Book cover of “Rebirth of the Business Tycoon“ by Dejohnson

Rebirth of the Business Tycoon

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dejohnson
  • Uploaded by user436666
In 1987, a man is reborn with knowledge of the future, determined to reshape his destiny. Utilizing his foresight, he seizes opportunities to amass wealth, establish thriving township industrial parks, and win the hearts of wealthy princesses. With unwavering determination, he outmaneuvers competitors, disrupts financial markets, and challenges ent... 

Chapter One Rebirth

In June, a hot summer day, insects and cicadas screamed, and the afternoon heat wave made people extremely irritable.

Zhou Ming opened his eyes and watched the ceiling fan creaking and swaying, as if it would fall down at any time.

No way? is this real? I'm not just dreaming, am I? If this is a dream, it's too real and too long, right?

Zhou Ming thought to himself. He closed his eyes and opened them again. After doing so many times, Zhou Ming believed that he was really reborn.

If he was really born again, then that incident...

Thinking of this, Zhou Ming suddenly sat up from the bed, he looked at the wall, and the calendar on it clearly showed today's date: July 12.

Today is today. My father felt unwell from today. At first, my father thought he was just eating bad food, so he didn't care. Later, he was sent to the hospital because of the pain. . At that time, because the family had no money to perform the operation on his father, his father was in the hospital and dragged his appendicitis into a perforated appendix. In the end, although the mother borrowed the money, his father died of peritonitis and sepsis after a perforation of the appendix due to the delay in the operation.

That was the pain of my life. If I could make money for the family at this time, then my father would not drag appendicitis into a perforated appendix in the hospital, and he would not die because of such a minor illness for a year. , But since I was born again, I would definitely make money desperately, and I would never let these things happen again!

When Zhou Ming raised his head again, his eyes were full of determination.

Thinking of doing it, Zhou Ming ran out of the house. When passing an intersection, he suddenly heard the ringing of a bicycle. Zhou Ming turned his head and saw a bicycle crashing towards him. Zhou Ming was too late to avoid being knocked down. Ground.

"Who is it? You ride a bike and don't look at the road?" Zhou Ming scolded.

"Yeah? Isn't this a college student from our 760 factory? I'm really sorry, I really didn't see you, but this is no way. Who will let you work in the factory at this time and hang out on the road? "

An annoying voice came. Zhou Ming looked up and saw a young man with a split head holding his bicycle and looking at him condescendingly, sitting on the back seat of the bicycle. A girl in a floral dress, these two people know Zhou Ming, one of them is called Marin and the other is called Zhang Qian, both of them are to blame for losing their job.

Zhou Ming still remembers that he was assigned to work at the 760 factory in Nanhui County since graduating from university. His girlfriend Zhang Qian was also assigned to work, but then Ma Lin relied on his father as the deputy director Zhang Qian was snatched away. It didn't count if Marin took Zhang Qian away. He took Zhang Qian to show off in front of him every day. Later, Zhou Ming could not bear it and fought Marin in the factory. Marin fought. Because of his father's relationship, he expelled himself from the factory, and he hasn't worked until now.

If you are in an economically developed future generation, it doesn't matter. It's great to find another job. But this is at the end of the 1980s. If a person is expelled from the unit and no other unit is willing to ask for it, this person will be looked down upon. This situation is particularly prominent in this 760 factory. Zhou Ming remembers that he was pointed out for a whole year at that time.

It is precisely because of this that every time Ma Lin saw himself, he would laugh at himself with this. Zhou Ming could imagine that he must have deliberately hit him by riding a bicycle.

Zhou Ming didn't want to pay attention to Marin. He got up and wanted to leave, but Marin stopped in front of him and said, "Zhou Ming, it's not that I said you. Tell me how good you are at our factory technical school. That way at least It's not as good to be lazy at home! Do you have to go to some province or capital to go to university and study economics? What's the use for you to see? After you come back, you won't even have a job, how sad! You have to let your parents be in the factory every day. I'm tired of working. If you don't think so, you kneel down and kowtow to me three times, and I'll help you find my dad. If you're not sure, you can agree to clean up in the factory!"

Zhou Ming clenched his fists, his heart was extremely angry, and Marin immediately became happier when he saw Zhou Ming's angry look. He said, "What are you doing? Do you want to hit me? Then come on, I promise not to let him. Your parents are laid off, come on!"

"Don't you think you are so cheap now?" Zhou Ming said coldly, "It's not because I was admitted to the university and you didn't. You have been jealous of me. ? it "

Marin laughed:" I am jealous of you ha ha you're telling me a joke, or do you think that now we are still in school, but you really could get their own when the dish, you do not piss a good look?!?? Looking at you now, what's the difference between the malignant tumor parasitic on your parents? And I'm about to do it soon, do you think I still have to be jealous of you?"

Zhou Ming was not angry when he faced Marin's humiliation." Don't you know what is the use of me studying economics? I will let you know in a few days."

"Wow! I 'm waiting!" Marin said arrogantly.

