Book cover of “Reincarnated as a Goblin Queen“ by Omega_TC

Reincarnated as a Goblin Queen

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Omega_TC
  • Uploaded by user908640
In the world of Avalon, filled with magic, swords, dragons, and every fantasy imaginable, goblins rank among the weakest of species. Used as fodder for low-ranked adventurers, goblins are dangerous only in groups, yet their unique breeding talent ensures their constant, relentless numbers. Our story begins with a dominant, perverted girl reincarnat... 

Reincarnated as a Goblin

(Juri's POV)

Alright, so what do you think happens when you die? Well, first, there's nothing but warm and loving darkness. Even if you fear the dark, you wouldn't fear it this time. My name is Juri, and I was an otaku to say the very least. I was addicted to gaming, anime, and manga, but they didn't control my life. I was a lawyer who specialized in all fields, from closing contracts to making sure that criminals get into prison.

I was cold, cunning, cruel, and ruthless. I was one of the best lawyers you could ever ask for, and as a topping, I was very perverted. I hid it extremely well but never changed the fact that I slept with multiple clients. I was another's woman's dream. I was lesbian, and I only preferred women, but to say the least, I was aggressive. I slept with my coworkers, clients, judges, my boss, married women, and even a few homeless women. I was very much a lust fiend, and I wasn't one to deny the fact that I was lustful.

As I was driving home one day, a truck hit the side of my car. It turns out that the dude who hit me was the husband of a woman I slept with. I saw him before I died and was immediately teleported into a black void. After a while, I got used to the immense darkness and simply layer there. I was still perverted as I remembered the extensive reading collection of hentai over the years. Suddenly, I felt like I was being pulled then I woke up in the arms of a greened skin woman with white hair.

Mother's Appearance ->

I was quite stunned at this as I had never seen a green-skinned woman before and never one this attractive. I had heard about this before, I was most likely reincarnated into a different species. I looked around a saw ugly-looking green-skinned men and human women chained up covered in what looked to be semen. Looking at everything, I would guess I was reincarnated as a goblin, which is bad.

Goblins get hunted daily, and it is very common for goblins to rape women of various to reproduce. So goblins are extremely hated and looked down upon as I read stories of where goblins raided a village and killed all the men and boys and took all the women and girls.

The goblins raped the women but let the girls grow older before doing the same to them. To say the least, in that story, the goblins of that group had a massive population increase. It went from a few hundred to thousands in a matter of months. I remember that story well, and I think this is also similar to that story.

I sighed as I looked up at the green-skinned woman I presumed to be my mother. I saw her take one of her breasts from her leather top and present it to me. I was hesitant but gave in and drank her milk. It was quite the flavor bomb, it tasted sweet and… Nutritious? The woman bought me to her section of the Cave, which was far away from the rest, and put a glowing blue crystal in my mouth, which I was forced to swallow.

Then suddenly, I could understand the woman's strange noises. When I'm able to understand, it sounds very elegant, soft, and loving. The woman the to look at my crotch and was confused. She said I look female but have a makes crotch. Now that I think about all the female goblins look very human, and all the male goblins look slightly deformed. I guess that female goblins look more humanoid than male goblins. The woman then covered me in a leather blanket I saw tears in her eyes. I subconsciously reached out my little green baby hand to her.

(Time skip 3 months)

Current MC/Juri ->

Turns out that after three months of rapid growth and goblins growth slows that of a regular human. At the moment, I would be considered a young adult to the goblin. The past 3 months haven't been so bad honestly, I spent majoring of my time seeing women get raped constantly, but besides that, it wasn't too bad. For the first 2 weeks, I was around the size of a kid goblin, very small and adorable. I would crawl and walk over to the humans and pet their heads. They looked at me with disgust, but I didn't mind too much, I would clean the humans' skin and would, pet their heads when they cried, and would always have a gentle smile on my face. They would ask me to help them escape, but I would pretend I didn't understand them.

Now despite what it seems, the goblins besides raping them constantly, never actually abuse them. They would just kill them, but they need to breed, and female goblins are used for trade for certain things; Goblins are quite smart. At around the 2nd month, my mother, who is called Maria, is actually the healer of the group, that's why she isn't traded or bred, and that is also always my protection as well. The human women had taken a liking to me after I grew into a teen in the eyes of the goblins.

