Book cover of “Return of the Lunatic Demon Emperor“ by SleepyWriter69

Return of the Lunatic Demon Emperor

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: SleepyWriter69
  • Uploaded by user674250
"Fucking Old Demon! I am here today to make sure that you pay for sullying my body!" "Disgusting Demon, I am here to avenge my fallen sect that you destroyed, and today, I am going to make sure you wish you were never born!" "Xi Yun, you Old Demon, your sins will not be forgiven! You have killed countless people just to cultivate your Celestial Dem... 

Old Demon Xi Yun

"Old Demon! Today will be the day that you will die!"

"You better surrender and give us the Celestial Demonic Moth, if you do it then we will make sure you die a painless death!"

"Fucking Old Demon! I am here today to make sure that you pay for sullying my body!"

"Disgusting Demon, I am here to avenge my fallen sect that you destroyed and today, I am going to make sure that you wish that you are not born!"

"Xi Yun you Old Demon, your sins are not going to be forgiven for you have killed countless people just to cultivate your Celestial Demonic Moth!"

"Today we all banded to get rid of these world's greatest evil!"

Xi Yun, look at the people in front of him. There are at least a thousand of them if not more and most of them are spirit cultivators just below his level. They all came from the righteous paths, but there are some who are on the demonic path that is participating in killing him as well.

His face paled when he looked at the people determined to kill him. He fought them to death and he tried to escape but they are dead set on killing him despite the fact they have already lost half of them in their pursuit.

'Looks like heaven finally have enough of me and wanted me dead today' Xi Yun smiled when he thought of this.

"Get rid of evil? Are you sure that your intentions are as clear as what you show them to be? How can you people say that you are from the righteous path when you are sacrificing your comrades just for my treasure" He smiled while blood flows from his lips.

His torn clothes that are dyed red with various blood of countless people adds more eeriness to the scene.

"Ridding of this world's greatest evil is much more important! Their sacrifice will not be forgotten as time passed!" A man said, crying while pointing his sword to Xi Yun.

"That's right! They will be the heroes of this period, with our success they won't be forgotten!"

"Don't try to stall time so that you can recover your spirit essence!"

"Don't let him recover or else he will escape us like last time!"

Xi Yun looks in front of him, there is no way for him to escape with his meager spirit essence left in his soul vessel.

Facing this, he didn't choose to retreat. "Hehehe" He laughed loudly and he took a step forward.

The people that are charging stopped and retreated, no one is willing to die with his one final attack, they didn't want their effort to end in vain. His laugh can be heard by everyone as they stopped and waited for him to do something.

"You lot are just here to steal my treasure and you dare say that you are going to exact justice upon me? Look at these crazy hypocrites" Xi Yun said while smiling.

"There is only one Celestial Demonic Moth though, who will get it if I die? Since there are thousands of you here is the one that will get my treasure will be the last person standing here after my death?"

After saying those, he laughed loudly. This time the people that are dead set on chasing him stop what they are doing, they knew that a battle between them will erupt after Xi Yun's death, and since he is a very strong spirit cultivator, it is certain that he will have a very good treasure within him.

Nonetheless, they didn't try to have a fight now. They have already sacrificed plenty of people due to his scheme and if they fight now all their efforts will be wasted.

"My Celestial Demonic Moth is said to be able to manipulate time when cultivated but it is a pity that I didn't manage to reach that level."

"Here is my Celestial Demonic Moth, I will just give it to you guys since I will die anyway," Xi Yun said after summoning a small black moth with the size of a fist, its body contains various red patterns on its black body.

He threw the black moth onto the sky causing chaos among their formation.

"It is the Celestial Demonic Moth, a very powerful spirit that can make one transcend the heavens."

All of them soon jumped to the sky, those who have spirits that can help them fly used it to fly.

Those that have no spirit that they can use to fly, used their own strength instead to jump to take his treasure.

All of them are happy since this means that if they manage to get the Celestial Demonic Moth then they will be the ones who will be having an opportunity to transcend the heavens.

"It's mine! It's mine!"

"Don't even try to contest it!"

Their happiness is short live though for they have forgotten who their enemy is due to their greed. The black moth that he threw into the sky exploded, killing all those who tried to get it.

The explosion is so huge that the people in the near surroundings are injured seriously if they aren't dead yet.

"Hahaha! I Xi Yun the Demon Emperor lives with no regret! Today will be the day that I will manage to use the true power of the Celestial Demonic Moth. The power that you sacrificed for my Celestial Demonic Moth will not be forgotten!" Xu Yun said while laughing like a maniac.

His body is soon enveloped with a thick black aura.

"Sike! You truly thought that I will just give up my hard work?" He added, it made the mad people that are determined on killing him become even more determined.

"You are already about to die yet you still dare to scheme on us? Looks like you don't want to die peacefully!"

"Everyone attack him together, he already exhausted all his spirit essence and with the explosion that he just caused I am sure that his body is already on the verge of breaking!"

All of them move at the same time, this time truly keen on attacking him without any regard for their life.

"This is bad! He is using his Celestial Demonic Moth!"

"Hurry stop him before it's too late!"

"We will be dead if we don't manage to stop him now!"

'If the Celestial Demonic Moth that I refined is truly effective then I will be on top of the world again!' Xi Yun thought while laughing, many attacks are already approaching him but he never paid them any heeds.

The black aura that surrounds his body became thicker and thicker, it covered his whole body until the others can't see him anymore. Only when no light escapes the black aura that he emitted did the power of his Celestial Demonic Moth activated.

An explosion took place out of his position but no one is harmed, Xi Yun's body is gone along with the Celestial Demonic Moth.

Not even a single thing that can remind the world of his existence is left in where he stood. He left without a single trace, the people that are dead set on killing him can't even realize what just happened.

"Sigh, if the rumor about the true power of the Celestial Demonic Moth is true then the Old Demon who devastated the whole world will return to destroy it again."


1000 years ago, Qin Mountains, Zhang Clan.

"Oh great ancestors please bless our new generations, we pray that you bless our new generations in the upcoming awakening ceremony. May you bless us with new talented young buds that will be the pillar of our clan" An old man prayed in front of the memorial of his ancestors.

Aside from him, there are also plenty of elders at the back of the old man.

"Oh great ancestors, please bless us with new talents so that our clan can continue to pass its legacy" The elders and the old man at the very front of the group chanted.

They groveled to the ground to pay respects in unison, no one dared to look up and they just continued chanting their prayers.

They continued doing this until an incense stick that is burning was extinguished. All of them stood up in unison and left the place.

After leaving the room where their ancestors' memorial rests all of them gathered in the clan heads hall.

"Time sure flies by very fast, it has been a year and our clan will soon be welcoming new blood that has the talent to cultivate" The clan head, Zhang Shi said.

"Tomorrow will be the day that our awakening ceremony will begin. Our Zhang Clan has always been the ones that are behind when it came to new talents" He added.

"That is right, Mo Clan has Mo Xue, Qin Clan has Qin Xuefeng, the two of them are very talented cultivators from the young generation."

"Our Zhang Clan have been falling behind due to the existence of these two genius"

"Both Mo and Qin Clan have been rising because of their new talents from their younger generation yet our Zhang Clan has been falling behind when it came to new talents this past five years."

"I'm afraid that if this continues then our clan's legacy will only weaken." All the elders voiced their concerns to the clan head, to them the clan is very important.

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