Book cover of “On Your Knees, Alpha Chase! Books 1&2“ by ELFRIDA OBADA

On Your Knees, Alpha Chase! Books 1&2

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
Lavana's pack gets destroyed by Alpha Blake, the enemy takes her as a trophy, and, as if that wasn't enough, she finds out that the enemy's son, Chase, is her mate. After being treated as garbage and rejected by her mate for simply being an Omega, she decides to flee. Years of challenges turn her into a powerful woman desired by every Alpha. But s... 

Book 1. Chapter 1

“How dare you insult my sister? Do you have a death wish? You child of a bitch!”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Three loud slaps hit a smallish, skinny, tanned, black-haired girl. She fell to the floor from the impact and quickly knelt, despite the stinging pain she felt.

“I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. Please forgive me. I’ll never do that again.” she begged with her face to the ground.

Her clothes were ragged and faded. Her hair was tangled with dirt in it and covered her face.

Her whole body was covered in cuts and bruises. Some scars that had barely healed from last night’s beatings had been reopened.

How painful were they?

She hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon and now it was almost evening. She was already super weak before taking this beating.

“Please have mercy on me. I was stupid. Please, have mercy!” she cried in a hoarse voice.

The person who beat her was the Gamma’s son, William Woods.

He was just one of the many pack members that beat her up either for fun or to relieve stress. She is a punching bag to them. Some just used lame excuses to hit her.

She could not resist. She had nowhere to go and wouldn’t survive outside the pack, as she’d become a rogue.

She has been here for as long as she can remember. She isn’t a member of this pack. How did she get here then?

Let me tell you a little history.


“Lavana, hun! Come, get your food.” a brown-haired woman called out from inside the kitchen.

“Yes, mama!” a little girl of around 4 with black hair tied into two small ponytails, as her hair was short, ran into the kitchen and hugged her mum’s left leg.

“I can’t wait to eat your food. It smells so good.” the little one said.

“Hmmn! I’m not sure you like it. My princess must be pretending.” teased the mother.

“No, no, no! I’m dead serious, mama. Let me show you my sincerity.” the little one stopped hugging her thigh and retreated 7 ft away from the mom.

“Watch this lady!” she said and started dancing.

“Whoa! Mama sees your sincerity. Come, let me hug the princess.” the mum squatted and spread her arms.

Lavana ran straight into her arms and placed her small hands around her mom’s neck.

“I love you, mummy!” she giggled.

“Yeah, my Lavana loves me best.”

Suddenly, there were sounds of shooting along with howls.

A yell was heard.

“Warriors, the pack is under attack.”

The mom trembled in her heart but tried not to let the girl see her worried.

“Mommy, is there trouble?” Lavana asked.

“Not a big one. Just some flies. Don’t worry, daddy and the other strong warriors will drive them away from here. It will be a piece of cake. Now, why don’t you hide in the secret room while mommy goes to watch the battle? I promise you, I’ll gist you all the interesting parts.” the mom said.

“Okay, mummy.” the girl broke the hug and her mum gave her the food.

“You’ll have to eat it in there and here... you can play games on my phone to kill time. What do you think?”

“Mum, I’ll play Candy Crush and then Princess dress up.”

“Alright! Anything you wanna play, you can.”

“Can I dance too?”

“Yup. But make sure the music isn’t loud.” her mum cautioned.

“Okay mummy.” the little one nodded and her mum pecked her forehead.

“Let’s go!”


After hiding the little one in the secret room underground, the mom braced herself to go out of the home.

“Brandon, my love, I’m sorry, but I can’t leave you out there all alone. I’ll have to disobey you this time,” she said as her eyes turned grey.

She transformed into a black wolf and ran outside.

She saw that their side was on the losing side. Her husband had been killed along with the others. Only a few were still fighting but they were injured badly.

She shed a tear and her eyes turned red.

“I might as well take you down with me.” she rushed at the intruders and started killing many of them. But one of them was able to bite her neck.

She fell to the ground and transformed back to human. Her hair covered her face.

She looked at the intruders who had also returned to their human form.

“You won’t get away with this, Alpha Blake. The retribution will come to you. I swear.” she yelled.

“Shut her mouth. The air isn’t fresh anymore.” said a bulky man with red hair and green eyes.

“Yes Alpha!” one of the surviving intruders, the winning Alpha’s subordinate, replied.

He walked towards the lady who started retreating.

“You are one pathetic, weak pack. We asked you to give us some of your land and you’ll get money in return. But you claim it’s your ancestral land. Can’t be given up, right? Now, look at you. Only 7 of you are left. And even so, none of you will live to see tomorrow. This could have been avoided. It’s quite a shame that many morons abound on earth.” the Alpha said with fake pity in his eyes.

“You won’t get away with this. You won’t!” she screamed and tried to transform, to no avail. The bite wound on her neck hadn’t healed yet.

“Stop struggling, woman.” the intruder Alpha’s subordinate said and held her by the throat. She was struggling but eventually gave up when she couldn’t take it anymore.

The Alpha’s subordinate also killed the other 6 warriors who could barely stand.

“Congratulations, this land is now yours.” the subordinate knelt and bowed along with the other 50 warriors.

“Congratulations, Alpha!” they chorused.

“Alpha Blake smiled and told them to rise.

“Clean this place up. Next week, we are moving some pups here.”

“Aye, Alpha!” the subordinates chorused again.

“Alpha, there is this one who had been hiding.” a new voice was heard.

It was Alpha Blake’s Beta, Lucas Syner who had blonde hair.

He was dragging a girl who was crying and struggling to get away from him to no avail.

“Let me go! Let me go, you bad man.” she cried.

“Bring her to me.” Alpha Blake commented.

The Beta tossed Lavana to the Alpha’s feet.

He then scanned her with his eyes which had turned red.

“She is an omega!” he announced. “Let’s keep her as our trophy. She will be a slave and punching bag to our pack. This is a tiny compensation for losing our beloved warriors.” he said and kicked the child in the stomach.

She flew from the impact and fell among the corpses of her pack members.

She started crying bitterly.

“Mummy... where are you? Come, save me... mommy!” she cried as she spat out blood.

She looked at the dead bodies and found her dad and her mom dead and separated from each other.

“No!” she cried.

At that moment, the Beta was coming towards her and she started retreating.

She saw her playmate, Austin Cararner, the Gamma’s son who had promised to marry her jokingly yesterday. He was dead too. Just like the others. She’s the only one alive. No, she didn’t want to die in their hands. She wanted to live so she can take revenge.

“Hun, if you keep retreating, I’ll have no choice but to end you,” Lucas said.

“Get away from me. You are evil. You killed my parents. You killed Austin. I hate you. I hate you all.” she yelled and managed to stand up.

“One day, I’ll avenge my pack,” she swore to herself and started running with all her might.

Lucas easily caught her back to the Alpha who gave her a tight slap, causing her to spit out blood and 3 teeth.

“Let me go...” the Alpha slapped her again.

“This is the kind of life you will live until you expire, kiddo. Tie her up and take her back to the pack. The rest of you, clean up this mess!” he ordered, and they bowed.

“Yes, Alpha!” they chorused, and Alpha Blake left the scene.

Lavana watched him leave and cried.

She looked back at her dead pack members. Her mum and her dad couldn’t even touch each other in their death. Austin and his mum died too. She was the only one left...

She will be beaten in the new pack she will be taken to. She will be a slave... how did life turn out like this.

Some minutes ago, she was playing games and then danced to music from her mom’s earphones. She was having a blast with the food made by her mum too. Who knew that would be the last time she knew happiness?

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