Book cover of “Mythical Era: I Evolved into a Stellar-Level Beast“ by Encounter Atop The Celestial Mountain

Mythical Era: I Evolved into a Stellar-Level Beast

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Encounter Atop The Celestial Mountain
  • Uploaded by user700696
Above the sky, a kilometer-long giant fish glides over the city, shrugging off missile bombardments. In Australia, a world-destroying python lays waste to cities, devouring millions before slowly retreating under the blast of multiple nuclear bombs. In this perilous world, Jack Clark finds himself with an unexpected companion—a palm-sized hexagonal... 

Chapter 1

"In 2005, on February 19th, a giant beast over a hundred meters tall, resembling a Furious Ape, appeared in the Eastern Capital Suburbs and rampaged through the city."

"After causing hundreds of thousands of casualties, it was besieged and killed by three fleets from the Federal Base."

"During the battle, the military consumed one megaton nuclear bomb, a hundred and fifty cruise missiles, and lost fifteen fighter aircraft..."

"On June 1st, 2005, a three-kilometer-long Giant Beast resembling a whale appeared in the sky above Hangover City, causing widespread panic again."

"Fortunately, the Giant Beast was not aggressive and only lasted for fifteen minutes without causing too much damage."

"During this period, the Giant Beast disappeared after ignoring various Federation missile bombings..."

"On August 3rd, 2005, a kilometer-long Giant Beast, like a Dust Serpent from mythology, appeared in Lar City by the Aohedi Sea, causing massive destruction."

"The incident caused millions of casualties and ultimately ended with the Giant Beast leaving with a light injury."

"In this incident, the military consumed three megaton nuclear bombs, three hundred and twenty other missiles, five warships, and countless ammunition."

"Thus, the New Era began..."

It was the evening of 2055.

In the room, a youth was sitting in front of the computer, looking serious as he carefully read the Mythical Era information he had found online.

After a long while, Jack Clark rubbed his temples with a headache: "What a dangerous world this is."

Having been awake for half a day, Jack had discovered that the history, technology, and civilization of this world were very similar to those of the previous one after sorting out his memories.

But everything took a turn a few decades ago when some Giant Beasts, like those from mythology, descended.

As these Giant Beasts appeared and then vanished, the entire world changed, and Cultivators, who had been lost after the advent of firearms, rose again.

After decades of development, some powerful cultivators could withstand missile bombardments, sink aircraft carriers with their own bodies, tear apart Giant Beasts, and become terrifyingly powerful.

Under such circumstances, cultivation became widespread among various Federation States while researching more advanced technology and weapons.

Of course, these things were not enough to give Jack a headache.

Although it was his first time experiencing resurrection, he quickly accepted these things with his adult mind, even if the world was a bit chaotic.

But the problem was...

At this thought, Jack turned to look at the glass water tank nearby.

More accurately, Jack was looking at a white, ten-centimeter-long salamander with limbs and six pink horns in the tank, lying on a stone.

With economic development and improving living standards, the pet market in this world has become increasingly prosperous and diverse.

Cats and dogs were common, keeping lizards and pythons were normal, and some even liked to keep ants and insects as pets.

For example, Jack's previous self had a rather different hobby - keeping an Amphibious Six-horned Salamander and had even put it in well-decorated crystal glass cabinet.

Of course, that wasn't the main point.

The main point was that Jack now felt he had two bodies.

One as a human sitting in a chair, and the other with the strange sensation of having four claws on the ground and breathing through gills.

However, compared to the control he had over his human body, the smaller body made him feel slightly uncoordinated, so he didn't dare move while lying on the stone.

It was as if a single-core processor suddenly had to handle tasks for a dual-core processor and couldn't keep up with the calculations.

Besides, the sudden appearance of another 'body' left Jack clueless and bewildered.

He didn't know what caused this situation—the reason for his resurrection—or whether the death of the Six-Horned Dragon would affect him.

In addition, what was the use of such a tiny 'body'? It wasn't even enough meat for two bites.

For a moment, Jack sat in the chair, thinking a lot, but... it all seemed useless.

Just then, a boy with a tiger's head pushed open the door and shouted to Jack in front of the computer: "Bro, it's time for dinner."

"Oh, I'm coming." Jack stood up.

In this life, he was a high school junior. Although only a junior, he was already considered an adult by this world's standards. He had a thirteen-year-old brother, and his mother was a low-level manager at a Metal Refining Company.

As for his father, he had reportedly died of illness a long time ago.

