Book cover of “Reborn: Rise of the Greatest Summoner“ by GREAT

Reborn: Rise of the Greatest Summoner

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: GREAT
  • Uploaded by user372708
Legolas Baron, a man driven by insatiable curiosity, achieved success in three distinct careers: zoologist, martial artist, and game producer. His life took an unexpected turn when he found himself reincarnated into the world of the VR game he co-produced. Unlike other reincarnators, Legolas was not intimidated by this phenomenon. Instead, his curi... 


[Compatibility Level: 87%]

[Soul Transmission Successful]

[Character Creation Successful]

"Ouch…, what are those sounds ringing in my head?" A young voice complained amid the rowdy cacophony of sounds around.

After a fair bit of complaining, Legolas finally opened his eyes.

It took a bit of squinting for him to see clearly but once he did, Legolas was stunned. He was stunned not because of his environment, not because of the rowdy sound filling the background but because he was alive.

"Huh? I thought I died, is this heaven…, hell no!"

Amid Legolas's confusion at his current situation, he suddenly felt light-headed as a large amount of data started being transferred into his brain.

The large amount of data confused him, but it also made him remember some subtle details. The last thing he remembered was working with the other game developers to upgrade and expand the game before everything turned white.

Due to the increasing popularity of Dominator, the latest gen VR game, Legolas and his co-producers worked on expanding the game world but unfortunately, a fire accident occurred and they all died.

In his last moments before dying, unlike others, he didn't regret a lot of things, what he instead felt was a curiosity for what followed after death.

Was the story of heaven and hell real? Was life after death real?

Well, he didn't have to ask again since, for some reason, he was still alive and the most astonishing fact was that he was in the body of a boy who looked no older than 8 or 10 years of age.

"Quickly! Master Legolas survived the attack!"

"Inform the Captain! Surround and protect him!"

At this moment, Legolas had a head injury which affected his concentration but he was still able to recognize and understand his current situation.

He was currently in a war-torn zone. All around him, a group of warriors in red clashed with another group in white as blood was constantly spilled.

From the little that he saw, the red was the winning side and for some reason, he seemed to be part of the warriors in white.

The most shocking part was not the battling warriors but the environment. The sky of this world was violet, explosions and destroyed buildings filled everywhere, this was a world set in an apocalyptic setting.

After barely standing up, Legolas ignored his head injury as he looked at the battling warriors while stunned. "Is this not the world of Dominator?"

"But I think this is one of the beginner planets…" Legolas stood up while staggering as he looked around confused. "What the hell am I doing here?"

He suddenly touched his head as he felt a headache coming. "Don't tell me all the drama of me dying was just a dream?"

"I was playing Dominator all this time?!"

Legolas turned to face the other players who for some reason looked like NPCs. "Hey, guys, what happened, and why the hell are you guys calling me Master? Also, why are your player tags not showing…?"

"Watch out!"

Legolas barely reacted on time to dodge an attack that ended up hitting one of his protectors. Unlike what he expected, this warrior did not dissipate into light particles, blood spilled and he lay dead.

Legolas watched this phenomenon, waiting for the light particles to form to no avail till his face suddenly turned pale. "Did he really die? Is this a glitch or…?"

Horror overcame his face instantly. "Is this real?!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Instantly after Legolas came to this realization, he froze for a moment as a thousand different possibilities of his current situation flowed through his head.

All other sounds faded into static as his extreme curiosity to understand exactly what the hell was going on took center stage.

A world extremely similar to the VR game Dominator, with characters dying for real, and him appearing here after death, his eyes widened.

"Was I just reincarnated into a game?"

Legolas's brain almost exploded from the ridiculousness of his thought. He was a game producer so he was exposed to a lot of fantasy along the way, but as a certified zoologist also, he loved being rational.

The thought of reincarnation being real and the fact that he just experienced it was so fascinating to him that his curiosity was piqued instantly.

The loud sounds of the dangerous battle continued but he didn't feel scared, all he felt was curiosity and an extreme desire to know how it all happened.

As a rational zoologist, he believed that every fantasy had an explanation. If reincarnation was real, then it definitely had an explanation also, he wanted to know what the explanation was badly.

Despite his curiosity, he was still pretty flabbergasted.

"What sorcery is this?"

"Is this even possible? I have to get to the bottom of this!"

Legolas was determined instantly to get to the bottom of this, but before that, he needed to save his sorry ass from this sure-death situation first.

Being one of the co-producers who created the great VR game Dominator, Legolas knew the game as well as he knew his zoology.

"Can I access my game interface here too?"

Instantly after he asked, a holographic projection appeared before him.


Name: Legolas Baron

Age: 12

Race: Human/Carbon-based

Level: 4

Grade: Nil

Experience: 0


Strength: 5

Dexterity: 2

Vitality: 8

Intelligence: 3

Mystery: 1

Charm: 2

Luck: 1

Health Points [HP]: 15/25

Stamina: 32/40

[Equipment: None]

[Remark: A cursed comrade whose only motivation is training his stamina to be a beast in the soft beyond. A true man of culture!]


"Holy Sh*t…, that's so weak!" Legolas cried.

Apart from how weak he was at this moment; Legolas was even more flabbergasted by how small he was. "I'm a freaking 12-year-old?"

The thought of all these alone almost made Legolas faint but the danger was real and was why he forced himself to fight. This body of his may be extremely weak, but all the other warriors were not much stronger than him.

None of them were Grade F superhumans yet, they were all normal humans.

Perhaps, for normal humans, being reincarnated into such a dangerous world and finding themselves in a war-torn zone was a nightmare but Legolas was no slouch when it came to Dominator.

He had in-depth knowledge of the VR game, and he was an avid gamer, but what really gave him his confidence was his 3rd identity as a martial art practitioner.

As the warriors in white tried to no avail to protect him, they were surprised as the demeanor of the young Master suddenly changed.

Legolas may not be a cold-blooded serial killer who loved murder but his fighting instincts as a martial artist practitioner were real.

Before they could react, Legolas picked up the sword of one of the fallen warriors and pounced out of his hiding spot immediately.

By now, he already confirmed that he was the target of these red warriors. With his weak body, he may not be able to fight them now but Legolas was confident of escaping with the help of the white warriors.

"Cover my retreat!"

Legolas yelled as he started sprinting away in the opposite direction of the raging battle even as the red warriors reacted to his movements instantly.

As he ran, his virtual interface lit up again.


[You have triggered Grade F Mission: Survive]

[Details: Survive the ambush of the warriors of the Elementalist Academy and the betrayal of your twin brother]


On seeing this, in Legolas's mind, only one word rang. "Game on!"

Welcome new readers, I'm trying WPC with the same aim of bringing out an interesting story and riding to the top with this book. I hope you enjoy this journey along with me.

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