They didn't look at me with as much disgust as they used and the goblins never stopped me from seeing as they didn't care. My mother was very intelligent, like all the other female goblins, but she alone possessed the ability to heal people. That alone warranted the flock leader to pronounce my mother his wife. That's also why I was born, to symbolize their marriage.

My father was strange, but I could tell he did care for me. After what my mother told me, my father never bred with humans again after he married my mother. My father's name was Urok, and he was a hobgoblin therefore, he was stronger, smarter, and faster than any of their goblins, which also provided me with another layer of protection.

Also, in the 2nd mother period, male teen goblins wanted to breed with me. And one even tried to force themselves on me, but I went beat the shit out of him. Which made my parent smirk on their faces, but they looked at me strangely. My mother told me to kill the goblin who dared to do that. So… I did; I killed him and ripped out his heart; the humans looked at me, terrified.

Something I should've mentioned was I had a skill called {Devour}. It allowed me to take the skills, stats, and knowledge of what I eat. I figured out after the hunting got a strange look boar and when I ate, I got its skills, stats, and a few traits. One, my muscles and bone were stronger; two, my skull and all the bones in it became a lot stronger. It was when I realized this was the cheat that was given, no life of glamour just protection from being raped by my clan.

When it hit the 3rd month period, I was forced into a hunt. The reason was that I was stronger than most goblins and I was the leader's daughter. So we went out to hunt for meat, and soon we found boar. I was told to kill it with two small bone-daggers as my only weapon. I had climbed a tree to get above it and dropped down on top of it and stabbed both of its eyes.

This attack sent it into a blind frenzy so I road it headed first into a tree and began stabbing it repeatedly. The boar fell dead as I continued stabbing it over and over and over again until I dropped my daggers. The goblins looked at me stunned, they didn't expect me to win. I let a bestial roar I didn't know I could do and hoped for the boar. With my body being as strong as it is I lift the boar over my back and carry it back to the cave. The goblins were shocked at what they heard and began cheering for my victory. My father allowed me to keep my gain to myself and went out to hunt a meal for the rest of the clan.

My mother showed me how to prepare and cook the boar and made the boar on a stick. I shared my food with the humans, which they hesitantly thanked me for. Every human here has at least given birth to 12 goblins. And they have already been impregnated with another batch. So I asked them to teach me their language with hand gestures, and They understood and nodded.

(Time Skip another 2 months)

The goblins haven't brought any new women, meaning they probably already have them all in the immediate area. The human women have been teaching me their language, which my father and mother were hesitant about. He did tell me to if they say anything about escaping to let him know though. So during the first month, I learned the basic alphabet and pronounced the letters. The second month I can now communicate with them. They asked me to help them escape, but I refused and told them I could only improve their quality of life, which they accepted.

The humans don't look at me with disgust and understand that I won't betray my clan for them but thank me anyways. I asked my mother to teach me certain things, like how to make blankets and leather, which she taught me. She asked me why I wanted to learn these things I told them about humans. She scolded me for being too nice to them, but I gave her a compelling argument, and she just sighed knowing she couldn't stop me. I have been going on a lot more hunts and have been feeding some of my prey to humans, making them appear more healthy. They still get raped, but they've gotten used to it, it's more emotionless, if even that. I asked Maria if she was born a human and she said yes and told me she escaped a long time ago.

I would use leftovers from our hunts to make blankets and new clothing for them to keep warm. I did the same for some of the high-ranking goblins, so no one got jealous. There are around 37 human women in our cave, and none of them hate me. I always made it so that women would have an easier time adjusting. The main reason is I'll soon have to breed them. I still suffer from the same extreme sexual drive as every other goblin does. I masturbate quite frequently now, especially since my cock is now massive. I always notice the humans looking at my cock as there's always a massive bulge, even if I'm where something to cover it.

My mother told me I could use magic, but she couldn't teach me it since I had to be 2 years old to learn it. I asked my mother about my lust, and she said she'd be surprised that I hadn't used the humans for my lust yet. She said that around the 2nd month, I should've been impregnating everything that moved.

I was shocked that my self-control had been so good. My mother also said that the longer I hold off, the worse. Besides that, I have taken care of the humans well as they do smell shit as they now have buckets they can shit in, thanks to me of course. Also, I decided to leave them alone for a while and focus on getting stronger. I'm the second strongest goblin, just behind my father, but he said I'd have to beat him to take over. That's why every goblin leader has been stronger and smarter than the previous.