He died a normal death with no accidents.

So, there was no chance for a melodramatic plot where Jack and his brother learn the truth about their father's disappearance as a child and avenge him.

Of course, there was also no possibility of reuniting with a father who was actually of noble birth, who left for some special reasons when Jack was a child and returned more than ten years later.When Jack Clark arrived downstairs at the dining room, his brother Glenn Clark had already sat down, and next to him was a gentle and pretty woman in her 40s.

Looking at Jack who had sat down, Doris Raven asked with concern, "How are you feeling now, Jack? Can you go to school tomorrow?"

"I'm fine now."

Doris was relieved, nodded, and said gently, "It's good that you're fine, you really scared us this time."

Unlike his physically strong and athletic brother, Jack Clark has been sickly ever since he was little.

A slight cold would cause fever and flu, more severe disease would be nephritis or pneumonia.

He suddenly had a high fever last night, and by the time he was found in the morning, the temperature already soared to 41 degrees. He got the fever down after being intravenously treated at the clinic for a whole morning.

That situation scared Doris and Glenn, thinking that he might not make it. Even the doctor suggested that he be quickly transferred to a big hospital.

The fact was that he really didn't make it, which led to Jack's awakening. However, nobody knew this except him.

Doris advised, "Remember to take your medicine after dinner."

"Yes, I know."

"And, if you feel uncomfortable anywhere, let's go to the hospital."

"Um." To avoid any accidents, Jack appeared more silent at the dinner table.

But his personality had always been rather introverted and gloomy, so neither Doris nor Glenn Clark noticed anything unusual about him.

After dinner, the patient Jack Clark was sent back to his room. Glenn Clark went out to play with his friends and carried a basketball. Doris was left to clean up the kitchen alone.

When he returned upstairs, Jack Clark was still holding a plate of thawed shrimp meat. This was food for the Six-legged Salamander... no, it should be called 'his' food.

In the fish tank, a ten-centimeter-long, white, Salamander Avatar lifted its head, its sesame-like black eyes gazing at the giant device descending 'from the heavens'.

Due to its poor eyesight and size, the arm extending over the glass tank, as well as the clamp more than 20 centimeters long, appeared colossal in its field of vision.

The clamped shrimp meat was half the size of its head.

Jack Clark controlled the Six-legged Salamander to open its mouth and devoured the shrimp meat.

This feeling of feeding himself was a bit unsettling, so he unconsciously licked his tongue.

Um, the taste seemed not bad. The Salamander Avatar blinked its white little head.

Although the size of the Salamander Avatar is small, its appetite is quite big. It usually needs to eat about one-third of its body's weight before stopping.

But this time...

Jack Clark continuously picked up pieces of torn shrimp meat with the clamp. The fed Salamander Avatar kept opening its mouth to devour the food, like an insatiable black hole, only taking in without giving anything out.

In just a short while, the Six-legged Salamander swallowed food equivalent to its size.

In Jack's perception, the food entered its stomach and quickly vanished due to its terrifying digestive ability.

Meanwhile, as huge amounts of food were swallowed, starting from the Salamander Avatar's stomach, a warm feeling spread throughout the Salamander's body, followed by itching.

The whole body was itching.

The itching made Jack feel uncomfortable, so he unconsciously opened his mouth... gag!

The Salamander's voice sounded like the crying of a child, only very faint, so faint that it was barely noticeable.

Then, right in front of Jack's astonished eyes, the Six-legged Salamander grew visibly in size and reached eleven centimeters in length.

One centimeter might not seem like much, but this growth occurred in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this digestion and growth speed, Jack Clark was not scared; on the contrary, his eyes brightened.

If it was just an ordinary Six-legged Salamander with a size limit of about thirty centimeters, what difference would it make even if Jack could control it with ease? What's the use?

This world is one where nuclear bombs are detonated everywhere and cultivators can sink aircraft carriers with their powers.

But now, it seems like he has seen the light called the future...

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Jack Clark fetched more shrimp meat to thaw from the downstairs refrigerator. As long as the Salamander Avatar's body indicated that it could still eat, he continued feeding.

Soon, the shrimp meat equivalent to the size of the Salamander disappeared again.

It wasn't until this point that Jack felt a faint sense of satiety emanating from the Salamander's body.

Meanwhile, the feeling of growth emerged once again. A warm sensation spread throughout the Salamander Avatar's body with itching following suit. Its body grew measurably with the naked eye.

Then, a row of transparent text appeared before Jack Clark's eyes.

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