Book cover of “Reborn: Another Chance to Leave You“ by Hazel Ramirez

Reborn: Another Chance to Leave You

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Hazel Ramirez
  • Uploaded by user365901
Anaya Dutt, born into a life of privilege and comfort, married Joshua Maltz when she was just twenty-two years old. She believed that if she stayed by his side and showed him her unwavering dedication, he would eventually see her worth and love her in return. But her dreams of a happy marriage quickly shattered. No matter how much she sacrificed or... 

Chapter 1 Divorce

"I'm pregnant. Divorce Joshua."

Today was Anaya and Joshua's wedding anniversary.

Anaya waited for Joshua to come home, but he didn't show up. Instead, the woman he truly loved was here.

And she was here together with the news that she was pregnant.

How ironic.

Anaya and Joshua were married for three years, and he never laid a hand on her, yet he had a child with another woman.

If it were the previous Anaya, she would have thrown the table upside down and thrown Lexie Dunbar out, being the dutiful hostess who kicked the mistress' ass.

But right now, Anaya didn't have the strength or the confidence to argue with Lexie.

Anaya only took a glance at the pregnancy report before returning it to Lexie.

"OK," Anaya said with a smile.

Looking at the skinny woman in front of her, Lexie was stunned for a few seconds. Did Anaya agree just like that?


Anaya nodded.

"Let's go find Joshua now!" Lexie was overjoyed.

She had tried so many times before, yet Anaya never agreed to divorce Joshua.

If she had known that a fake pregnancy report would work, she would have done so a long time ago!

Luckily, it was not too late.

Getting in the car, Anaya looked at the passing scenery outside the window, with a pale complexion.

"Do you know where Joshua is?"

Lexie replied without hesitation, "Sunrise Hotel."

Anaya muttered, "Is that so... So, he is there..."

Joshua had not been home for a month.

No one would, or dared, tell her where he was.

She didn't even have his number.

Thus, she had no chance to tell him about her illness.

Last month, she was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer.

The doctor said that the success rate would be around 40 percent with surgery.

But she couldn't make it long even if she had surgery. Therefore, she refused the doctor's proposal.

Anyway, she was alone and had no relatives. She had nothing to hold onto.

Compared with lingering on with the help of medicine, she'd end her life.

She had long wanted to leave.

She was happy to go alone to see the sights he was not willing to see with her.

However, she hadn't been able to see Joshua, and she couldn't be reconciled.

She wanted to end their relationship officially, so she waited.

She just wanted to see him one last time.

But she could even not find him.

Thinking of this, she smiled bitterly.

She got to see him one last time, yet she was led by the woman he loved.

At a crossroads where there was no signal light, she suddenly saw a truck speeding from the right.

Anaya was jolted, and her pupils shrank. She wanted to remind Lexie to brake.

However, it was too late.

There was a loud noise of screams mixed with heavy objects colliding. The crossroads became chaotic.

As Anaya's consciousness faded, she heard a faint voice.

"Mr. Maltz, there is another person in the car other than Ms. Dunbar!"

"Save Lexie first!"

Then, Anaya saw the car door being pried open and someone carrying Lexie out of the driver's seat.

There was a wedding ring on that hand, which was identical to hers.

A prestigious family like the Maltz family cared about their reputation the most.

Therefore, even though Joshua did not get along well with Anaya, he had been pretending to be a considerate husband all these years, and he wore his wedding ring every day.

Anaya slowly closed her eyes.

Sure enough. He cared about Lexie the most.

Anaya gradually lost consciousness, and in the end, her heart stopped beating.

She did not see the crazy look on the man's face when he knew that she was also in the car.


In the spacious and bright living room, the air conditioner was working.

A glass of cold water was poured down from the top of Anaya's head.

She shivered.

The man standing next to her slammed the empty glass down on the table and said unpleasant words in a pleasant voice.

"Awake? Go outside and soak yourself in the pool if not!"

Anaya looked up in a daze.

