Book cover of “Perverted Daddy System“ by PinkCulture

Perverted Daddy System

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: PinkCulture
  • Uploaded by user307581
“What the fuck? What is going on? Have I completely lost it?” In a panic, I stare at the white dot on my screen, unsure of what to do. Suddenly, the dot vanishes, replaced by a line of text [Installing files. 1% done…] As I watch in stunned silence, the percentage ticks upward. […2%...3%...4%...] Moving to the living room like a zombie, I collapse ... 

Chapter 1 – A pervert gets rich

I wake up and stretch in my comfy bed. I grab my phone from under the pillow and check the time; 6 am. Time to wash up and make coffee, I don't want to miss the show. I stand up and head to the bathroom, mulling along the way about the vagaries of fate. Who would have thought that a single act of boredom would change my life so much…

My name is Ben, I am a 35 years old bachelor with no living family who enjoys his daily routine of doing… nothing?


Until five years ago I was a junior IT consultant in a big accounting firm. That meant that I would spend 12 hours every day in front of a screen fixing the mess that the rest of the employees created. You know what I mean. Ooh, Ben, something happened and my pc ate my spreadsheet. Ooh, Ben, my computer does not work… yes, of course I turned on the scr… erm, sorry, I got a call, I must go….

After 12 hours of this kind of crap every day, I would usually walk around aimlessly for a bit before heading home. I was never the social type, so I had no friends to bother me. As for girlfriends… pfft.

Anyway, there I was, bored, walking casually and checking the various storefronts, when on a whim, for the first time in my life, I decided to buy a lottery ticket. Imagine my surprise then, when the next Friday I checked the winning numbers and realized that I won 60 million!!! After various tax deductions, I had a little less than 35 million available!!!

I immediately quit my job and started planning what I would do. I was never one to care for traveling, so spending my life touring the world held no appeal to me. What did have such an appeal though, was to own my own damn building! Noisy neighbors, bossy landlords, nope… not anymore. So, after searching for a while, I moved to another town where nobody knew me, and after buying a nice piece of land, I started building a 12 units apartment complex. It took a year and a half to finish and another six months to "modify" it. How do you modify a newly built building, you might ask…

You see, here is the thing:

Remember when I talked about girlfriends earlier? Well, the reason that I have none is that my tastes are quite peculiar. I tend to prefer girls that belong to the younger spectrum. And by younger, I mean between 18 and 19. Now, this is completely legal, as the age of consent is set at 16 in my country, but it is nonetheless frowned upon. In theory, they can't arrest you, but sure as hell they will try to convince the girl that you date-raped her or some shit like that. In any case, you get labeled a pervert and that's all she wrote.

Thus, now that I am given the ability, I decided to go all out and play out my fantasies. The modifications I spoke about? the whole building is wired for sound and video, with ultra-high-definition hidden cameras capable of working in zero light. The signal is moved through fiber optics hidden in the walls; a whole network completely independent from the one accessible by my tenants. This way, even if I can't touch, at least I can watch!

After another six months of careful screening, nine of the eleven available apartments were gradually rented. I personally interviewed the aspirant tenants and accepted only those that had family members in my strike zone, the more the better. To ensure that they would agree, I even sought ways to offer special discounts so as to make the apartments more appealing. For example, in one unit lives a thirty-year-old single mom with an eighteen-year-old daughter. I spewed a lie that I grew up alone with my mom as well and so I can sympathize with the difficulties she is facing, and offered her a 30% discount on the rent, no deposit, and the possibility to owe up to two months without issues if she faces a tough period. Of course, the woman was ecstatic, especially since I made sure to build the complex in an area that is quite close to four different schools. Another such case is a couple with 3 daughters, all in my strike zone, and so on.

So, finally, after almost three years, I have nine full apartments with 14 girls to fap on!!

Back to the now, after washing up I make a cup of coffee and move to my den.

My 'den' is a hidden room that is not shown in the building plans. After entering through a door camouflaged by fake paneling, I find myself in a windowless office that houses only a comfy chair, a desk with a computer, and a wall full of screens with a 60-inches one in the center. I sink in the chair, tap a series of commands on the keyboard and then sit back and sip my coffee, while the screens in front of me change to show me the girls' bathrooms and bedrooms. My eyes happily hop from screen to screen, following the girls' morning ablutions and subsequent dress-up. Hmm, today let's go with you! I tap a command on the keyboard, and one of the bathroom feeds is passed to the main screen. Happily ogling the girl's body while she showers, I bring the box of paper tissues close and start my morning "exercise" …

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