Book cover of “Reincarnated as a Fox with System“ by godadi

Reincarnated as a Fox with System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: godadi
  • Uploaded by user411463
Reincarnated as a fox by mistake, Tang Li Xue receives a unique system that offers her a chance to evolve and become a Deity as compensation for the error. In the vast Immortal World, brimming with powerful cultivators, demonic beasts, and mysterious spirits, survival as a mere fox seems impossible. But Tang Li Xue is determined to defy the odds. T... 

Chapter 1


What is misfortune?

Someone said he had misfortune because he did not win the lottery that day. Another said she had misfortune because her boyfriend broke up with her.

Tang Li Xue could only sneer at them… Misfortune?

No one knew more about misfortune than her!

Her mother died when giving birth to her.

Her father was a heavy gambler and acquired a lot of debt.

Her father then fled, leaving only the sickly Tang Li Xue with her poor big brother.

She had poor health since she was little, so without money or an education her brother had no choice but to join a gang to pay her hospital fees and the debt their father left them.

Again, fate played with her life. Her beloved big brother was involved in a brawl between gangs and was hit by a car. In the end, he was left as a vegetable.

Tang Li Xue began to question God's existence.. How could her life be so miserable?

She forced herself to work so she could pay the hospital fees for her big brother.

There was no other choice!

Her big brother was in a coma and they were saddled with countless debts thanks to their father!

There was no time for her to complain about her misfortune and no time for her to pray for good fortune!

She could only work multiple jobs day and night.

Tang Li Xue's sickly body became weaker and weaker with each passing day…

In the end…

Everything went blank…

As her vision turned black…

Tang Li Xue slowly regained her consciousness.

'Ahh… I never felt this good before in my life!'

'It's as if my body became really light… so light… like I am flying.'

"THE HECK?! I REALLY AM FLYING!" Tang Li Xue opened her eyes and found out that she was flying in an empty white space.

'Opened her eyes' wasn't really accurate since she was actually a flying soul in the shape of a ball right now and she had no eyes to open.

"Bohoho… What a poor child!"

Tang Li Xue turned her field of vision and found there was an old granny in this empty white space.

'Eh... Granny, please don't cry. I am ok.' Tang Li Xue sighed. 'It looks like I am really dead now. But I am still really worried about my big brother. I hope... He can wake up from his coma soon and find his own happiness in the end.' Tang Li Xue thought. As a soul, she cannot speak yet the old Granny seemed to understand her anyway.

"Don't worry poor child! Everything has its own fate and destiny. By the way, this granny's name is Meng Po. You can call me Grandma Meng." Grandma Meng's smile was very gentle and full of sympathy. After reading Tang Li Xue's history, Grandma Meng truly sympathized with Tang Li Xue and mourned her previous fate. But she also knew that there was no alternative.

There were only two ways to become a deity and escape from a mortal's fate of growing old, suffering, and finally death. The first way was through cultivation, rising up from a mortal to an immortal and finally becoming a deity. The second way was through reincarnation and experienced 729 or 9x9x9 lives of suffering, trials, and tribulation.

There was no other way other than these two. Even Tang Sanzang, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and company had to pass 81, or 9 by 9, trials and tribulations on their journey to obtain Sutras and become deities.

"Do not worry child. In your next life you are destined to be a rich aristocrat's daughter. You will marry a kind-hearted second prince from a big empire, and live happily ever after." Grandma Meng said reassuringly with a gentle smile on her face before giving Tang Li Xue a cup of her forgetfulness tea.

Tang Li Xue was smiling and bouncing in happiness "After my last life of misfortunes and suffering, this time I will get a happy life! Thank you, God! Thank you, Grandma Meng!'

It was not strange that this time Tang Li Xue got a happy life, since if a soul experienced too much suffering and misfortunes in consecutive samsaras then it would accumulate resentment and become an evil spirit. So usually, everyone would get their own trials, sufferings, and happiness equally.

