Book cover of “Rise of Eros“ by Mauricio_Negrete

Rise of Eros

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mauricio_Negrete
  • Uploaded by user363565
Have you ever wondered if God exists? If there is life on another planet? Does magic exist? What lies beyond death? The answers to these profound questions are closer than you might think. Enter the world of a young man, a devoted porn enthusiast, who meets an untimely end only to be reincarnated in a fantastical realm. To his astonishment, he is c... 


Have you ever wondered if God exists? If there is life on another planet? If magic exists? What is there after death? Well, the answer to these questions is not difficult.

It turns out that after death, there is only one cycle of reincarnation, magic is real, there is life on other planets and yes, God exists, but to understand the context of this, you must know a little about the history of a few million years ago.

In the beginning there was nothing, but the big bang was not generated out of nothing as the scientists of the earth theorize, no, God was created out of nothing, it is not known how, much less why, he was only born, and he had absolute control of creation.

At that time there was a God, but there was nothing else, so in his boredom he created the universe, with everything in it, stars, planets, comets and so on.

It took him several millennia to finish his creation, but for an existence like him, they were like days, even so, admiring his creation he realized that it was empty, and so he created animals, plants and thinking beings.

The latter was not only human, it may seem strange, since on earth other races are just a product of the imagination of fantasy writers, games and movies, but this was because the earth was a planet created only with the human race, but God had created innumerable planets, where there were many other species, such as elves, dwarfs, giants, mermaids, and many more, imagine all the possible races and creatures of fantasy and mythology on earth, they really existed somewhere in the universe that God created.

After filling the universe with life, God did not stop there, he continued to expand the universe and over time he even created other universes, with different physical, chemical, mathematical and magical laws.

For some reason, the god liked to create and admire his creations, he gave free will to the living beings that he gave birth to in each universe and the way they act and develop entertained and surprised him. For him, they were small creatures without power, but they still amazed him with their ability to evolve, even though he was the one who made them.

The millennia passed and God continued to create new universes and new life, but then the problems came, the God did not get tired of creating things, it seemed that it was his reason for existing, but over time he realized that, he had created so many universes and so many beings alive, that he could no longer monitor them, and continue creating at the same time, at that moment he realized, he was not omnipotent, nor omnipresent.

Learning this, he began to look for solutions and the truth was that he did not have to think much, he came to the conclusion that he should have companions to help him, but for that, he would need an others Gods, the beings he had created could not help him, so he decided to create a God, but to his misfortune, he couldn't.

Creating a God was impossible for him, so he found another solution, first he broke down the problem, he needed a God, and a God was one who had divinity, at that time only he had it, so his solution was simple, he would grant divinity to the beings he created.

Having decided that, he tried it, but realized that the beings he created could not withstand it, however, he did not give up and kept experimenting until he came up with a feasible method.

It turns out that, the living beings he created had 3 essential components, the body, the mind, and the soul, however, at the end of the cycle, that is, when he died, only the soul returned to the God, who erased all traces of his past life, and once the soul was cleansed, it was introduced into a new nascent living being, thus completing the cycle of reincarnation.

It turns out that, the method that the God found, was to deliver the divinity to the soul that returned to him at the time of its owner's death, but did not activate it immediately, since the soul still could not bear it.

After inserting the divinity into the soul, the soul reincarnated normally, and the person reborn with this soul would that, have certain special abilities, similar to the system of a video game on earth, then the owner would gradually assimilate the divinity, until his body, mind and soul would fully assimilate it, and then a new God would be born.

The person who received this divinity would know this from his tenth year, and his mission was to ascend as a God, however, this is not a simple process, and much less fast, since it could take centuries or millennia to achieve, not to mention that he would be in a mortal world, full of difficulties and dangers.

In other words, receiving divinity is both a blessing and a test, if you developed it you would ascend, otherwise, you would simply die like any mortal, and the cycle of reincarnation would continue.

Over the millennia, with this method many new Gods were born, then a divine society was created, and the original God could continue to create, but another problem hit the God.

With the method that he devised, many ascended as Gods and helped him manage his creations. At that point, his thought was that the ascended Gods would reproduce and thus be a sustainable society, but the problem was that it was a very slow process.

For a God, a century is like a day for mortals, so, if a mortal matured and became an adult at 18, for a God, this would be about 657 millennia, this was not a long time for a God, but for a mortal it was thousands of lives, so a gap was created between the maturity of the Gods and the speed of creation of the universal and original God.

For this reason, the universal God could not depend on the Gods born from the new divine society and had to continue using his previous method, therefore, at present, ascended Gods continue to exist, after all, they could ascend in a millennium or two, which is significantly faster.

With all this, the universal God could continue with his life purpose, continue creating, then, I was a 25-year-old antisocial man who lived in a Third World country, who dedicated my life to work, and watching porn videos, for some reason I was chosen to receive divinity.

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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