Book cover of “Reincarnated as Karna with System in Mahabharata“ by Suryaputra_Karna01

Reincarnated as Karna with System in Mahabharata

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Suryaputra_Karna01
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Jaswant, a young orphan from Kalyug, was known for his hardworking nature and deep care for his fellow orphans. His life took a mysterious turn when, at the age of sixteen, he died under inexplicable circumstances. But death was not the end for Jaswant. He was reincarnated as Karna from Dwapar Yug, bestowed with a powerful boon—a system. Now, in a ... 

Chapter No.1 Unexpected Death Part 1(Edited)

Have you ever wondered why Karna was so unlucky and, unfortunate figure due for various reasons? While he possessed extraordinary abilities and skills, his life was marked by several instances of misfortune. Here are some factors that contribute to Karna's portrayal as an unlucky character:

1. Birth and Social Status: Karna was born to Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, through a divine boon. However, Kunti abandoned him at birth, and he was raised by a charioteer. As a result, he was not aware of his true lineage and suffered from social discrimination throughout his life due to his lower caste status. His unknown parentage played a significant role in shaping his unfortunate circumstances.

2. Rejection and Humiliation: When Karna attempted to participate in the archery contest held in Hastinapura, he was ridiculed and rejected by the royal family and other warriors due to his low birth. Despite his exceptional skills, he was denied the opportunity to showcase his abilities and prove his worth.

3. Friendship with Duryodhana: Karna's association with Duryodhana, the eldest Kaurava prince, further contributed to his ill fortune. While Duryodhana valued Karna's skills and treated him as an equal, their friendship led Karna to side with the Kauravas, who were eventually defeated in the Kurukshetra War. Being on the wrong side of the conflict resulted in a series of tragic events for Karna.

4. Oath to Not Reject Requests: One of the notable aspects of Karna's character is his unwavering adherence to his word. He made a vow never to refuse anyone who sought his help, which ultimately became a disadvantage. This oath, while noble, led to situations where Karna had to face unfavourable circumstances or make choices that were detrimental to his well-being.

5. Curses: Karna was cursed on multiple occasions, which further added to his misfortunes. One significant curse came from his guru, Parashurama, who cursed Karna to forget the knowledge of the divine weapon, Brahmastra, at the time of his greatest need. Another curse was from a Brahmin who cursed Karna that he would be killed by an opponent who had a divine weapon.

6. Battle with Arjuna: Karna's most fateful encounter was his duel with Arjuna, his half-brother and one of the Pandava warriors. Despite his exceptional skills, Karna faced a series of unfortunate events during this battle. His chariot wheel got stuck in the ground, and while he was trying to free it, Arjuna killed him with the help of Lord Krishna, who acted as Arjuna's charioteer.

These are some important reasons for Karna's ill fate, But do you all know what was the most important reason for Karna's death? Well, it was Devraj (King of Gods) Indra.

Yes, you are correct. One of the significant factors contributing to Karna's death was his interaction with Indra, the king of gods in Hindu mythology. During the Kurukshetra War, Indra, disguised as a Brahmin, approached Karna and requested his divine armour, known as Kavacha and Kundala. Karna, bound by his oath to never refuse a request, willingly gave away his armour, even though he knew it would weaken him in battle.

By parting with his armour, Karna became vulnerable, and his chances of survival against Arjuna and other powerful opponents decreased significantly. This act of selflessness, though admirable, played a crucial role in his eventual downfall.

In return for his sacrifice, Indra granted Karna the powerful weapon called Sakti Astra, which he could use only once against an opponent of his choosing. While this weapon enhanced Karna's abilities, it also became a double-edged sword, as he had to use it judiciously and make it count in a decisive moment.

During the final battle with Arjuna, Karna held on to the Sakti Astra, waiting for the right opportunity to use it against his formidable opponent. However, circumstances and divine intervention prevented him from doing so. Lord Krishna, who supported Arjuna, cleverly orchestrated events that led to Karna's chariot wheel getting stuck in the ground. While Karna was trying to free his chariot, Arjuna took advantage of the situation and struck him down with the help of Krishna.