The man she had loved for half her life was looking at her with a face full of anger.

Didn't she die in the car accident?

Why was she still here?

She looked around.

She saw broken vases and scattered fruits all over the ground.

The pillows on the sofa were thrown on the ground, soaked in water.

Obviously, someone made a scene here just now.

The scene coincided with a certain fragment in her memory.

It was two years ago.

She broke Joshua's watch. It was worth at least 160 thousand dollars since it was a luxury one.

The money was nothing to the Maltz family and the Dutt family, but Joshua was angry at Anaya. He slammed the door and left. He stayed out all night.

After asking around, Anaya found out that the watch was a birthday present from Lexie.

Anaya was mad. How could he treat another woman's gift as a treasure and brush her off?

At that time, Anaya was young and spoiled. She always acted at will.

She rushed home to ask him for an explanation, and the two had a fallout. In a fit of anger, she smashed a lot of things.

And what Joshua did and said back then was the same as right now.

Anaya soon realized that she was reborn.

She was reborn back when she and Joshua were just married for a year.

By now, the Dutt family still existed, and she had not been forced into a corner.

Joshua sat down opposite her. It was obvious that he was furious, but he was trying his best to endure.

Joshua had a bad temper, but he had just married Anaya for a year, and he had not become that man who would get physical with Anaya later on.

Today, though she was being unreasonable, all he did was pour her a glass of water.

"I will move out from tomorrow on. Keep the place to yourself and do whatever you want!"

"Joshua, you are my husband, but you have always been entangled with Lexie. Shouldn't I make a fuss?" Anaya stared at him.

"If you hadn't forced me, how could I have married you?" Joshua frowned.

She smiled bitterly, "You're right... If it weren't for that 800 million dollars, how could you have married me? The woman you love is never me..."

A year ago, the business of Joshua's family went bad.

Joshua went to all his relatives and friends, and he was still short of 800 million dollars in the end.

Anaya grabbed the chance. She forced Joshua to marry her with 800 million dollars as her leverage.

She was so stupid and stubborn. She thought that as long as she stayed by his side, he would see the good in her and fall for her one day.

It was only when she drove herself into a corner that she realized that Joshua never loved her.

She had already despaired once. In this life, she would not make the same mistake.

She closed her eyes, her voice calm.

"You don't have to move out.

"Haven't you always wanted to divorce me?

"I agree."


After Joshua left, Anaya packed her luggage and prepared to leave.

She called the driver at home beforehand and asked him to wait at the entrance of the Maltz's home.

She carried her luggage out of the room. The housekeeper came over and helped her with her luggage.

"Thank you," she said faintly.

"It's my pleasure. Mrs. Maltz, where are you going?" the housekeeper asked as he accompanied her downstairs.


Worried that the housekeeper wouldn't understand, she added, "I'm going back to the Dutt's home."

"Does Mr. Maltz know?"

"I told him about it."

When they talked about the divorce in the morning, she mentioned that she would move back to the Dutt's home in the afternoon.

Joshua did not respond. She didn't know if he heard her.

Today, everyone in the manor was saying that Anaya and Joshua were going to divorce.

The housekeeper didn't buy it back then, but now he hesitated.

He watched the two grow up and hoped that they could live happily together. He couldn't help but advise, "Mrs. Maltz, it's normal for couples to have conflicts. My wife and I often quarrel, but we both know that we can't lose each other. Since you have feelings for Mr. Maltz, you shouldn't be impulsive..."

Anaya calmly stated the truth, "But he has no feelings for me."

And now, she no longer had feelings for him.

The two walked down the spiral staircase, and she took back her luggage. "I'm good. I'll go out myself. Thanks."

She took the luggage and walked out without turning her head back.

The housekeeper stared at her back for a long time and had a feeling.

He thought, it seems that Mrs. Maltz will never come back.

In the end, Mr. Maltz loses the woman who has loved him for ten years after all.

He loses her, and he can never get her back.

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