaaahh!

[A/N: Before you start reading, please know that this is pure fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, incidents, etc., in this book are either the product of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book contains references to alcohol consumption, violence using fantasy magic, rape, slavery, gore, and prostitution.]


Almost dawn, inside an ordinary house, a young boy aged around 11 is sleeping on the bed; bedsheets and pillows around him scattered like he was in a nightmare.

"Please don'... help me... somebo....." and then he immediately woke up, his heart racing like he met death. He sweated profusely and breathed heavily.

"...wait, where am I?" he muttered.

Then he analyzed his surroundings, a simple room with a cupboard and window on the right and a bathroom on the left, and an exit door in the left corner.

When he tried to move 'cough, cough'. "That's why I hate alcoh.....aahh my head,...aarrrahhhh" unknown memories fed into his brain, unable to withstand the pain, he fell unconscious.

Chirp, chirp.

Birds chirping sounds could be heard, and he slowly opened his blue pearl eyes, muttering slowly, "I see... so this is the so-called transmigration..."

His lip twitched a little, and then he smiled like a madman, shouting, "Helll.. Yaaahh.."

"I am inside the game, that fucking game 'Slice of Life in Terra world'.. Ohh my god.."

"So this is my second chance. Thank you, whoever did this...'drip, drip'..ohh I shouldn't cry. This is my second chance, and what's more, I am the protagonist."

"Calm down, man, calm down... let's see what he looks like in real life." After slowly moving from the bed, he walked towards the mirror in the bathroom.

"Holy sh.... 'heh ehheeh'...wait for me, girls, yours truly is on the way." He looked at the mirror and saw short glossy golden hair with thin eyebrows, fierce blue eyes, and a triangular-shaped face.

"Well then, let's try to remember what I know," he pondered as he walked back to the bed and sat down.

"This world is called Terra and has four continents which are:

- Sapien Continent (mostly humans)

- Fallen Continent (demons, vampires, demi-humans, etc.)

- Flora Continent (fairies, dwarfs, elves, etc.)

- Iguanas Continent (dragons)"

"And all ocean creatures come under one rule called Atlantis."

"Terra is 10 times the diameter of Earth, so... yeah, the population is also higher... but not that much, I think."

"Terra is created based on our universe, so nothing different other than planet size, and also it has more women than men, like a ratio around 6:1....something like that, but who cares. So..heh...hhheehhhh." He smiled like a pervert and then licked his lips.

"As the title mentioned in the game 'Slice of Life in Terra world,' therefore, there is no demon king that we have to kill or protect the world from an evil god or something. It is just purely a slice of life where we can do whatever we want, like creating a harem of powerful girls or becoming the strongest in existence or becoming a farmer and living a normal life. Everything is possible in this world as long as we have enough resources. I just played the game for capturing girls and fun, so I don't know the full details."

"Ohh...well, who cares about these shit details...'deep exhale'....let's focus on me, /Alexander/ is the same name as on Earth, and he is a commoner and an orphan and worked as a cleaner in my orphanage."

Then a dangerous smile appeared on his face as Alex muttered, "But I know who he was.."

"Looking at myself, I can say about 10 or 11 is my age. Soo....If I am correct, at age 17, we can join the Academy. Therefore, I have 6 years' time..ahh." And so Alex thought about his future.

"Talking about the future, what's my current rank...hmm...ahh..I can't feel my core or my /he/ didn't start /his/ cultivation...hmmm this is troublesome," he pondered, creasing his brows.

"Might as well meet the Pope tomorrow at the temple. All I know is 1-9 Star Heart rank..and ask him again for the awakening test," he thought.

Alex finished his morning routine (brushing, shitting, bathing, eating), and he prepared to meet someone in the temple, which is near the town he is staying.

Wearing a simple shirt and pants, he walked out of the rented house. Upon seeing the outside world for the first time, his blue eyes started to sparkle. He now knows he is going to enjoy his life to the fullest.

He would sure to live his.... Hell Yeah, life!!

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