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Naked Sword Art

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
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  • Language: English
  • Author: RaLegacy
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Dual Cultivation is an art. The more you focus on performing it, the worse it becomes. Only when it becomes an art in itself can one truly experience its fullness. True understanding comes when you can no longer distinguish the singer from the song, the dancer from the dance, or the Daoist partners from the Dao. This is true enlightenment in the ar... 

Elder Chicken Jiang

"Xiao Fang ~", a girl cried out the most infamous name in the entire Divine Sword sect. Her voice moaned muffled sounds only Xiao Fang could understand.

She was lying flat on her stomach with her sweet dumplings raised encouragingly, pleading for his powerfully erect dragon to continue his exploration into her narrow cave.

Her alluring fragrance permeated the air, and her glistening body continued to sweat joyously. Xiao Fang's fingers struggled to maintain their grip as he sheathed and unsheathed his naked sword into her pink slit savagely. His hands eventually settled on her beautifully shaped plump cheeks that squished against his crotch from every thrust.

She clenched the bed sheets tightly in her hands. Her pretty feet arched as he pressed down on her sexy naked back.

She crossed her legs to narrow her pink cave even further and it nearly made him release his warm milk prematurely. Only a few minutes passed since they started, but she was already reaching her limit.

Xiao Fang pulled her in by the waist, making his naked sword reach deeper and deeper. 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches. He slowly pushed as he prepared to execute his final attack.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

His naked sword stood strong and erect inside her, as it emitted a pleasurable but mysterious aura. She became stiff, tight, and mute. As the technique suggests, she was thrusted into heaven.

Suddenly her yin qi poured and his warm yang qi followed.

Her pink narrow cave squeezed his naked blade, as if she were trying to milk more out of him. Their juices mixed inside of her womb, but eventually dissolved into nourishing energies for their dantians to absorb.

Though yin and yang qi closely resemble a person's squirt and semen, in reality, they are not the same. In order to cultivate as a male dual cultivator, one needs to gather yin energy from a girl's body through sexual pleasure. In return, they will be able to produce yang qi which can significantly benefit women in their cultivation.

For the next few days she will find significant improvements in her cultivation and notice that her body is much more sensitive than it used to be; making it easier for her to satisfy herself and make a breakthrough.




She was exhausted after being pushed to her physical limits continuously, and she was wet everywhere. Her long black hair was matted to her neck, shoulders, and slender back from the exertion. Contrarily, Xiao Fang wasn't sweating at all. The only perspiration on his sculpted physique was hers. He seemed as if he had just woken up from a nice afternoon nap.

Xiao Fang had his hands behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling, seemingly lost in thought. He wanted to improve his technique, but he couldn't get very far with this one.

Some time later, the girl he was just laying with got up and walked to her bathroom to clean up, but before she left she suddenly looked back at Xiao Fang with a seductive look in her eyes.

"Xiao Fang, if you ever need help relieving yourself in the future, you can come ask me anytime", she smiled meaningfully.

Xiao Fang could only smile and nod. He knew she was trying her best to satisfy him. That alone was enough to give him a good impression of her.




Xiao Fang is blind. Even though his eyes aren't there, that doesn't necessarily mean he can't see the world around him. He has a keen sense of hearing. As long as there was a sound, even as quiet as the buzzing of a single bee, he can, like a bat, make a clear image in his mind of the things around him.

He turned 18 years old this year. Because of his young age, he was not considered an official disciple of the sect. Despite not being a disciple, he was still notorious in the sect for crushing countless hearts and wooing countless women. Though no one can deny how great his Naked Sword Art is, they only have hateful words to say about him in their gossips.

Now that he has turned 18 he can finally cultivate his spirit, which means he's qualified to join any sect that is to his liking. Of course, he will still need to pass their entrance exam to become a sect disciple, but confidence in himself is not something Xiao Fang has ever lacked.

Unlike the body cultivators in this sect that struggle arduously for their cultivation, Xiao Fang spends most of his time chasing and bedding women. However, as a dual cultivator, bedding women is his Dao to a stronger spirit.

He doesn't really pay attention to his elders when they talk about the outside world, but he believes the only thing he needs to know is that there are only two types of cultivation:

Body and spirit.




~~~~~~~~~~[ Body Realms ]~~~~~~~~~~~

[ Mortal ]: Start at birth

> Body Foundation (9 stages)

> Body Refinement (9 stages)

> Solid Body (9 stages)

> Profound Body (9 stages)

> Divine Body (9 stages)

> Heavenly Body (9 stages)

~~~~~~~~~~[ Spirit Realms ]~~~~~~~~~~

[ Mortal ]: >18 years old

> Spirit Foundation (9 stages)

> Spirit Refinement (9 stages)

> Spirit Core (9 stages)

> Profound Spirit (9 stages)

> Divine Spirit (9 stages)

> Heavenly Spirit (9 stages)




Xiao Fang's father, this sect's Patriarch, has trained him like a dog ever since he was little. Some say the first day his father learned that he was able to walk was also the first day he began training.

