Book cover of “Reborn of His Unwanted Wife“ by Manan53187

Reborn of His Unwanted Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Manan53187
  • Uploaded by user460844
With her family facing financial difficulties, Ning Xi marries into the family of the richest man in Ye City, honoring an old promise between their elders. Her new life is far from easy. Her mother-in-law’s disdain, her husband’s lingering affection for his childhood sweetheart, and the relentless scheming of her mean elder sister-in-law and narrow... 


Ning XI gently opened her eyes gazed at the surroundings.Gently raising both her hands, she observed that her hands were delicate and white in color; the nails were polished; fingers were long and slender; and her palms were small and delicate This is definitely a pair of healthy and flexible hands. These were indeed hands that she once had.

She was born again.

The panic she received from the beginning gradually receded and she fully accepted the fact that she was born again.

Reborn, from the withered and desperate life she experienced, to the beginning? Ning XI could not help but shiver from the thought of it as her nails subconsciously dug into the icy palms of her hands.

No! I dont want to! The darkness and desperation where life is equal to death. Never did she want to experience it again.Ning Xi clenched her hands tightly to hold back the impulse to run away.

She knew once reached the destination there is a handsome man waiting for her clothed in black suit with powerful aura. That man is her husband and the husband she lived with for four years in the past. The man is the eldest son of Ye family, son of richest family in Ye City.

Thinking about her husband, Ning Xi heart became even colder. A sense of indescribable sadness gradually spread from the bottom of her heart. That sense of sadness grabbed her attention tightly which made her gasp for air.

The car she is in now is not a car that is bringing her to a beautiful and sweet Ye family, but to meet her future battles where she would have to fight to preserve her little foothold within the family.

Her father and mother died prematurely. As the name of her family continues to deteriorate, she married Ye city wealthiest person. The feelings she had in the past when she got married to her husband was not only anticipation, but tension and apprehension.

She was afraid. Really afraid. Afraid that her Mother-in-law and Sister-in-laws will look down on her; afraid that the servants of the Ye family would despise her; afraid of the cruel world she had never seen before; afraid

Not knowing the future which lies ahead of her, she was afraid of everything she would have to face.

The only one who can ease all these problems was her husband. If he had respected her and protected her, then maybe her life ahead in the family could have been a bit better. For her, he is like her life-saving straw; her one and only support.

However, reality is just that cruel

That man has a childhood sweetheart. After living with her husband for less than two months, he brought his childhood sweet heart Xia Yu into his house ! After that, whatever she feared started to turn into reality. Her Mother-in-law started to dislike her; her husband started to treat her coldly; her servants started to despise her; and rumors about her being an outcast within the family also started to spread.

She gradually became invisible in the family and was forgotten about. As days went by, her heart slowly withered and her will to live vanished.

It is even more painful than any torture in the world; enough to make a living man insane. She did not want to become like that, but no one gave her a chance to not be.

No one!

Ning Xi mouth gently brought up a smile. Her previous self was insensible, distressed, and doubtless. Recalling those fragments of her past memories, she was shocked and surprised; that woman, Xia Yu, openly displayed her friendliness to me, but behind my back, she prevented me from bonding with my husband and his family. Worst of all, she influenced them to turn against me

That sweet smile; that cordial laughter; that friendly attitude how could it all be false? Why must it all be false?

She was loving, lively and trustworthy with no room to doubt her, thus I fully accepted her. The result? My downfall, unhappiness, and lifeless life!

Car halted suddenly which interrupted Ning Xi thoughts.Once again! Once again she shall have to step into the Ye family as a bride

Ning Xi brain went into a dizzy trance. Her heart started beating nervously which felt as if it could jump out of her throat at any moment. Taking in a deep breath, she calmed her nervous heart. Gently stretching out her slender hand, she reached out of the car,

She did not have a choice!

Knowing full well the path ahead will only be full of difficulties, she can only continue to move forward.

Fortunately, everything is just the beginning everything there is room for change! Since God has given another chance to relive the tragic life once again, she will not let this opportunity slide!

Reborn into this moment must have been Gods will; both a compensation and a challenge!

Ning Xi heart couldnt help but skip a beat when moving inside with every step.

Recognizing reality and accepting reality is one thing. Integrating them into reality is another matter. Her husband, someone she knows well yet is unknown that man that is unknown yet she knows him very well, how would she be able to get along with him?

Ning Xi felt a headache.

Ning Xi took in a few deep breath and slowly moved inside. Once she entered inside no one is there to welcome her except maids.

She already expected this, mean while one of the head maid came infront of her and smiled awkwardly and said Miss in last minute madam and sir got urgent phone call so left, otherwise they want to stay here. Ning Xi nodes with small smile and ask her which room she can go, even though she knew still.

The head maid take her to upstairs immediately and showed Ning Xi room. She politely said thank you to head maid and entered her room with heavy heart.

After sitting on the bed she removed ring from her ring finger which symbolise as marriage ring and put on desk near the bed table. She thinks how to change her fate after two hours she heard the heavy footsteps Ning Xi clenched her fist, and her body became very tensed.

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