Karna's encounter with Indra and his subsequent decision to give away his armour and accept the Sakti Astra played a significant role in shaping his tragic fate.

While Karna possessed extraordinary abilities and skills, his life was marked by a series of unfortunate events and decisions that ultimately led to his untimely demise. His encounter with Indra and the subsequent choices he made were significant factors that contributed to his portrayal as an unlucky and unfortunate figure in the Mahabharata.


On the 17th day of the War at Kurukshetra,

A chariot was fleeing at a rapid pace, trying to escape the battlefield. A beautiful youth with a glowing complexion the colour of rain clouds, There was a peacock feather adorned on his Mukut (Crown) was the charioteer. The youth was none other than Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was driving the chariot for Arjuna, the great Pandava warrior and Karna's arch-rival.

And another chariot was following closely behind, Riden by a person so beautiful that his radiance rivalled that of the sun. It was Karna, the valiant warrior, adorned with simple armour and a celestial bow in his hand. Despite his imminent defeat, Karna fought relentlessly, displaying his exceptional skills and unwavering determination.

As the chariots raced across the battlefield, Arjuna and Karna engaged in a fierce duel of arrows. Each arrow released from their bows was like a streak of lightning, tearing through the air with incredible speed and precision. The battlefield trembled under the weight of their confrontation, and the gods themselves watched in awe.

But amidst the chaos and violence, a deep sense of sorrow pervaded the atmosphere. The tragic fate of Karna, a mighty warrior with a noble heart, hung heavy in the air. Despite his many misfortunes and the circumstances that led to his downfall, Karna fought with valour and integrity till the very end.

As the battle raged on, Arjuna's arrows found their mark, piercing Karna's armour and inflicting grievous wounds. But Karna, refusing to yield, fought on with unwavering determination. It was as if he drew strength from the depths of his being, fueled by his indomitable spirit and the weight of his destiny.

As Karna's chariot came to a halt, trapped by the wheel that had become lodged in the ground, he knew that his end was near. Sensing his moment of vulnerability, Arjuna seized the opportunity and released a powerful arrow aimed at Karna's heart.

It was at this moment that Lord Krishna, the charioteer and divine guide, revealed his divine form to Arjuna. The magnitude of Krishna's presence filled the battlefield, and time seemed to stand still. In a voice that resounded with cosmic power, Krishna reminded Arjuna of Karna's true identity and the noble qualities that defined him.

But even in the face of this divine revelation, Arjuna remained steadfast in his determination to defeat Karna. With a heavy heart, Krishna urged Arjuna to release the arrow that would bring an end to Karna's life.

As the arrow soared through the air, its trajectory guided by Krishna's divine will, it found its mark and struck Karna's chest. The valiant warrior, with his last breath, whispered a prayer to the sun god, his father, and embraced his destiny.

The battlefield fell into a profound silence as Karna, the ill-fated hero, breathed his last. The tragic tale of his life, marked by misfortune and untapped potential, came to a poignant end. Karna's death left a void in the hearts of those who witnessed his valour and recognized the complexity of his character.

Only cries of a muscular man were heard in the distance, the anguished cry of Dhuryodhan, Karna's dear friend and ally, who mourned the loss of a true warrior and a kindred spirit. The weight of Karna's death echoed across the battlefield, reminding all of the fleeting nature of life and the inevitability of destiny.

And as the sun set on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, a profound sense of loss and sorrow enveloped the hearts of those who had witnessed the tragic fate of Karna. The memory of his unwavering loyalty, his unparalleled skills, and his noble spirit would forever be etched in the annals of history, serving as a reminder of the complexities of life and the power of fate.

The tale of Karna stands as a testament to the interplay between fortune and misfortune, and the enduring legacy of a character whose life was marred by tragedy but defined by resilience and unwavering principles. Though he may have been an unlucky figure, Karna's story continues to captivate hearts and minds, inspiring reflection on the human condition and the pursuit of righteousness in the face of adversity.




*To Be Continued*


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