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NTR Sagas

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: SinfulQueen
  • Uploaded by user428296
"Don't worry, dear. I won't let him touch my body even if I am forced to marry him. My love and my body will always be yours only. I am doing this to protect us. Please wait for me till I find a way out of this." "Of course...I will wait for you...I trust you..." This poignant moment captures the profound love between a couple bound by their hearts... 

Marriage Proposal?

"Die, you lowly traitor!"


Lucas was shocked momentarily to see a bloodied head rolling towards him. The head belonged to an old man who still had his eyes open wide with a terrified expression as if his soul had already left his body before he dropped dead.

Lucas gulped and looked ahead to see a tall mesmerizing beauty dressed in white robes with a bloodied longsword in her hand. Her expression seemed extremely cold and stern, with killing intent written all over her face.

However, her sharp and flawless features, her pale white skin, her crescent-shaped brows, and her lovely nose contributed to the noble and elegant charm of her face that could pale even the moon and stars. And to top all that, her seductive blue eyes had the power to make any man feel weak in their knees by just a glance.

But her hourglass figure and her voluptuous breast that seemed to be tightly restrained by her elegant robes made her look quite alluring and seductive enough to make a man feel as if their bones and soul were melting. She indeed had youthful looks without the slightest wrinkles despite her age, but the mature aura she gave off was enough to intoxicate any man, including Lucas, her son.

But her status and power as the Matriarch of the Sacred Sword Sect were enough to deter anybody who dared to mess with her.

And in truth, Lucas was her adoptive son, whom she took in as a baby and raised him with her complete love and care. If there was only one man to whom she would show her smile, it would be Lucas.

Now, Lucas was an 18-year-old young man with a cute, pretty face, gleaming black eyes, and wavy black hair that reached till his shoulders.

Nadia was surprised to see her son suddenly enter the main hall, but the moment she saw Lucas, her expression immediately softened and instead was filled with love while quickly putting away her sword back in her spatial ring.

"Lucas! What brought you here suddenly? Is something wrong?" Nadia asked in a soft melodious voice as she hurried towards him, her big melons jiggling subtly with each step she took.

Her servant, who was standing behind her with a slightly frightened expression, was flabbergasted to see how quickly the matriarch changed her voice and expression the moment she saw her son.

Nadia suddenly remembered that her servant was still in the hall and turned around to sternly order him, "Quick! Take away the body of that filthy dog and burn it away."

"Yes, Matriarch!" The servant nodded hurriedly as he picked up the headless corpse and then picked up the bloodied head near a stupified Lucas before bowing at him and then running out of the main hall. He didn't even dare to look at the Matriarch the entire time he was standing inside the hall.

Lucas saw how eager the servant was to run out of here, and the moment the doors closed, a familiar pleasant fragrance wafted through his nostrils and immediately turned around, only to be slightly flustered since his mother was already standing before him with a gentle smile as she caressed his head.

"Lucas, what happened? You look a bit out of it? Did someone hurt or insult you?" She asked with a slight frown.

Lucas couldn't help but hold in his dark desires, especially since his mother was standing so close to him, and he could clearly see her tantalizing cleavage up close, especially since his head was reaching only till her jaw due to her tall height.

He was only 170cms tall while she was 188cms tall! Because of this, it was a treat to watch her long slender legs whenever she was wearing light transparent clothes.

Since the time he was a teenager, he began to develop forbidden feelings towards her, especially when Nadia had been bathing him in her love and attention.

The best thing was that she was not married other than being married in the past, though her husband died 20 years ago. After that, she had never been with any man and only spent time with him.

Lucas hugged his mother tightly as he said, "It's nothing, mom. I was just a bit surprised by seeing you punish that elder. Is everything alright?"

Nadia lovingly caressed his hair as she said, "Of course, dear. I found out he had been trying to betray our sect by leaking confidential information. This was the only way to punish him. How is your cultivation training going? I promise to help you find the Six Petaled Golden Lotus as soon as possible so that it can fix the qi blockage in your dantian and let you normally cultivate like others."

"It's okay, mom. You don't have to push yourself hard. I know our sect is relatively new and also the fact that you have important sect matters on which you have to use a lot of our resources. There is no need to waste them on me."

"Lucas! How can you belittle yourself like that? You are the only one I love and care about. I will gladly give away my life for you if needed."

"Mom…" Lucas felt moved as he felt his eyes getting warm.

"Besides…I haven't forgotten about what you said yesterday…" Melina's tone suddenly became even softer as her cheeks blushed a little. If someone saw the powerful and frightening Matriarch of the Sacred Sword Sect blushing like a teenage girl, they would wonder if the world was going to end tomorrow.

