Book cover of “NTR Prevention: God's Apostle in an NTR Game world“ by Perv3rted_Demon

NTR Prevention: God's Apostle in an NTR Game world

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Perv3rted_Demon
  • Uploaded by user654046
Enter a world where the system rules everything Imagine a world where wealth is the key to unlocking every door, a place where desires are limited only by the size of your wallet. In this dystopian paradise, morality has a price tag, and anything you want can be bought. Have you been accused of a crime? Fear not—just pay enough money, and your reco... 

Start of a New Journey - 1

In a desolate part of the cosmos, where darkness prevails, with no source of light in view, with no stars, galaxies, or planetary system, the only thing that was present here was loneliness and emptiness.

Just then, out of nowhere, a single shard of light popped up and like an exploding star shining brighter than any galaxy, it lit up the entire cosmos.

When you look close enough, you can see that this entity was not a star or supernova, but a human soul that was floating in the eternal void.



[Congratulations host for completing the world quest]

[Completion Rate :- 97%]

As he looked at the screen in front of him, the person was taken aback.

" Wait, What....! "

Spending 20 years on this ridiculous mission, while giving his all, he was not content with just this much.

" Why is it not 100% didn't I complete all the objectives? "

For the past 20 years, he has not taken a break, always working and being prepared for any situation that may come his way. After all he did, he was not willing to accept this result.

[Host shouldn't worry too much, you just had to finish the mission. The completion rate being slightly lower is still acceptable.]

Though she said it that way, the 97% completion rate was already too high.


In a lost world, where everything is going astray, it's an apostle's job to take the world back on the right path.

As for how to do that, well it is pretty simple.

A world that is based on fiction, is formed as a manifestation of people's desire, such worlds are typically meant to follow a plot. There are times when the plot fall apart and the world goes astray, leading to destruction.

As long as the plot can be corrected up to even 85-90%, the world can be saved. As for getting 97% completion, it can be considered crazy difficult.


* Sigh..! *

He took a deep breath and sighed. He had already accomplished his goal, so it didn't matter much whether he achieved 100% or not.

" So, what went wrong? "

[Well, the thing is host....]

" Lizzy, are you going to say it or not? "

The AI was obligated to follow many rules, one of which was to not deceive their host.

So, even though she was reluctant to tell, she couldn't come up with any excuses to avoid him.

[Host failed to assist the protagonist in obtaining the main heroine]

[Although the host was not entirely to blame, system held you accountable for this]

As he heard this, his eyes squinted, and an obscure smile appeared on his face.

With his hands folded, he gazed at the screen.

[Host, Lizzy apologizes, but it's not her fault, it's the system...]

" Huh... It's, Alright "

Though he was was really disappointed that he didn't get 100% completion, but there wasn't really much he could do about it.

" I will get what I want regardless. "

His goal was not to achieve 100%, but to prevent the world from going astray.


* Ding..! *

[Host, the goddess would like to speak to you]

Seeing the goddess requesting her permission, he was honestly surprised.

" Huh..... Do you really need to ask for my permission? "

He was very well aware of the fact that from the movement he came here, he was probably being watched by the goddess.

So asking permission didn't really make any sense

As for why she didn't show up until now, probably to give him some time to settle down.

[That's called being courteous, my dear]

He could believe who was talking about courtesy.

" You sure don't remember courtesy when you eavesdrop on me. "

After all the things she has done with him, she should be the last one to speak of courtesy to him.

[What are you talking about, Ray? It's not eavesdropping, I was just doing my duty]

[As a goddess, I have to keep an eye on my apostle]

Ray had already accepted the fact that this goddess was shameless, so he wasn't even surprised anymore.

' Is it your duty to watch a little kid take a bath and then tease him about his jewels being cute? '

Though he wanted to speak it out, but as embarrassing as these memories were, he knew talking about them would be like throwing himself into a pit of embarrassment.


[Congratulations Ray for making your first mission a great success, but to think that you would accomplish such a difficult mission on your first attempt you truly surprised me.]

Being praised by her, Ray was quite pleased. For him, it was like being praised by a mother, something he has been longing for his entire life.

Even though the goddess was mischievous and possibly cruel, Ray still has a strong attachment to her.

" Thanks "

Although it took him some time to analyze what she said, but when he did, he suddenly had a suspicious look in his face.

" Wait a second, what do you mean by first attempt? "

After a few seconds and seeing that he got no answer, Ray decided to ask again.

" Didn't you say that I only had one chance? "

[ Oh... Did I? ]

[ Why is it that I have no recollection of saying that? ]

" What do you mean, you don't remember, you said I only got one chance? "

"And if I fail, then it's over. "

Even if she hadn't said it directly, but Ray still remembers that she said it was his only chance and if he missed it, he might never be able to see his mother again.

[Now, would I really forsake my beloved Apostle, just because he failed a mission]

[Do I appear that cruel to you, my dear Ray]


[So Ray, have you thought about what your wish is]

Ray clearly knew what he wanted, this was the only reason he chose to take up this mission and become an apostle or he would have chosen to move on to the Samsara cycle and begin a new life.

" I ..."

But even before being able to say anything, he got interrupted.

[Before you start, I want to clarify a couple of things]

[This wish, it's a one time thing]

[You won't be getting it any time soon]

[Sure, I will reward you from time to time, but it won't be like this time, and secondly, as I already said, you cannot return to earth]

[If that's is what you wish for]

It's true, if possible he wished to return to earth when he was a kid, but he was already told that it wasn't possible.

" I know "

" I want to reincarnate as my mother's son again "

" And maybe just make me powerful enough to protect her "

" That's is all I ask for so please.... "

Despite the fact that he technically won her vow, but Ray was still begging before her, it was to this extent that he wanted his wish to be granted.

" Please fulfill my wish "

The Goddess didn't say anything for a moment, but when she finally spoke her response was something Ray never wanted to hear.

[ Sorry I can't ]

Without knowing it, little droplets of red tears like blood started pouring from his eyes.

[ Atleast for now I can not fulfill your wish ]

[ But don't worry didn't I say you will meet her eventually ]

" I.. "

" Is there a reason? Why can't you follow through on my wish. "

[ There is, and I can tell you if you want me to. ]

" Please do "

[ Let's just say that she plays a major role in deciding a world's destiny and if I were to suddenly kill her, that world will most likely meet its end. ]

[Other than that, there's another reason, this life is undoubtedly going to be the most pleasant one she has ever lived, so I figured it would be unfair to take everything from her just because of your wish, Right? ]

" hehehe.... it's good to hear that she is having a happy life "

As creepy as his laugh was, there was no way that he said all this with his heart.

In the back of his head, there was a voice telling him to go kill everyone who was trying to get his mother, she belongs to him and it was impossible for him to allow anyone else to approach her.

But Ray denied that voice, he knew that not only was he not capable of doing it, but doing something like that would certainly hurt his mom.

[ Is there anything else you wish for Ray? ]

" Anything else that I want"

" There is really not much I can think of "

" There are a couple of questions I wanted to ask, if that's okay. "

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