Book cover of “Reject Humanity, Return to Monke“ by IAmGuavaFruit

Reject Humanity, Return to Monke

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: IAmGuavaFruit
  • Uploaded by user425844
An ordinary day in an ordinary life—that is, until I found myself stabbed to death by a fellow student for reasons unknown. As I drifted through the infinite darkness of the void, a holographic window appeared, prompting me to reincarnate. Of course, I pressed yes—it's boring here. Suddenly, I found myself reincarnated as a dungeon master... as a m... 


[Do you wish to reincarnate?]


I saw a holographic window appear in front of me within the infinite darkness. I tilted my head left and right, in an attempt to make some popping noise, only to be rewarded with nothing. To be fair though, I kind of had that coming, seeing that I had no more body. Even the concept of seeing is somewhat lost on me right now.

Anyway, moving on from that internal debate of the physical manifestation of my body, I looked at the window and pondered the life choices I made before dying due to some stabby stab action. Lemme see, played games, went to school, settled my grades somewhere in the middle, made some friends, lost some friends, had no girlfriend, eat, sleep, repeat… Yeah, I have no idea why I got some stabby stab action warranted.

It hurt like hell though, so if I ever see him again, you bet I'd have my revenge.

Back on topic, seeing as I didn't want to wander through the void for eternity, I hovered my non-existent finger over Y and pressed on it. Some blinding light shows later and the previously infinite darkness was replaced by…

"AGH! MY EYES!!! TOO BRIGHT!!!" I screamed out loud. As a somewhat nocturnal person back in my old world, having some bright light filter into my eyes hurt like hell. This is why I never did like waking up in my room where the window was facing east. The sun always gets my eyes stinging!

After a brief episode of complaining about bright light and whatnot, I focused on the holographic screen in front of me. Written on it were some words describing my situation.

[Hello, and welcome to the Character Selection Screen. I'm the tutorial menu and I'll be here guiding you into what you'll need to know in order to customize your appearance and stats!]

So… Game like world then? I've read novels and fanfictions about people getting isekai'd or reincarnated into other parallel worlds with game systems as their main power, and it looks like I'll be sharing the same privilege as them as well. Sweet.

I tapped on the arrow pointing to the right on the screen, and the writings altered itself on the dot. Also, I found that I have my arms back.

[To get started, I'll be guiding you through the one place where most reincarnators (players) spend most of their time on. The Character Customization Screen]

Ah yes… The whole, '1 hour in and I still haven't finished my character!' schtick… Cool, anyways… The screen then shifted and lo and behold, the holographic window now featured a genderless body in a T-pose with everything blank, on the left was a toolbar with a bunch of options.

And what I mean bunch, I meant 10,000 tools bunch… It would take ages to skim through the options, so I opted to change the character model using basic tools.

Basically, I just made myself above-average in looks, not fairy-tale prince charming good looking, but more, 'I'm more handsome than Jeff!' good looking. I then made myself about 6"3' tall since I had a minor complex about my previous 5"3' stature of height.

Then my body composition. I made it slim and toned like that of a swimmer's body as opposed to a bodybuilder or just plain chubby. I've already led a life of a chubby/chunky boy, let me try being a slim one this time.

Then… Here comes the most important part of all… my dong size… Yes… All the way up to 9 inches… What? It's every man's dream to have a dong size this big without any external care.

Now that's all done, I made my eyes heterochromatic, with red and blue on separate sides, and last but not least, hair. Made my hair a bit shaggy, without much pubic hair, and the last is my skin tone, long story short, I ramped it up to pure white, with my hair color being pure white as well.

[Already done with Character Customization? You're fast, some would take years to finish theirs, so congrats. You'll be given a prize later on, but for now, the next part of the tutorial.]

The window closed itself, and my body shifted and transformed. I didn't feel anything, but the subtle changed made me feel a bit uneasy. A few seconds of uncomfortableness later, my new body was now being used by yours truly, and also naked as the day I was born, my huge dong hanging out freely for anybody else to see.

The window then reappeared but this time, it showed something any RPG player, a filthy casul or veteran would know.

A damned status screen.

Name: Jionni

Age: 0

Gender: Male

Race: N/A

Class: N/A

Level: 1

Exp: 0/ 100

HP: 110/ 110

MP: 110/ 110

Str: 1 = 1

Vit: 1 = 1

End: 1 = 1

Agi: 1 = 1

Dex: 1 = 1

Int: 1 = 1

Wis: 1 = 1

Cha: 1 = 1

Luc: 1 = 1

[This is your Status Sheet. This window will display your current status represented by numbers. For a quick explanation, an average adult male will have 20-30 in most stat attributes. For more in-depth clarification, discover it for yourself.]

Gee… Thanks for giving me the tutorial Dark Souls style… You're basically giving me the bare minimum of what to go on with this thing, not that I'm one to complain. After all, you're giving me a 2nd chance at life.

[You're one of the normal souls. Most of them would scream about how unfair I'm treating them with just telling them the bare essentials, self-entitled idiots are what I call them. Fun fact, 80% of them died within the first 5 years of their second life.]

… Oookkaayy…. Didn't need to know that information… Anyway, after briefly analyzing my status sheet, I could clearly see that there are no status points to spend, so either that I have none, or that it doesn't exist at all. My stats would probably go up after leveling up, which is probably better in my opinion. I don't want to die extremely early because I forgot to spend my points due to thinking I might need them in the future rather than the present.

[Done with the status sheet? Good, the next thing is picking a world, which is automatic during the first jump, so we can skip that. Your status will update once you transfer, giving you the bare minimum to survive. It is by your strength will you conquer impossible odds and rise to the top of the food chain. Good luck, and may you have a fun 2nd life!]

[Transfer Beginning shortly… Brace for dimension hopping in 3… 2… 1… Dimension hopping commencing]

I felt the white space distort and contract, while my vision swirl through nauseating lengths. I nearly vomited, once the transfer was done, but thanks to too much nausea and vomiting in my past life, I was able to hold it off and swallow the bile back.

"Ugh… They could've at least told me it would be like being thrown into a blender at max speed…" I grumbled under my breath. I looked around, seeing that I was in some kind of cave, with a neat crystal gem at the center. I reached forward, only to see that my previously white arm was covered in black fur and was thick as a log.

Uh… Et tu… Nani the fuck? I did not customize my body to be a hairy alpha… I looked down and what I saw horrified me. I quickly brought up my status by saying the universal command [Status] and saw the holographic function come to life.

Name: Jionni

Age: 0

Gender: Male

Race: Gorilla

Class: Juggernaut

Level: 1

Exp: 0/ 100

HP: 280/ 280

MP: 190/ 190

Str: 12 = 16

Vit: 16 = 18

End: 11 = 13

Agi: 8 = 8

Dex: 9 = 9

Int: 9 = 9

Wis: 8 = 8

Cha: 5 = 5

Luc: 1 = 1

… The system screwed me over… They fucking screwed me over…

[I did not. I did tell you that you would be given the bare minimum to survive in this world, and being human will ultimately get you killed in less than a few hours. Also, congrats, on your new life. Touch the gem in the middle to get started on your dungeon.]

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