She could feel that Lucas's dick was completely erect already just because he was hugging her. But she wasn't surprised since this wasn't the first time, especially when she had seen his dick erect before as well, especially when she used to bathe him even after he grew up.

Lucas gulped, hearing her mention something he thought she would never mention again. His love confession!

Yes…it was true that Lucas somehow gathered the guts to confess his forbidden feelings to her yesterday, though he thought it didn't end well, especially when Nadia said that she would pretend as if she didn't hear it.

However, now, her expression seemed as if she probably…loved him romantically as well!

"Mom…are you…" Before Lucas could complete his sentence, Nadia gave a small soft kiss on his lips for a brief second before raising her head, her face flushed red.

"I-I have to go now…I will see you later, Lucas…" Nadia had no idea what came over her as she stormed out of the door like a young maiden in love.

However, Lucas smiled happily as he touched his lips, feeling that his life was finally going to turn out for the better.

Nadia was soon sitting inside the guest room, and opposite her was a handsome young man with noble features that were refined and sharp to the point he seemed as pretty as a flower yet with a charming aura to make any girl swoon over him.

Even his noble golden robes with a blend of silver were elegant and classy as his looks, matching well with his silky brown hair that extended till his shoulders and his light gray eyes that had a certain magnetic charm for anyone who looked into them.

His pose and demeanor, even while sitting, would make one look at him with awe for looking so impressive by just sitting.

However, if anybody outside saw just his side profile, they would immediately kneel on the ground in respect and fear since he was the newly crowned king, Yiman Nu, of the Starsky Kingdom!

This young man commanded the most power in this kingdom, especially considering the royal army he had behind him who could even decimate expert cultivators as if they were mere pieces of logs.

The man's charming eyes were fixated on the otherworldly beauty sitting before him, still feeling mesmerized by such a beauty while wondering if she was a goddess in disguise.

However, he did not blatantly let his gaze roam all over her body out of concern that he might make her uncomfortable.

"So, Nadia, have you come to a decision yet? I can only hold off the Soulstar Kingdom for so long before things escalate, and we all would be in trouble. I just want to know if you understand how important it is for you to decide about the marriage alliance between us. Once you become my wife, then the Soulstar Kingdom won't be able to touch you since you will be part of my royal family and no longer tied to the Soulstar Kingdom. They would lose their only reason to catch you," Yiman explained in a calm and gentle fashion as he put down the cup of tea in his hand.

However, his brows slightly creased when he didn't get any response and saw that Nadia had a glazed expression as if she was busy thinking about something else.

"Nadia? Did you listen to what I said now?" Yiman asked with a calm smile, though his fingers were pressing onto each other restlessly.

"Huh.." Nadia's eyes regained their focus as she came out of her heavy thoughts that were drowning her mind since yesterday, especially after her adoptive son, whom she had raised since he was a baby, confessed his feelings to her.

She didn't even have the courage to see his face this morning despite wanting to see him at least once and talk to him about what was wrong.

In fact, she realized the severity of the kiss she gave him today morning only after a while.

She was worried if she might have corrupted his pure and innocent mind or maybe filled his head with forbidden thoughts.

And all these worries only just added to the worries she already had regarding the Soulstar Kingdom waiting to execute her and her son the moment they caught her. They were after them since her late husband was considered a traitor of the Soulstar Kingdom and thus they wouldn't rest till they eradicate his family as well which was none other than her and her son.

All of these worries put off her mood and were severely draining her mind, and the only solution to save herself and her son was the man sitting before her, proposing to marry her and save her from the Soulstar Kingdom.

But it never seemed like a solution to her but just another prison, and she would have immediately refused if not for the fact that she had her son to protect. She was indeed a very powerful cultivator and could even run away on her own and hide from the Soulstar Kingdom forever. However, she felt that her son would never survive leading a life like that, and something unthinkable might happen to him.

Still, her heart was feeling uneasy, and she couldn't just agree to the king's offer immediately and had been stalling for a few weeks.

And now, she realized that she had feelings for Lucas the entire time without her realizing it. So now, she was even more repulsed by the idea of marrying Yiman. Still, she knew she won't be able to stall for more time since she could see Yiman was running out of patience.

So she looked at him and said, "Okay. I will come to your palace tomorrow to talk about it."

Yiman's eyes shone in excitement upon seeing that this mature beauty finally had to give in.


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As warned, this novel will have heavy NTR content and slow-burn satisfying corruption. So only those who are okay with these should read it.

Having interest in NTR stories doesn't mean one is a cuckold but it could just be a fetish or an itch someone needs to satisfy. And one might either self-insert or read this from the perspective of the antagonist. So feeling cuckolded or not is up to the reader.

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