Book cover of “Reincarnation of a Shadow Demon“ by Kindred_spirits

Reincarnation of a Shadow Demon

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kindred_spirits
  • Uploaded by user369415
Addicted to fantasy online role-playing games and novels, Cale drifts further from reality, often dreaming of the fantastical worlds he immerses himself in. Friends and family become distant memories, their connections faded into obscurity. Though he feels no attachment to his current life, he continues to walk its path, yearning for something more... 

Chapter 1:Cale

Son of a bi-calm down Cale it's a regular pay to win gamer he's got no experience with those magical items he has no idea how to use them effectively however I've perfected and upgraded these items for hours no mere human could comprehend so take thi-

( Dragon emperor Cale defeated by nugget)

i-i was beaten by a money player with such a boring name....this game just isn't the same why is it every developer gets greedy after a little fame allowing pay advantages lowers the skill level for the game fuck their all the same.

(are you sure you'd like to delete Heroes Legend? all data will be lo-)

I get it I'm done playing a pay to win game anyway, what's the time do I have work today, it's 8:40 I'm late huh....i still need work to pay for all these games geeze why is life so hard to live.

" Cale this is the 4th time this week I'm starting to worry about your...addiction"

"I understand I'll try my best to stray away from video games" that's a lie the games are all I have why should I try and quit?.

I've been working an office job for a few months now after I graduated from college I'd hoped after that life would be simple I was done with school I was free from work however I was sadly mistaken my parents gave me a little money to get started and after that i had to get a job gargh it feels just as bad as regular school sigh....


" Cale I'm guessing it's the usual hot pocket and cool drink right?"

" yeah I'm too tired to cook proper food at least after working this overtime today"

I exited the store frowning a bit as I stared at my meal for the night although it wasn't like it would change an addiction is an addiction I'd dug so deep into it the only way forward was further down.

" death honestly sounds better than this hellhole "

my head slowly turned towards the direction of the voice with my eyes widening in shock as I did so , my legs reacted on their own bolting towards the man in a speed I never knew I was capable of, the woman dropped a brick into the water that was tied to his neck and in an instant he disappeared into the water, beating with fear I threw my groceries aside and jumped after her swimming with whatever strength my body could offer.

Gosh this temperature why am I going this far....those fantasy novels are getting into my he-...air I need ai-

[ awaken master]

my body felt light lighter than normal however on the greater note I was alive and the water seemed to have left for some reason, i felt utterly dry without a single drop of water.

[are you awake master?]

I glanced around looking for the voice that called .to me ultimately causing me to notice the odd scenenary , a rocky grey like sandy surface, no sound, no....

I felt across my head only to find my ears had completely disappeared and so had my nose completely.


[answering: Location- Oblivion level 0]

"O-Oblivion.....hey did i.....die?"

[unknown master]

"this is insanity.....IM LOSING IT!!"

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