Tang Li Xue drank Grandma Meng's forgetfulness tea happily and gave the cup back to her.

"Good child, go and enter that tunnel over there. I hope you will quickly amass enough good karma to become a deity!" Grandma Meng pat Tang Li Xue's head… errr the top of her soul. Tang Li Xue bowed toward Grandma Meng and jumped into the tunnel.

The tunnel was not dark at all; the walls were black but there were countless light sparks of different colors, twinkling like the night sky.

'Uwaaah… It really feels like I went back to the material plane, maybe this tunnel actually connects this mysterious netherworld with the countless planets and cosmos in the material world!' Tang Li Xue sighed mentally. 'Whatever, it's not my business anymore since I will forget everything later anyway.'

But when Tang Li Xue was halfway through the tunnel…


The ground started to shake violently!

'What?! Even in this afterlife, there are also earthquakes?! I… I... I feel sick!'

'Oeeeeeeeeeekh' Tang Li Xue felt extremely dizzy and uncomfortable. When she dropped down, she puked all the forgetfulness tea back out.

"What?! What is happening?! Don't tell me that damn monkey is playing around with the samsara tunnel again!" Grandma Meng quickly stood up and cursed. "OH NO! That good child! Alas! Hopefully, nothing bad happened to her! If it did, I will make that damned monkey take responsibility for it!" Grandma Meng jumped up in panic and checked the tunnel out, but her face quickly turned pale.

"DAMN MONKEY, YOU ARE ASKING FOR IT!!!" Grandma Meng screamed in anger.


Tang Li Xue started to regain consciousness but her body still felt numb.

'Haaaah… I puked out all the tea of forgetfulness while in that tunnel… Sorry Grandma Meng, it was all really an accident.'

'But really! I will be reborn with my previous memories fully intact like in the novels!' Then Tang Li Xue Sighed, 'Unfortunately, Earth did not have any supreme godly techniques, magic, or mystical arts… So my memories are all practically useless. I didn't even have enough money to go to school nor have the time to learn any useful skill…' She sighed again.

[Please be calm and wait, you will soon awaken to experience your new life in this world]

'Woah!!! I'm so excited! A new world! I will be a rich princess and marry a handsome prince this time! Uehe… Hehehehehe… MUAHAHAHAHA… Oops… Tang Li Xue, please mind your manners and be more feminine, you are an aristocratic princess to be after all! Pffft… Hehehe…'

[You will be reborn in the high-ranked realm, the immortal world, Lightwind Continent, South Prefecture, Moonlight Forest]

'Woooaah! High-ranked realm! IMMORTAL WORLD! Woooooaaaah! Will there be any cultivators that can ride on a flying sword like in wuxia movies there?'

[This system is given to Host as compensation for the mistake made by The Great Sage Heaven's Equal. Please use it carefully and Host can reach the deity realm far more easily.]

'Eh… Mistake? What mistake? THE GREAT SAGE HEAVEN'S EQUAL?! Woaaahhh! He gave me a SYSTEM TO REACH DEITY REALM?! So generous! Thank you very much, Uncle Sun!'

[Level 1]

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: None


HP: 20/20

Strength: 1

Agility : 3

Toughness: 1

[Skills: Bite(Lv1), Scratch(Lv1)]

Stat Point: 5

Skill Point:1

'Woooooow! This… This is awesome! I have my own system?! Does it mean I am the true heroine of this world now?! I… I… I can't believe this! Am… Am I dreaming?! Whooohoo! This… This is really too good to be true!'

'But… But…Bite? Scratch? Are… Aren't these skills a little weird?'

Tang Li Xue's body started to regain some sensation, although she still felt incredibly numb. She twitched a bit and slowly opened her eyes to welcome her new world. But the first thing that caught her eyes was a pair of furry white paws in front of her.


'Something feels wrong here… Don't tell me…'


[Species: Fox Cub]

[Grade: Poor]


Chapter edited by: Loeri. Thanks to Loeri~

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