Most body cultivators don't start body cultivating till after the age of 10, because the pain is too much for them to handle. Xiao Fang, however, picked up his sword at the age of 5. Well, he didn't pick it up willingly. His crazy father forced him to.

Most 10 year olds wouldn't even be able to tolerate the pains from body cultivating, but Xiao Fang had no choice but to go through it.

He reached the 1st stage of the body refinement realm at the age of 9 and now, at the age of 18, was already at the 8th stage of the body refinement realm.

Those that feared the patriarch for torturing his son with training, now acknowledged his genius. He created a demon level genius with his own hands.




In the outer reaches of the Divine Sword Sect many teenagers could be seen earnestly training in the training hall.

They weren't disciples, but were recently scouted from the local villages to partake in the Divine Sword Sect's entrance exam next week. If the people in this special group pass the test they will be directly admitted into the sect as inner court disciples. This is unlike the majority of others that would need to first become outer court disciple before becoming inner court disciples.

Many of these teenagers are the cream of the crop. Some of them are already in the body refinement realm. In a sect that specializes in body cultivation, disciples like these were worth sending directly into the inner court.




Today it was Elder Jiang's turn to supervise over this bunch. However, he was mostly only on the look out for one particular boy named Xiao Fang.

He looked up at the heavy clouds covering the moon and felt as though it was an auspicious sign. His anxiety worsened. He had recently broken through to the 8th stage of the solid body realm. Knowing that Xiao Fang had also recently made a breakthrough into the 8th stage of the body refinement realm deepened his worries.

Standing at the entrance of the courtyard was the guy Elder Jiang was keeping watch for. With a blindfold covering his eyes, he feigned a need for assistance from the newly appointed prospects.

His long black hair was tied back into a ponytail, exposing his incredibly handsome face. He has full symmetrical lips with a slight upturn that made him look like he was content, yet eager for more. He stood just over 180 centimeters, and his physique was well defined. Every muscle well proportioned and solid, even for body cultivators, he was impressive, especially for his age.

"Is anyone there, I am blind and it seems that I have lost my way. Can someone direct me back to my living quarters?", the guy spoke with a calm masculine voice that caused most of the young women to turn in his direction. Many even began moving in his direction, their faces slightly flushed, their steps eager with curiosity and anticipation.

'What is that damn kid up to, always making trouble?', thought the Elder.

What a headache, knowing all to well about the reputation he had in this sect, the elder was the first to react.

"Don't be fooled by his words. He is notorious for performing shameful acts on many of the women in this sect. Don't approach him if you value your chastity and public image", he warned the new recruits.

Most of the girls immediately froze upon hearing the Elder's words and quickly went back to training. A few slowly returned but kept looking back still very intrigued by what "shameful acts" actually meant.

"Elder Jiang you are no fun. I suppose I can just play with your daughter again".

"You dare!?!" the Elder shouted with his eyes bulging and veins popping from his neck and forehead. His face was red with anger.

"Ah, I seem to have already forgotten her name, how can that be when I can still clearly remember the shape of her-".

"Utter insolence!!! If I don't beat you to a bloody pulp today I will call you Granddaddy for the rest of my life!".

He charged at Xiao Fang, but before he could reach him he suddenly fell into a trap hole full of honey.

"Ah, there's no need for you to call me Granddaddy, I am not into men anyways". Xiao Fang mocked. He laughed like a madman at his own terrible joke, but that only infuriated Elder Jaing even more.

"Xiao Fang!!!", the elder screamed at the top of his lungs. Now covered in honey, he crawled out of the hole then immediately gave chase to Xiao Fang.

Once the Elder started giving chase again, Xiao Fang threw his fake walking stick at him before fleeing, but the stick was immediately snapped in half with a wave of a sleeve. It was no obstacle to the elder. The new recruits watched with wide eyes. Xiao Fang was notorious for his speed. He ran like a rabbit after its tail had been step on.

Though the speed of a cultivator can be enhanced from cultivation breakthroughs, Xiao Fang's natural ability to run was completely unmatched and one of his strongest qualities.

"Get back here!", the elder screamed as he neared the exit. However, upon exiting the training hall he suddenly fell into another trap hole only this time it was filled with feathers.

At this point the elder hesitated to continue. He yelled out once more in rage, this time, loud enough for the neighboring sects to hear him.

He couldn't return to the training ground looking like an overgrown chicken so he went to the Patriarch's quarters instead to file a complaint. However, because of his appearance, he attracted many laughs along the way.

This is my first time doing something like this so there will be a lot of mistakes for sure. I'm just doing this as a hobby, thanks for going easy on me. :)

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