Book cover of “Primordial Sin System“ by sicko

Primordial Sin System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: sicko
  • Uploaded by user995403
Dave Alexander, once trapped in a life of unrelenting misery, finds himself reincarnated into a world of privilege and power. Born as the son of the empire's most formidable expert, known as the Guardian, Dave is determined to seize every opportunity that comes his way and carve out his own destiny. His journey takes an unexpected and fascinating t... 

Chapter 1 - The beginning (Revised)

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

In the midst of a downpour, a handsome young man was crying on the rooftop.

The relentless downpour and gusty winds battered him, the obsidian night sky serving as a backdrop to his anguish.

His jet-black hair and tracing the contours of his attractive features.

"Why? Why did it happen to me, even though I tried my best?" he whispered to the unforgiving elements.

"I did my best to be a good son to my parents, but they never acknowledged my efforts," he continued.

"I poured my heart into being the best partner for my lover, yet she betrayed me," his voice quivered with anguish.

"It's as though destiny is toying with me,"

"I'm not a bad person, yet all I receive is pain and suffering,"

"I always strive to wear a smile in front of others, but now it's becoming unbearable,"

"Why is all of this happening to me?" he cried out, his entire body drenched by the rain.

Alone on the rooftop, he vented his frustrations and the problems he endured every day.

His name was Dave Strongheart, an 18-year-old man.

His surname was a reflection of his character. He possessed a strong heart, always enduring the weight of his sadness and anxiety stemming from family problems.

Imagine an 18-year-old trying to navigate a toxic society while desperately seeking to make his parents proud, even though they cared little for him.

He hailed from a typical family with four siblings. Since his childhood, his parents had shown favoritism, lavishing attention on his brothers and sisters while neglecting his need for familial love.

He couldn't comprehend their behavior, but he still held deep respect and love for them, despite their mistreatment.

Later, he found solace in his girlfriend, believing he had finally found someone to lean on.

They had a chance encounter in a shop, sparked by her request for assistance. Their friendship deepened, and they fell in love.

Dave cherished their time together, caring for her to the best of his ability, as she was the only one who seemed to care about him.

Their relationship was only three months old when he caught her with another man, someone wealthy and possessing a car. The sight shattered his heart into pieces.

Overwhelmed by anger and betrayal, he confronted her and even got into a physical altercation with the wealthy man.

Consumed by his emotions, he cared little about the consequences.

Dave knew the rich man would likely file a complaint, and he anticipated his parents' disappointment.

That's why he chose not to return home and instead found himself on the rooftop of a tall building.

Despite his strong heart, he was still just a teenager, grappling with life's complexities and a lack of support. Everyone has their limits, and nothing is ever perfect.

As the rain and wind raged around him, his tears mixed with the downpour.

Dave believed that nothing good remained in his life, and he contemplated ending it, hoping that his absence might bring happiness to his parents and his former lover.

He gazed at the sky and made a solemn promise. "If I'm ever granted a second chance, I'll seize life to the fullest without holding back. Screw destiny!"

With those words, he leaped from the building, and his body fell, resulting in his demise.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . .. . . .

"Hey Dave, wake up."

Dave was unaware of what was happening until he heard someone calling his name.

"Dave, wake up, or you'll be late for your first day of school."

As Dave's eyes fluttered open, he found himself looking at a tall, handsome middle-aged man who wore an expression of irritation.

His looks were so elegant that Dave thought even a model might feel inferior in comparison.

Dave couldn't comprehend what was happening because he remembered committing suicide. He recalled jumping from the rooftop and being enveloped by darkness.

As he gazed at the middle-aged man with confusion, his mind suddenly flooded with information.

Dave was taken aback as he realized that he had been reincarnated.

The original inhabitant of this body was also named Dave, but his surname was Alexander.

He was the only son of Lucas Alexander, the renowned Executioner in this world filled with magic and mysteries.

This world, known as the Spirit World, consisted of four continents, each ruled by its own empire.

Dave's father held a position equivalent to the emperor's, and even the emperor showed respect to him.

His father was the top expert in the Dragon Empire, and he had become its guardian at the astonishingly young age of 30, making him the youngest Guardian in Spirit World history.

Lucas Alexander's prowess was legendary, a feat that echoed through the annals of the Spirit World's history.

As the guardian of the Dragon Empire, he held a position of paramount authority, revered and feared by all who knew his name.

Lucas was a paragon of power, transcending the boundaries of mere mortals. His mastery of martial arts and magic was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

With every movement, he displayed the grace and precision of a true master, his sheer physical prowess and agility making him an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield.

His elemental magic abilities, particularly fire manipulation, were unparalleled, enabling him to unleash infernos that could consume armies.

His combat style was a mesmerizing fusion of strength, speed, and finesse.

But what truly set Lucas apart was his unwavering dedication to maintaining peace and order within the empire.

Despite his overwhelming strength, he bore the mantle of a guardian with a solemn duty, keeping his great power in check to serve his people and protect the Spirit World.

Lucas Alexander was not just a formidable warrior; he was a symbol of honor, integrity, and selflessness, a feat of both martial and moral excellence that defined an era.

His legacy was etched in the very soul of the Dragon Empire, an indomitable guardian whose name would be remembered for generations to come.

The Dragon Empire was the most formidable among the four empires. The others were the Phoenix Empire, Black Turtle Empire, and White Tiger Empire.

Despite his father's prestige, he led a normal life with his family, showering his only son with love and affection, especially because Dave's mother had died during childbirth.

Dave wasn't a spoiled young master like those found in other novels. Instead, he was renowned as the "Number One Rising Champion" due to his exceptional strength, capable of defeating anyone at his level.

In this world, power levels were classified as Body Refiner, Master, Grand Master, King, Emperor, Sage, and Heavenly Sage, each having four sub-levels: Low, Middle, Top, and Peak.

Dave's father had reached the Peak of Heavenly Sage, instilling fear in everyone, which prevented them from daring to challenge or bully his son.

Dave deeply admired his father, and as a result, he diligently honed his skills.

By the age of 15, he had ascended to the top tier of Grand Master.

He also had another title, "The Handsome Playboy," due to his influence and strength.

Women flocked to him willingly, earning him a reputation as a playboy who changed girlfriends frequently when he grew bored, though he never forced anyone into a relationship.

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