Zhou Ming glanced at Zhang Qian. Zhang Qian sitting in the back seat of the Marlin car was indifferent, as if she didn't know herself at all. This made Zhou Ming's heart aches, but Zhou Ming was a reborn soul after all. He soon I adjusted my mentality and left.

Ma Lin couldn't help but stunned when he watched Zhou Ming leave without saying a word, because in his impression, Zhou Ming had always been a very grumpy person, otherwise he wouldn't have a fight with him if he said a few words. I was expelled from the factory, why is it so bearable today? And he seemed to feel different to himself.

Ma Lin then spit out and said, "Mother, you can just pretend to be in front of Lao Tzu. I see how long you can pretend!"

Zhou Ming left Ma Lin and went directly to the 760 factory to find his father Zhou Guoping. At this time, Zhou Guoping was sitting in a chair to rest. Zhou Ming walked over and asked, "Dad, are you okay?"

Hearing Zhou Ming's voice, Zhou Guoping raised his head in surprise: "Xiaoming, why did you come to the factory? Hurry up, get out, there are a lot of gamma rays here, and it's very dirty."

"Dad, you have been working in the factory for more than 20 years and have been fine. It doesn't matter if I just come in for a while." Zhou Ming said .

"How can this be the same? I am a worker and I am used to it here. You are a college student and you should be a leader." Zhou Guoping said.

"But you are my dad," Zhou Ming said, "Well, Dad, do not say this, did you feel physically uncomfortable What?"

Zhou Guoping shook his head and said: "! No, my body is good way to go,"

"Little Ming, don't listen to your dad. He has been feeling sick since the afternoon. Didn't you see your dad without standing next to the lathe? When did you come to the workshop when you were young, your dad was not doing the lathe?" A worker walked away. I came to say, "Master, you just like to endure everything. I can't bear this disease. It's better to go to the hospital."

This person Zhou Ming knows Zhang Jianjun, the apprentice of his father. Zhang Jianjun has always respected his father As for this master, Zhou Ming still remembers that after the death of his father in the previous life, there was a period of difficulty in the family, and it was Zhang Jianjun who helped.

Zhou Guoping said nonchalantly: "Just worry about building the army. I just drank some cold water at noon and gave it to my stomach. What's the matter?"

"Dad, I think Uncle Zhang is right. The body is the capital of the revolution. You'd better go to the hospital to see it."

Zhou Ming said in a choked voice, and both Zhou Guoping and Zhang Jianjun were stunned. They didn't understand why Zhou Ming had such an expression suddenly.

Actually Zhou Ming didn't want to do this either, but he was born again. His father had passed away for more than 20 years in the previous life. Now that he suddenly saw his father again, Zhou Ming couldn't control the feelings in his heart.

"You! It's different when you go to school," Zhou Guoping said, "Well, I'll go to see, I'll go to see after work, but now I have to check the lathe first, it should be almost the same after so long. , And strive to do a few more items

before leaving work." After saying that Zhou Guoping got up and walked towards his lathe, looking at his father's back, Zhang Jianjun said to Zhou Ming: "Xiaoming, you'd better wait for your father to take it after work. Go to the hospital to check."

"Uncle Zhang, do you think my dad won't go to the hospital?" Zhou Ming asked back.

"I don't know the character of the master? He is a very economical man. I want to spend a dime in half. If the master is not so economical, how can he afford to go to college with his salary?" Zhang Jianjun said, "Don't blame Uncle Zhang for saying you, you, a college student, really didn't make your dad worry. Even the tuition fees in those years of college are fine, it should be spent, but now that you graduate from college? Assigned to the factory to sit in the office, they are all able to be factory leaders in the future. Why do you have to fight with Marin? Now that you have nothing to do at home, the masters and sisters are all so old and have to be exhausted in the factory. Going to work, now the master is unwell and insists on driving in bed."

Zhou Ming lowered his head. It is not the first time he has entered his father's workshop. It hasn't changed in ten years. It's always dark and sultry. There were also many hot iron pins piled up beside each lathe, and his father's work clothes were always covered with black oil stains. Zhou Ming knew that this was because his father was making money for himself and his family, but he came back from college after graduation. Not only did it not help him share anything, it even increased his burden.

If the father had worsened appendicitis because he had no money, then he definitely had a great responsibility, because if he could make money, that would not be the case.

Seeing Zhou Ming lowered his head, Zhang Jianjun thought he was serious, so he enlightened and said: "Xiao Ming, don't take it too seriously. That's what Uncle Zhang said. After all, you are still young and your professional is not It's suitable for being in the factory. That Marin also deliberately bullied you, and it's not all your responsibility..."

Before Zhang Jianjun finished his words, Zhou Ming interrupted him: "Uncle Zhang, you didn't say anything. Wrong, it was because I failed to share all of this for my dad, that made my dad overworked, and made my dad unwilling to spend money to see a doctor, even if the factory will reimburse 70% of the medical expenses. But this is now I will definitely use the knowledge I learned in university to make money, so that my dad will no longer have these burdens!"

Seeing Zhou Ming's firm gaze, Zhang Jianjun was stunned for a while, he looked at Zhou Ming's body. With a confident momentum, Zhou Ming seemed to be very different from before.

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