Book cover of “Rise of the Cosmic Emperor“ by Nate_Quinn

Rise of the Cosmic Emperor

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nate_Quinn
  • Uploaded by user153194
In the vast multiverse, three realms exist: the Cosmic, the Mortal, and the Nether. Hal grew up in the Mortal Realm, completely unaware of his origins and the mystery surrounding his parents. His love for relics, adventure, and the occasional brush with danger led him to a discovery that would change his fate—a genie's lamp. Expecting to be granted... 

This is so unfair

It was in a fit of desperation that Hal frantically rubbed the bronze lamp he held in his hands, Dark clouds began to swirl overhead as he stared expectantly at it, his instinct finally informed him that something was wrong when no fog came out of the lamp


Somehow he knew it was the lamp in his hands that was causing the ominous clouds in the sky

"Give me the lamp" a calm voice said, the voice brought hal back to the present and the predicament he was in.

"Come and get it you big bellied mongrel" Hal spat at the big bellied man in front of him flanked by five men. He was Sahad, Hal's nemesis. What he lacked in physique he always made up for in manpower.

"Such power are not for the likes of you" Sahad didn't look offended he merely shook his head as though Hal was just a child having a tantrum

"I tried to help you" he told Hal " 'join me and we will grow more powerful together' my offer still stands"

"And my answer is still no" Hal sighed "I know I'm incomparably handsome but my looks are only for women to enjoy, I hope you understand"

Sahad's face twisted in anger, all calmness gone "give me the lamp or die"

Hal looked at the face of his once upon a time friend. They had grown up in the same orphanage and while they were not best of friends they got along well, however they had begun to grow apart after a stranger arrived and told Hal he had been enrolled in a prestigious boarding school on an 'unofficial scholarship' Hal would from then on only return during the holidays. One holiday he returned and Sahad was gone, he had been adopted, which for someone his age was both joyful and rare. They wouldn't see each other for years to come, Hal would eventually become an archeologist. He tried to investigate where the sponsorship for his education came from but he would find no leads, it was like they did not exist.

Sahad would eventually show up at hal's doorstep and greet him as an old friend and then invite him to join him in selling of national artifacts. Hal was no saint but his instinct told him not to trust Sahad and besides his mysterious benefactor had left him a small fortune and he was satisfied, his continuance in his archeological career was merely for the thrill of the search. Sahad would leave unsatisfied and Hal would continue to progress in his career.

When Hal received a lead about a genie lamp, he scoffed at it because while during his ten year career he had seen a lot of great things some even bordering the supernatural, a lamp granting wishes was just wishful thinking right?, His curiosity was however piqued and his research would borderline obsession for the more he searched the more he believed.

Hal would find the lamp (after a year of research and false information) in a mountain cave on an uninhabited island. The cave would come crashing down on him and he would only survive thanks to his agility and luck.

Only to come outside and come face to face with Sahad who after hal rejected his proposal had taken to thwarting all his endeavours, or so he thought. What Hal did not know was that the lead he got was from Sahad who hoped Hal would do the dirty work and he would reap the fruit.

Sahad took a deep breath and said "Hal don't be stupid. You're outnumbered"

"I don't know why you even want it" hal said "I've been rubbing it and so far nothing"

He looked up "except for those clouds though"

Sahad shrugged "maybe it doesn't work for everyone or maybe it just doesn't like you" he chuckled "hand it over"


"That's not good" Hal said nervously and a black fog came out of the lamp and merged with him, the lightening struck down and it was as if the bronze lamp was a lightening rod as it struck hal directly, the force from the Strike threw Sahad and his goons far away with little hope of survival.

While Hal should have died instantaneously, he instead felt excruciating pain

"Fuck me" he cussed "I didn't even get to make one wish? This is so unfair"

Little did he know that the one who struck him down was smiling at the sight from upon his obsidian throne.

This is my first work

Hope you like it

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