Book cover of “Reincarnated as a Deadbeat Dad“ by pujimaki

Reincarnated as a Deadbeat Dad

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: pujimaki
  • Uploaded by user587025
I was hit by a truck and died. Then I met a goddess. I thought she would send me to a fantasy world to learn magic. Instead, she transmigrated me to a parallel universe very similar to Earth. Now, I have a wife and two children, and I have to work hard to give them a good life. Oh, did I ever tell you that I was sent to a third-world country in 199... 


[Note: This is my first time writing a 1st person perspective in a long time, and I'm pretty excited about it. Let's see what I can do.]

Reincarnated as a deadbeat dad: Let's start with small business

Chapter Zero

*Broom broom

You didn't hear that wrong, that's my body making noise. I'm running down the street, making my way to my destination.

I'm known as the gate to the other worlds. The Isekai maker. I am Truck-Kun, the almighty truck that will smash through your head and send you to another world.

I had contracts with gods and goddesses to send certain people to another world. Some of them turned out to be heroes, while others turned out to be edgy anti-heroes.

Not my problem, I just do my job and I'm pretty good at it.

Right now I'm on the dirty and smoky soil of the Philippines, where I have to beat someone to a pulp.

Of course, I'm in my Isuzu form. My driver is casually driving down the road, not knowing that I'm the one in control. I'm just waiting for the right time to act.

Let's see, as soon as I turn right, I'll find my target and kill him.

Cars hovered around me. I saw an old truck belching black smoke. Mmm, nice dump truck. I want to hit that rear if I have time...

Unfortunately, my job won't let me. I'm kind of busy, to be honest.

As my driver whistled away, I turned right and reached the spot where I would kill my target.

He was coming out of the 7/11 store with Gatorade Blue in his hand. I prefer Gatorade Orange, by the way.

My target looks young, in his early twenties. He is probably a college student because he is wearing a student uniform.

He has a handsome face. Unfortunately, I will smash his whole body so that his parents will never recognize him. He will be nothing but a pile of flesh when I'm done, hehe.

Without hesitation, I stepped on the gas pedal. My wheels rolled fast.

*Broom broom!!

"Huh? W-what's going on?"

My driver panicked. It sucks to be my driver, but this time he will probably lose his job. If he's not lucky, he might go to jail.

"M- My brake! It's not working!!"

He shouted and tried to step on the break, but it was useless, as if I would listen.

"Everybody!! Get out of the way!!"

*Beep! Beep!

The driver honked the horn when he saw that he was about to hit a structure.

People heard the horn and immediately ran to avoid me.

However, it seems that my target is wearing earphones and can't hear them. Look at that~

"Hey! Get out, there's a truck!"

"Oh, my God!!"

People yelled at my target, but he was nonchalantly drinking. When he turned around, his eyes widened as he realized that a big truck was about to run him over.


I thought I heard him curse.

That's right, boy, you are indeed in deep shit. Well, I hope you have a fulfilling life in another world. I don't know why the gods and goddesses want me to kill you. But considering that they are interested in you, they must have a plan.


A loud crash. I felt his body crushed by the force as I hit at him.

My front was dented as I hit the wall. I lost my speed and came to a complete stop.

Everyone was stunned for a second. But they remembered that someone had been hit by the truck.

"S- Someone call an ambulance!"


Ambulance? Help? Bruh, he is already dead. I'm good at my job and I've never missed.

My target is already gone, he is probably meeting a god or goddess right now.

The citizens turned pale, but their minds reacted quickly. They approached me and the remaining flesh.

As for the driver, he came out of the truck groggy. His face was bleeding and he was vomiting. I don't know if he's sick from the crash or from taking an innocent life.

Oops, looks like my time here is up. I have to move on to my next destination.

Let's see... Oh! I guess I have to go back to Japan now. I have three targets this time!

A fat guy and a high school couple.

Hehe, let's see their reactions before I smash their bodies to pieces.

All right, Truck-kun out.

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