I also told the women about my ever-growing lust, and they understood.

(Time skip 5 more months)

It's getting really hard to control my lust now and I masturbate 12 times a day now and that doesn't satisfy me anymore. So now I'll have to ask one of them. I walked over to the women inside their cell-like homes and asked them if one of them was willing to help me. They stopped playing the small game I made for them and looked at each other. A blond-haired girl named Edith had said she would and who is also the first woman I talked to. So I took her to a corner away from the other and asked if she was sure. Edith said, "Look, I don't like being raped constantly, but the fact that you ask goes a long way for me now. If I were to give birth to another child, I wouldn't hate it being yours at the very least.". I thanked her, laid her down on her back, and gently kissed her. I caressed her breasts softly and gently while kissing her. The other females were watching intensely.

After 5 minutes of caressing her body in a way so she would, for the first time in 10 months, feel pleasure; I stopped. I got between her legs and ate her out, and my tongue is far longer, thick, and harder than a normal goblin's. I could hear Edith breathing heavily at the feeling of all her good areas finally being treated with care. As I continued, her pussy became wetter, and Edith's breath kept getting faster and faster. Grasp my head and let out a soft moan as she, for the first time since she was married, had a meaningful orgasm. Her juices sprayed into my mouth like a steady stream of sweet water as it began fueling my lust more. After she released me, she noticed my bitch-breaker of cock standing tall and ready. The masculine smell exuding from it made her head foggy for a second.

I lined up the tip to her entrance and asked if it was okay for the last time. She nodded as I gently eased my way into her pussy. She bit her lips at the pain of her pussy getting stretched out. I stopped allowing her to adjust even if I was barely half of my cock was in. After a minute, she nodded, and I pushed in deeper, hitting the cervix at around 65% of my cock. Edith gasped at the feeling as I pulled out gently and pushed in gently. Edith was biting her lips, trying not to moan as I hit all her spots perfectly. I kept going slowly and gently while waiting for her queue to go faster. She whispered for me to go fast to her, and I obliged as now you could hear the sound of my giant sack slapping against her ass. Edith was moaning softly at the feeling of being cared for and loved, feeling her body warmly. I bite my lips hard to resist cumming inside her at the moment as I want to last longer. Kept going, and in 3 minutes, she orgasmed as I was now moving at a normal pace as the sound of my balls slapping against Edith's ass could be heard through the entire cave. Other goblins started to get horny and were about to use the other women before I let out my bloodlust.

The goblins backed off as I started to slam my cock into Edith's pussy harder as the feeling of an orgasm was approaching. Edith wrapped her legs and arms around me as I couldn't contain myself a cummed deep inside her womb. Edith finally let out that moan she was holding as she filled the cave. I pulled out as Edith lay limp with an Ahegao as cum flowed from her pussy. I looked at the other goblins with the presence of a leader "If they are touched I will eat you alive". They got so scared they actually ran off and then I heard my father behind me. He told me the only way they'll listen to my request is if I become leader of the clan and beat him in-front of everyone in the clan.

I ask "Father, are you ready to give up the clan?". He replied "I'm getting old and I know the way you look at Maria and your astounding strength and growth, but what you gonna do. You'll not only have to kill me, but every male in the clan to keep them to yourself and then you'll have to rebuild it.". I ask "Are you fine with this dad?" And he replied "I been fine with it since the day you were born, I saw your greatness and what you could accomplish…So I'm giving you that freedom right now".

I accepted and before I knew it we were now in the middle of the entire clan ready to kill each other. I swung at me with a overhead swing of his club, the swing had enough power to turn someone from my world in a liquified puddle of flesh. Time seemed to slow down to me as I spotted every single openings that could be seen. In the cloud of dust where no one could see me I vanished. When it cleared I was gone and no one could find me. I fell down on his shoulder and broke is neck, as I hopped of him I watch as my father fell to the ground with a smile on his face.

I looked at all of the males and went on a rampage as the cave was littered with the blood of over 200 goblins. I made sure to eat the flesh of every of him and I ate the heart of my father so he could watch as I bring the goblin race to heavens. All that was left was the 8 female goblins, the 37 human females, me and my mother.

I can make do with this as I felt the strength of 200 goblins and a hobgoblin synthesis with my body as I began to evolve.

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