Book cover of “Retired Demon King“ by Nopester

Retired Demon King

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nopester
  • Uploaded by user278142
The world has returned to peace after the defeat of the Demon King at the hands of the Heroes. With his reign of terror ended, the Demon King finds himself longing for the tranquility he had once sought to destroy. Embracing this newfound serenity, he decides to step down from his ominous role. To prevent any future threats and ensure lasting peace... 

Retirement Plan

Sol, 1560. Kingdom of Nightfall,

A lone figured lounged around in their war room, filled with plans of attack and points of interests. Of course, things aren't going so well for the Kingdom of Nightfall"… What was this war for again? I can't even remember what started this conflict in the first place?" There lied the Demon King, "Black Nightfall VI" whom was more of an Oni then normal Demon. Not that people pay attention to his first name. By the way, things were looking. His army was being absolutely demolished by the Heroes and their new fancy magic weapons.

Storming his Kingdom and Fortress, with that those fancy little magical weapons that practically does nothing to him to begin with. They didn't have any effect on him whatsoever, despite those properties. All that aside, Black was planning to do something, that might cause some problems. But who would dare oppose his calls. No one is powerful enough to get in his way…and that's the boring part.

Being born a demon gave you extraordinary prowess in anything, either it is physical or magical. Hell, even both if one desire that path...path..." I HAVE AN PLAN! Wait... I have a plan? Ahh, forget it"Soon, Black picked himself off his throne within this war room, this was going to be the beginning of the end for his legacy his ancestors have laid out during their failed conquests. So just for the moment, he ordered all of his generals to fall back from their battles with the heroes and straight to the war room

"My Generals! To your lord at once!" The sounds of metal clanks on the floor as his generals have arrived in record time. He expects no less from them.

"MY LEIGE! What may the matter be, if such urgency is needed from the problem at hand?" There was his first general, Jestes the VI. This family of demon had been long-standing friends...not just any family. They have close ties with Family with the Nightfall Lineage. Black even considers Jestes a Brother and was pretty open about such. Against the will of those High Council Morons, and even Jestes himself. It's...gonna be hard to break the ice to them.

"OI! WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA! I WAS SMASHING THOSE DUMB INVADERS HEADS IN!!!" Clearly the black sheep of Nightfall. Veilyn of the 5th Circle. A Ruby-Red bombshell of a Hellhound and obsessed with fighting. If anything, breaking down the news to someone like her will be just as bad as the war. Though the best case scenario that she'll take her anger out on the army they'll just abandon.

"Is it important? We are quite literally getting butchered out there" The voice of the everyday, nonchalant Goat-Elf Hybrid Deariste. This one would usually do anything to get out of a conflict, so this news might send him going off to an unknown place in a heart-beat. Leaving him to be the least of Black's Concern. That's aside, it's time for the hard part.

"Alright, my generals, I've come down to a great decision to turn things around for the four of us! It will be worthwhile!" Black stated with glee, he placed his hands together and decided to come right out with it"Jestes, Veilyn, Deariste...lets abandoned the army and live our lives without this nonsense" Silence began to flood the room as Jestes and Veilyn looked at their lord is disbelief while Deariste was nowhere to be seen. Leaving the pair in distress

"WAIT, WHERE DID DEARISTE GO?!?!" Both Jestes and Veilyn shouted, looking to the side and seeing nothing.

"Oh Deariste left the moment I said those words"Black stated, leaving the two in more disbelief as they shouted more"HE ALREADY LEFT!?" The Demon King covered his ears and sighed"Could you two stop shouting? Are we following through or not?" Veilyn stood against the idea of just backing out of all of this.

"Black! We can't just drop out. Those heads aren't gonna crush themselves y'know!" Black was not amused and shut her down"Sorry Vei, but I'm stopping you right there"

Of course, such an argument was immediately thrown out the window. Leaving Jestes at the defense"B-but my Liege! We shouldn't just...stop! Our Ancestors have paved the road for us! We need to continue to crave out th-"Sudden, Black ended up covering Jestes' face. Leaving nothing but a muffled voice and mutters to come out.

Black gave Jestes a stern stare before speaking"Jestes, I do not care for my ancestors. Because here's the thing and listen loud and clear....ahem..." He cleared his throat before shouting loud and proud"I. DO. NOT. CARE! What good were our ancestors if we were only born to continue a War. My bloodline should've ended with my Father, but NOOOOOO! He just had to fall in love with a Human and have me. Which brings me to my next problem, he used my mother as an excuse to go to war with another kingdom when she died by their hand! So tell me Jestes, what is there to argue about! You can continue this fight for as long as you want. But I'm out!" Throwing all this nonsense while shaking his friend by the shoulders, which wasn't really helping his case, but out of anxiety.

Jestes promptly nodded and agree"I-I see my Liege-" Black gave Jestes a tense look, not wanting to be called that with someone he considers his brother"And stop calling me that will you, it just makes me want to walk out even more!" Meanwhile, poor Veilyn was in the midst of this banter, trying to wrap her head around what to do. Veilyn interjected on this...and by that. Just hitting them over the head into the floor"AH STOP TALKING YOU TWO! Let's just go already!" The two were planted right into the floor.

With rubble coming from his head, Black smirked as he lifted himself up" I'm counting three to one Jestes. What do you say?" With nothing else to fight back with. Jestes gave up, lifting himself up as well, and went along with them." But My... I mean Black! What about the Council?" Snickering to himself, Black gave them an answer"Oh please, those geezers can't even defend themselves. Leave 'em for dead"

"BUT!" Jestes was quickly cut off as Black was in the middle of a sequence to open a Portal. Jestes realize there was no stopping this. Now going to help his brother with the Portal Spell, Veilyn grew a smile as she awaits them. The portal starts opening on the other side was Ancient Ruins, a place that hasn't been hit by anything during these years. No word was said as Veilyn got ready to lunge at them. Taking notice, they tried to stop her.

"VEILYN! WAIT!" The two said in unison before throwing herself at them, shoving all three into the portal and watching it close behind them.

This was the day that the Kingdom of Nightfall was burned to the ground, along with anything associated with it. The 4th Realm was left razed, with no army to inhabit it, no generals to defend it, no councils left to control it...and no king left to rule it.

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