Book cover of “Reborn Before the Frozen Apocalypse, I Stock Resources Worth Billions“ by Frozen Emperor

Reborn Before the Frozen Apocalypse, I Stock Resources Worth Billions

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Frozen Emperor
  • Uploaded by user526058
The world suddenly plunged into an ice age, and as the apocalypse descended, over ninety-nine percent of humanity perished in the extreme cold. In his previous life, Ye Xingchen barely had enough food to survive. Yet, he sacrificed his own rations to feed the campus belle he adored. His kindness was repaid with betrayal; the campus belle returned w... 

A Month Before the Apocalypse

"After the popularity of the Jinzhou barbecue on the internet since March, the number of local tourists has surged. Data shows that in March alone, Jinzhou received over 4.8 million out-of-town visitors, an increase of 134% compared to the previous year, and tourism revenue increased by 60%..."

The television flickered with light and shadow, broadcasting current events. On the coffee table were a half-eaten takeout box and a half-empty bottle of beer.

Lying on the sofa, Ye Xingchen's expression was dazed.

"I've been reborn?!"

Ye Xingchen took out his phone to check the time.

April 26, 2023, 11:57:31.

He quickly got up, rushed to the villa's balcony, and looked outside.

The yard was filled with blooming roses, the grass outside the yard was lush green, and the artificial lake in the distance rippled.

Warm and moist air, fragrant with flowers, wafted over.

Rubbing his eyes and confirming that he wasn't mistaken, Ye Xingchen's face showed an excited expression, and his body trembled with excitement.

"I really have been reborn!!!"

May 26, 2023, exactly at noon, one month later, the sun's activity suddenly weakened, sunlight became extremely faint, global temperatures dropped drastically, and the world entered an ice age.

Temperatures at the poles plummeted to a terrifying -128 degrees Celsius!

Even in the once hottest equatorial regions, temperatures reached minus eighty to ninety degrees, becoming forbidden zones for life.

In just one week, half of the world's population froze to death, and flora and fauna were nearly extinct due to the extreme cold.

Because of the severe cold, almost all production activities came to a halt, resources became extremely scarce, and the world plunged into panic.

For the sake of survival, humanity completely abandoned moral boundaries and began to desperately seize resources, killing each other.

People were willing to commit murder and robbery for a warm piece of clothing or a piece of bread to fill their stomachs.

And Ye Xingchen, tricked by the person he once loved most, opened the door and allowed a group of people to enter and plunder all the food resources.

Once all the food was gone, it was at the suggestion of the woman he had loved that the group of people killed him.

"Chen Rou'er! I'm not finished with you!"

"And those who stole my resources, those who ate my food, you all wait for me!"

Thinking of his past life, Ye Xingchen's expression turned fierce.

He vividly remembered a group of people first cutting off his legs, the intense pain, extreme despair, and fear. Just recalling it made his heart turn cold.

"This time, I'll survive properly. I can't have the slightest compassion for anyone, and I definitely can't trust anyone!" Ye Xingchen gritted his teeth and admonished himself.

It was because of his saintly heart in his previous life that he ended up being divided by others. He wouldn't allow such a thing to happen again in this life.

There was only one month left.

The most important thing now was to stockpile resources, build a safe haven, and ensure his survival in the apocalypse.

Ye Xingchen was a second-generation wealthy individual.

His parents operated a large chain supermarket group, and they had a massive logistics and warehousing center in Jinghai City, filled with all sorts of daily necessities.

Unfortunately, his parents had passed away due to a car accident six months ago, and now he was managing this large chain supermarket.

His current task was to transfer all these resources to a safe location accessible only to him.

Before the rebirth, the sun had shown no signs of returning to normal for a full year. Nobody knew how long the ice age would last.

For a person to survive, they must have sufficient resources; otherwise, they would freeze or starve to death!

Additionally, there had to be plenty of entertainment facilities, or else prolonged confinement in a closed space would undoubtedly affect a person's mental state.

Just then, Ye Xingchen's head throbbed. He felt the space before his eyes distort and a translucent, enormous space appeared—a sensation of being closely connected.

Naturally, information about this mysterious space emerged in his mind. It was a staggering 300 hectares in size, unbelievably vast.

"After my rebirth, I've gained superpowers ahead of time!?"

Ye Xingchen was overjoyed. For some unknown reason after the apocalypse arrived, certain individuals gained superpowers. Ye Xingchen was one of them. Six months into the ice age, he accidentally awakened the spatial ability, allowing him to communicate with another dimension.

However, the spatial ability he awakened in his previous life couldn't hold a candle to the current one. He didn't know if it was due to his rebirth that his spatial ability awakened earlier, and its capacity was extraordinarily vast, spanning 300 hectares.

With this enormous dimension, survival in the apocalypse would pose no problem!

However, he needed to test whether he could store items within it.

He approached the coffee table and began to experiment!

Instantly, the coffee table disappeared from sight, appearing in the otherworldly space.

"It really works!"

Ye Xingchen was overjoyed. With a thought, the coffee table vanished from the otherworldly space and reappeared before his eyes.

"Great! This is truly amazing!"

A bold idea emerged in Ye Xingchen's mind!

He planned to transfer all the supplies from his logistics center into this otherworldly space!

Then, he would place large orders with suppliers until the entire otherworldly space was filled!

This way, he would become the wealthiest person during the apocalypse, never needing to worry about survival.

Just at that moment, Ye Xingchen's phone rang.

He picked it up and saw it was a call from Chen Rou'er.

"You wicked woman!"

Ye Xingchen didn't answer and hung up directly.

Chen Rou'er was the campus belle of Jinghai University. She was stunningly beautiful, and her figure was explosively attractive.

In his previous life, Ye Xingchen was a lackey for her, sparing no expense to pursue her. He spent millions on her.

However, Chen Rou'er always kept him hanging, neither accepting nor rejecting him. She treated him like an ATM, a backup plan!

In reality, Chen Rou'er had always been on the lookout for even wealthier second-generation individuals, not paying him any mind. They had never even held hands.

But when the apocalypse arrived, Chen Rou'er threw herself into the arms of a few burly men, strong enough to kill and rob, more disgusting than a prostitute.

Later on, she tricked him into opening the door, letting those people into his house, resulting in the horrifying events that followed.

Ye Xingchen wished he could find Chen Rou'er and kill her now to avenge his previous self.

But obviously, it wasn't possible yet.

The apocalypse hadn't arrived, and the world still had some semblance of order. If he were to commit murder, he'd end up in a cell.

He could only wait until the apocalypse descended to do as he pleased.

Hanging up the phone, Ye Xingchen immediately left the villa and drove toward the most upscale Shangri-La Hotel in Jinghai City.

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