Book cover of “Rise of the Malactric Heir“ by Darkswan

Rise of the Malactric Heir

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Darkswan
  • Uploaded by user794661
Underestimated, shoved aside, trampled on, and lied to—Alix's life was a constant struggle. Mocked for being a poor orphan with no knowledge of his parents, loneliness was his only companion in a world brimming with magic. With little time left and limited expectations, Alix's life took an unexpected turn when he was accepted into the Royal Academy... 

An unknown death

The night was cold, everything was at a standstill as the water ran down his body while the lightning flashed and the rain was falling, the child's mother stared at the unknown mark in the child's eyes which shone brightly under the moonlight.

The storm brought forth the greatest monster ever to walk the face of the earth, a beast was born a creature of night and day with the power of a god.

"Kill the beast you must not let it escape!" men shouted as they ran in the rain looking for a creature by the name of the Malactric, a beast considered to be the most powerful anyone has ever seen.

"Don't worry child, no one is going to know that you are my child, tonight, as I die here so, does every trace of the Malactric blood" a woman said as she sent away the child with another woman and a group of men with magical powers entered the cave, filled with rage she roared at them, the last and only thing that came out of the cave was a painful roar of certain death.

Several years later, everything changed, what happened that tragic night was covered up and everyone went on living a somewhat normal life.

"Alix are you coming to work later?" a lady called out as a young man in a hood walked down the busy streets of the modern kingdom of Semil, a kingdom in which there were cars, planes... fancy gadgets and even mechas.

"Yes I need the money" he responded in a soft tone and she smiled then patted him on the shoulder as she passed him an envelope and he collected it.

'What is this?" he asked as he looked at the woman and took his headphone off.

"An application or something, I didn't read it," she responded.

'Not an application, it's an admission letter" he said as he opened the envelope and read the letter then scoffed.

"Admission letter?" she asked.

"Of one of the most prestigious academies, most expensive one in the kingdom, well known around the world for its elite students... seems like I have gotten a rare opportunity, I have been accepted, chosen to go to the academy" he responded and the woman hugged him in happiness.

'Well get your things and go" she said.

'I cannot afford to go to a place where there are only rich and very intelligent kids, I am an orphan... I can't" he replied and she smiled and then patted him on the head.

"You have gotten a wonderful opportunity that could change your life, you have worked hard for this and you are just as intelligent, go on.." she said and he sighed.

"I will still come to work, the academy is not that far from here" he replied and she smiled.

"Here the uniform came with the package, you should go and get changed, it seems like it took a while to be delivered and it's a Monday, supposed to be your first day at the academy," she said and he sighed as he went to change.

The young man rented an apartment right beside the bakery and he lived there comfortably.

"All done, I will see you later, this is all happening all of a sudden, I don't like this, not a bit of it but maybe you are right about it helping me have a good life," he said.

"You have great things ahead of you kid," she said as the bakery door slid open and she went back inside as he went to the bus stop.

"How did I get accepted in a place like this when I never even applied?" he asked himself as the bus came, he got in and then sat at the back of the bus by a window.

While he was on his way to the academy, Alix clenched his cuffs and then held onto his chest for he was not feeling well, he had Coronary artery disease, while Alix was going to school he always felt pain in his chest and when he decided to go take a check-up, he was diagnosed with the disease, due to that Alix was always careful with whatever he did even though he didn't care whether he died or live.

After a little while of driving the bus finally stopped and he along with a few other students got out, his eyes widened as he stared at the gigantic academy before him. the security was heavy and there were a lot of students with fancy cars and even their hairstyle seems as if it was done by the finest stylist.

The area was crowded with vehicles passing and people chattering but as he entered the academy everything went into pure silence.

"This place is weird," Alix thought as he looked at the separate buildings in a huge yard.

As they entered the main building a woman came up to them, she was neatly dressed wore glasses, and seem very strict despite looking young.

'Follow me" she said as they walked the corridor and entered a classroom.

'Take your seats" she said as the bell rang and students went rushing to their own classes.

"I am your teacher Miss Erica, now today is your first day here so I will go easy on you, stand and introduce yourselves to the class, I want to see your faces clearly," she said and Alix sighed as they began introducing themselves.

'This is such a pain, I hate doing this kind of stuff, don't know why I even agreed to come here" he thought as his turn came and he stood up.

"Uh... my name is Alix, I am an orphan, I am 18, well my birthday will be in a few days, I like listening to music, that's all," he said and everyone stared at him then the teacher smiled.

'Nice to meet you, Alix, interesting" she replied and he looked at her with a sharp gaze as the introduction of the other students went on.

"This is very boring" a guy mumbled and Alix scoffed.

"You are a bunch of well.. most of you loved to act out at your previous schools from the reports, some of you here are brilliant and some of you are a bunch of fools, I will seek out the fools by the end of the term if you don't pass the exams, you will be kicked out of the academy, we have no place for failures this time around," she said and everyone gasped.

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