Book cover of “Pregnant with Enemy Alpha's Baby“ by ACEE

Pregnant with Enemy Alpha's Baby

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: ACEE
  • Uploaded by user211860
I got drunk during the Annual Alpha Conference and accidentally slept with Anton, the Alpha of the rivaling clan! I managed to sneak out of the hotel so that I wouldn't embarrass the pack. I told no one other than my younger sister, although I did not mention who he was. Three weeks later, I reached adulthood and was about to take over as the pack'... 

One-Night Stand

When I woke up again, I looked at my surroundings and felt as if whatever happened last night happened eons ago.

The sunlight from outside the window pierced my eyes. I didn't avoid it because I couldn't move my eyes away from the unfamiliar environment. A trace of panic began to rise in my heart.

I looked around again and again, trying to figure out where I was, but I had no memory of the place.

I hit my head hard, trying to make it remember even just a little bit of memory about this place. But the pain from the hangover continued to fog up my brain. I began to regret drinking so much alcohol. My brain was so muddled that it felt like it had been washed away by the drink, making me feel very powerless.

Just as I was about to get up and wash my face to wake myself up, I suddenly felt a pair of heavy hands pressing down on my body. Furthermore, it was on my naked waist.

Sure enough, alcohol slowed people's thinking.

It was most likely because the blanket had covered him from head to toe that I only realized now that there was someone lying beside me.

I wanted to pull the blanket away, but I suddenly lost the courage because I felt an embarrassing discomfort coming from my private part. This seemed to constantly remind me of what had happened.

I took a deep breath and stopped myself from deceiving myself. I forced myself to accept reality, to accept the fact that the chastity I had protected for so many years had been taken over by a strange man under my blanket.

I lifted the blanket in one breath and when I really saw the person under it, my hands began to tremble uncontrollably. Fear quickly rose from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. I couldn't help but want to scream. Fortunately, the calmness that I was taught since I was young prevented me from doing anything that crossed the line.

I knew this man and he was no ordinary man. He was the famous Alpha from Dark Night Pack, Anton. His pack was very prominent and he owned half the city.

I, on the other hand, am the eldest daughter and only heir of Bright Moon Pack's Alpha. Dark Night Pack and Bright Moon Pack have always been hostile towards each other. They are Father's biggest competitors.

I had no memory of last night's madness, and no matter how much I tried to imagine the best-case scenario, my current reality was the worst - I had to give myself to the man my father hated the most. I was really a b*stard.

And I couldn't imagine what kind of state this man would be in when he woke up and saw me. I wasn't even sure if he had already known that the one sleeping with him was the daughter of Bright Moon Pack's Alpha. If that's the case, I wonder if he would kill me to humiliate my father.

I looked at the man on the bed. He had an almost illusionary handsomeness. His forehead was wet with sweat and a few locks of his hair were obediently sticking to his wheat-colored cheeks. His eyebrows were black as ink, his nose was high, and his lips looked so sexy. He was sleeping, and yet he still exuded a cold and arrogant sense of dominance.

I was forced to look away, but his slender figure and straight back made my breathing a little heavy. His chest rose and fell close to me. My eyes felt like torches, and I was starting to feel a little hot. Just the sight of his chest made me heat up, and as my eyes wandered downwards...

My phone started to vibrate and I felt as if I had just woken up from a dream. I quickly dispelled the distracting thoughts as I started to fear accidentally waking the person beside me. I endured the discomfort in my lower body and almost jumped to pick up the phone on the floor.

And that was when I knew I would be facing one of the scariest moments in my life. My father was calling me.

"Hello," said he.

I tried to be careful as I spoke, but I found myself imperceptibly mumbling even a simple sentence.

"I didn't see you after the party last night. Where are you?"

I finally remembered that I attended the Annual Alpha Conference with my father last night. I quickly got up and ran to the window to confirm my location. Based on the familiar scene outside, I should be in the hotel attached to the conference venue. With a sigh of relief, I realized that only the room was unfamiliar.

My father must be furious right now and I was afraid that I would accidentally touch his bottom line. After organizing my words for a long time, I slowly said, "I'm sorry, Father. I drank too much yesterday and fell asleep in the hotel where the party was held. I'm with Kans right now. "

I tried my best to make my tone sound normal. Kans was my childhood friend and my father had always trusted him, so I often used him as a cover.

"Come back quickly. The pack meeting is about to start. As the successor of Bright Moon Pack, you will bear the consequences if you are late."


My father had always been strict, but now I could tell that he was angry now based on his tone. He hung up the phone without waiting for my reply.

Fortunately, he didn't notice anything. But when I thought about how I would still have to face Father's strict interrogation, I couldn't help but feel afraid.

Looking at my watch, there was less than an hour before the meeting started. And I obviously couldn't attend it with my current appearance. When I looked into the mirror, I realized that there were still remnants of the makeup that my sister had meticulously helped me put on for the party last night. My entire face was covered in colorful eye shadow, making it impossible for others to see my true appearance. Fortunately, this allowed me to be at ease and confirm that Anton couldn't have recognized me.

In order to cover up my panic, I quickly called Kans' phone number. I wanted to ask him to take me home to change my clothes and avoid the risk of being late.

"What's the matter, Young Miss? Why are you looking for me?" Kans quickly picked up the phone but it was very noisy on his side. I didn't know what he was doing.

I said, "Can you come pick me up? I don't want to be late for the pack meeting. "

"Of course," Kans replied readily. "Where are you?"

"I'm at the hotel next to the conference venue. My father is very angry right now. If he asks you, just say that I was with you the whole day yesterday."

I tried to be as persuasive as possible, hoping that he would be my accomplice in my deception.

Kans and I grew up together. To the elders, he always had a mature and steady person, but in reality, he had always been carefree and unbridled.

When Kans heard that I was at the hotel, he suddenly exclaimed like a cat whose foot had been stepped on, "A hotel? What did you do yesterday? Did you sleep with someone? Who was it?"

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