Book cover of “Rebirth for You“ by Xiao_Ling16

Rebirth for You

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Xiao_Ling16
  • Uploaded by user327265
In my past life, I couldn’t differentiate between my enemies and my friends. I kept my enemies close and pushed my true friends away. I never knew he was in love with me until the last moments of my life. It was only then that I realized the depth of his feelings, as he was the one who took my ashes with him after I died. My so-called lover was act... 

Chapter 1

Fu Family 1st branch:

Fu Li Qiang: Hui Qing's grandad the head of the Fu family. Fu Huai Yu and Fu Ming Yue's dad. 73 years old.

Shan Pang Fua: Fu Li Qiang's wife is also the head of the Fu family. Fu Huai Yu and Fu Ming Yue's mother. 71 years old.

Fu Ming Yue: elder sister of Fu Huai Yu (they're twins). She's married but her husband died of cancer, so she moved back to the main Fu family mansion to live with her parents and her two daughters. 47 years old

Shen Lin Xue: Fu Ming Yue's eldest daughter. 22 years old, is engaged to Su Mu. Majoring in psychology.

Shen Lin Hua: Fu Ming Yue's youngest daughter. is 21 years old. Majoring in criminal law.

Fu Huai Yu: Eldest son of the Fu Family's 1st branch. 47 years old. Huai Zhan's father.

Xue Mei Hua: Hui Qing's mom and Fu Huai Yu's wife. 44 years old

Fu Huai Zhan: Eldest grandson of the first branch Hui Qing and Hui Yun's elder brother. 24 years old.

Fu Huai Ning: Hui Qing's twin brother. has been sent abroad.

Fu Hui Qing: Eldest granddaughter of the first branch. 21 years old.

Fu Hui Yun: Youngest granddaughter of the first branch.20 years old.


Qi Family:

Qi Yu: Head of the Qi family, has 3 sons and two daughters.

Sun Sha Sha: Only child of Sun Wei Wei and Sun Chao Li. Has 3 sons and 2 daughters

*Qi Hua Fen: Eldest child of Qi Yu and Sun Sha Sha married Lu Xin Chen. Sun Sha Sha is her birth mother. 45 years old. Has 2 daughters.

Lu Xin Chen: who is a Neurology constant- a doctor. 43 years old. Lu Family is a family of doctors and Lu Xin Chen is the only child son of three generations.

Lu Lang Ying: Eldest child of Lu Xin Chen and Qi Hua Feng. 23 years old. Doesn't like to participate in her family's company she is a lawyer.

Lu Lang Wei: Second child. 20 years old. Cardiology Higher trainee doctor.

*Qi Ming Yu: Eldest Son. 43 years old. Married Hu Jia Li. Has 2 sons.

Hu Jia Li: 39 years old youngest daughter of Hu Man Chu and Lau Bing Bing. Hu Family is a family of lawyers. However, Hu Jia Li has no interest in being a lawyer instead she opened a tuition centre as she likes teaching.

Qi Pei Zhi: Eldest son of Qi Ming Yu and Hu Jia Li. 23 years old. He is the HR manager at Phoenix Company.

Qi Pei Guo: Youngest son of Qi Ming Yu and Hu Jia Li. 22 years old. He mucks around every day spending his father's money gambling.

*Qi Ming Feng: Qi Yu and Sun Sha Sha's second son. His first wife was Wen Chao Xing who died in a car accident. 41-year-old.

Wen Chao Xing: Qi Yan, Qi Mei's birth mother. Died in a car crash when Qi Yan was 7. She died at 34.

Lin Hui Fen: Qi Feng's second wife. Qi Hu, Qi Jiang's birth mother. She married Qi Feng a month after Wen Chao Xing's death.

Qi Yan: Eldest grandson of Qi Yu's son. 24 years old.

Qi Mei: Qi Yan's sister. 19 years old

Qi Jiang: Qi Hu's twin older than Qi Hu for 1 minute. 17 years old. Has a bad relationship with Qi Mei. Always fighting with each other

Qi Hu: Qi Yan's half-brother Qi Jiang's twin. 17 years old. Still in High school. Have a bad relationship with Qi Yan. Qi Hu hates Qi Yan because they have always been compared.

*Qi Ming Li: Third Son of Qi Yu and Sun Sha Sha. Aged 38 married. Wang Lang Feng. Has a son and daughter. Twin of Qi Hua Ling.

Wang Lang Feng: Second daughter of Wang Yi Zhi and Wang Zi Qin. Wang Family is known for producing a wide range of musicians. Wang Lang Feng is known as a good flute player.

Qi Xing Xia: Only Daughter of Qi Ming Li and Wang Lang Feng. 25 years old. Is Qi Yu's eldest granddaughter. Well known pianist

Qi Xing Yue: Only son. Aged 21. Well known violinist.

*Qi Hua Ling: Youngest child of Qi Yu and Sun Sha Sha. Aged 38 married Yeung Guo Tina well-known businessman who owns an architecture company. Has 2 sons.

Yeung Choi Ming: Eldest son. Aged 15 years old. Twin of Yeung Choi Shan

Yeung Choi Shan: Second son of Qi Hua Ling and Yeung Guo Tin. Aged 15 years old.

These character would be more advance when the story continues

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